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  1. Yeah, kanji is super hard to memorize, haha. That's cool, I hope it becomes less overwhelming for me in the future.
  2. Nice to meet you! You seem cool. I also come back and visit websites after a few months, which is what I've just done. The last time I was on here was in March, and I've already forgotten how to navigate this website and am overwhelmed, hahah. I like languages a lot also, always have, but never have the energy to actually learn a second one properly, sadly. The best I've done is learn a Japanese alphabet and roughly 50 words or something. - Tav, he/him
  3. Thanks, guys! Those are also some good ideas Ponytail, thank you, I will try that right now. I am excited for when my tulpa will start learning to send some form of responses.
  4. Hey, I've known about/skimmed stuff on this website for years, but only made an account today, so I thought I would introduce myself, (hopefully I'm doing this right, I'm new to actually participating in forums like this); I'm Tav, and, after much consideration, started tulpaforcing consistently about five days ago. It's consisted mostly of passive narration forcing so far, and before bed visualizing myself in my mindspace/wonderland with them. I have predetermined some personality traits, (albeit, I welcome deviation with open arms), but decided not to assign any form, name or gender, (exc
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