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  1. Thank you for the info, tulpa001, & sorry for how long it's been. We had a very difficult time last year, in a lot of ways. I don't think it's appropriate to talk about here, because most of it involves Johannes & I don't want to talk for him. In a nutshell, there was a lot based on the sum of this thread that affected us, probably because there was so much outside pressure/issues we couldn't just shove aside to work on our relationship. It was a pretty long and bad fight; I ended up having to be harsher with Johannes over how he was pushing his insecurities on me in a violent way I
  2. It's been about a year, but after a long time of some bad health issues on Johaness' part, we're both ready to post here again. A lot has changed, & maybe we don't quite belong, but I've gotten a bit stronger lately & so has Johannes. We can probably handle it. We've shared the same body as long as we can remember, as two halves of a whole self that have to front as one person. This tends to depress Johannes in particular, who is (my guess) the main controller of the body who would love for there to be a way for me to have one of my own. Tulpamancy has helped with that a lot, helpin
  3. I actually do dislike chocolate... Whoa. Next person thinks pineapple on pizza is a travesty. --Mikhael
  4. Banned because the power has gotten to my head and I am out of control. --Mikhael
  5. I'm not sure... Am I? (that's not the question) What kind of person is the type you fear the most? --Johannes
  6. I like that you mentioned how it doesn't have to be perfect to be a visualization. Even a simple doodle/step above a stick figure can help. Example; Even if you have no knowledge of anatomy, you can jot down basic facts like... What color eyes? Any wings? How tall, compared to you? How long their hair? Et cetera. If you have a lot of color-materials like pencils, or--for endless colors--a computer program with color sliders, visualizing colors can help bring physical forms to life. Even if you're totally colorblind, you can probably tell if a color is darker or lighter than another. I
  7. Banned because insert political joke of your liking here --Johannes
  8. That would imply that we had FANS ((insert Seinfeld theme)) --Johannes --- ...Nobody's allowed to post NSFW material on here, be it fanfic or art. I don't want good people to get banned for things like that. Johannes hasn't been doing very well, but I've been alright. Familial responsibilities have been kicking his... you know. This may be off-topic, but speaking of NSFW material, it's been a real trip keeping language clean on here for the both of us; site rules and all. Not complaining, just saying. ... ...I'm not sure what to say; I guess I'm kind of nervous. I'm nervous a
  9. Banned for creating galaxies without a permit, chum. --Mikhael
  10. What kinda fanfic? DBZ? Naruto? What do kids write fanfic about these days? --Johannes --- I said I'd make a better report today, but I must have lied. Well, tomorrow will be interesting. It'll probably determine how well the rest of the week goes, so, no pressure, 2/20/2017. I've been catching Pokemon for Johannes on the GO-app to give him a get-well bouquet of easily marketable Japanese monsters. There's this one that's literally just a pinecone with eyes. Another that's a frigging kernal of corn. It's incredible. Technology is amazing. Feel better, Johannes--I've gotten good at
  11. Banned for callin' Llama a kid, pal --Johannes
  12. Neither of us have hooves; we're just two guys, standing in front of a thread, saying that the next person drinks bottled water. --Johannes
  13. Wake up in the morning feelin' like P.Diddy Grab our glasses, we're out the door, we're gonna hit the city Before we leave, brush our teeth, with a bottle of Jack Cause when we leave for the night we ain't comin' back We're talkin' MEDICATE TO AVOID SUICIDE, SUICIDE Tryin' to MAKE DEADLINES, DEADLINES Ladies ASSAULTING OUR PHONES, PHONES Forgetting we have to eat, catching up with the latest tweets, Rollin' up to vanquish errands, Never being able to afford decent vodka... DON'T STOP, MAKE IT POP, WAGNER BLOW MY SPEAKERS UP TONIGHT, IMMA FIGHT, TILL WE SEE THE SUNLIGHT TICK-
  14. Haha, sorry for not including a link; we don't want people to be able to out us just yet. Maybe someday. Thank you for the kind words. Recent visits to specialists have opened up the possibility of something to test for, which would be a genetic defect/mutation that makes creating/absorbing a certain chemical essential to, basically, be capable of staying awake, feeling rewarded/valid, not being anxious, et cetera. I'm hoping that may be what is wrong, because this defect says it makes depression & anxiety resistant to most kinds of treatment... But Johannes doesn't want to get his hope
  15. Maybe once every other week or so What's your favorite sport to watch/participate in, if any? --Mikhael
  16. Banned for not realizing that Mikhael was waifu all along, like in a Shamaylanian twist Unless... All along... I was the waifu....................................... ... --Johannes
  17. I don't like ice cream, but Mikhael likes popsicles. Next person knows the first USA Pokemon song by heart. --Johannes
  18. I love plain old burger stuff, but Mikhael likes the fake excuse for Chinese food we get where we live. Not hating, just noting. How many years has your longest friendship been going, currently? --Johannes
  19. 'Special snowflakes' or actual snow's flakes? I'm neutral to both, so long as it doesn't bog down my day. Have you ever been concerned for the life of a friend in the sense of an emergency, rather than common everyday care? --Johannes
  20. Bans Mikhael for being a vocabulary snob >:^) my city now --Johannes
  21. Banned for Llama-based gentrification of the city --Mikhael
  22. I told a few friends while sleeping over somewhere once in middle school, before I knew what Tulpa were. Rather than being disturbed, they were all oddly jealous & excited, & said they wished they could have one. One of them even said he had an 'invisible girlfriend' that he'd never told anyone about because 'lol pathetic,' but was happy to know he wasn't the only one who still had 'imaginary friends.' I wonder if he still has that, or if he really was just a creepy pathetic teenager. Like all of us actually were. (lollol) ..................................................
  23. I'm sorry, and thank you for being so nice to me, Aurora. Maybe it's true that being alive is enough, but I hope I can accept that as truth someday. Er, I'll try to fix up a different subject for a report now. It's not fair to keep on this one, because it's negative on Mikhael. Lemme try to come up with one that's nicer. Something Mikhael & I are good at is art & writing. We both come up with stories, but he's better at putting them down, unless it's really dumb dialogue because honestly, I am the hilarious one. He desperately needs me to inject the Good Humor. (I can tell he'
  24. Honesty, 'cause loyalty without honesty is traitorous, so true loyalty is a natural part of honesty. :) Are you pro euthanasia, if it's consensual? --Johannes
  25. Johannes likes terrible harem manga, & I like watching conspiracy videos. What do you call soda/pop/whatever in your area? --Mikhael
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