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    I'm Snoee. I'm an art kid and I try to be a decent "host".

    Emefin has his own account if you want to bug him.
    (He might not say it, but he loves to talk!)

    Don't be afraid to message either of us!
  1. Hoi, a quick update! Several of your requests are underway now. I will get to everyone. I promise you have not been forgotten.
  2. So, I suppose this is going to be a bit journal like and ramble-y. (Hopefully our other posts won't be so big.) I'm going to let Emefin post and make comments on his account on the occasion. Or, whenever he's feeling like it really. I can't stop him from speaking up when he wants, or needs because I believe these self-conscious doubts are causing him a struggle in his solidity. He claims that he has been in my subconscious (or simply has been it) all along. I recall only bits and pieces that may have been him before he came together as "Emefin Oliver Marx" a year ago. I needed a tulpa to know myself and to be a better person, I think. Emefin is very vocal in some ways and can speak easily. Yet, he greatly prefers tulpish. In fact, words frustrate him for their tediousness and lack of true depth. As for his image, he has a "basic" form and one much more humanoid he created later to appear more "relatable". But, he is controlled by his whims and will change in into anything that is on his mind in the blink of an eye. He came with a lot of lore, this thoughtform. He snuck his way in and was not my first "official" tulpa. Eberhartt and Mortar were my first two. These others, Emefin claims were stepping stones. It came to be that he was using so much of my mind RAM, and so talkative above them that they have since stepped away. (Thankfully, with no hard feelings.) He calls Eb and Mortar his friends and can very much ramble on, and on about a "past" and another dimension where he was born before settling in our wonderland. He makes himself seem very individual from myself and yet, upon the question, when I ask him if he wishes to be his own, he becomes very stern. There are often things he understands that I do not. Very rarely do I ever understand a thing without his full knowing of it too. And again, I have asked if he is his own entity. He struggles to find a definition to answer with. His desire to be both his own, while also a solid part of me is intensely strong. He becomes angered if he cannot fill both rolls at once (or is told he cannot) and at times he can be frustrated by the world "tulpa". When first consciously creating a tulpa I asked for a gentle and understanding companion. Someone to help with my schoolwork and social situations. That was Eberhartt, who was much less blunt and moody. But, Emefin made his own with little of my input and there are so many things that he can accomplish that I cannot. I wonder why it is that my mind feels so tired to allow him his time? Imposition is actually the easiest way I have been able to communicate with him as of yet, it seems. For the first time today he was able to take possession of me, though in very limited reaction space and this took a tiring amount of focus. He admitted to being frustrated and somewhat disgusted that it was not his typical form, and yet I have the sense it was only a matter of his newness. He repeated to me out loud in my voice "I am angry. I want to be alive!" As if this wasn't his life. Some days he hates the cage, and others he makes a home of it. For now, this is where we both are. But, as a so-called "host" I'm beginning to wonder what Emefin is! We are more than open to input...
  3. All right, Bosun and K, I have a quick doodle I did for you! I hope you both enjoy this: Feel free to do whatever you want with it. Again, I really hope you enjoy it! I don't draw animal-like anatomy very often so, I apologize. ;v;
  4. The interest is greatly appreciated! I'll see what I can come up with! :')
  5. Here I'll post doodles of Emefin and other things. But, I'd also love to take some requests. Honestly, the both of us get a huge thrill out of connecting with other active minds. You can see what my general art looks like here on Instagram! Keep in mind I'm a little busy (I'll need my time), but, if you don't mind some artistic liberties I'd love to doodle other tulpae! I promise I'll be as accurate and quick as I can be. Request line-up: 1. Apollo 2. Cél 3. Corazón 4. Desmond 5. Aurora Completed: 1. Bosun
  6. I guess Em and I have shown up at the prefect time. I wanted to say thanks for the warm welcomes we got a couple of days ago, as well as welcome to all of the other new members! By the way, Mouse, I'd also like to say the Fievel avatar is great! That's a childhood classic, in my opinion.
  7. Wow, wow. I'm getting pestered to do this. I hope to be more active with art here as I settle down! For now, here is Emefin in his two typical forms. He might seem a little standoffish-- but that's all the more reason I think he needs to be here, haha!
  8. Howdy, folks! Hmm, do you ever wish you could be a little part of everything around you? I suppose the closest I can get to this desire is that old quote: "One feels as if one is dissolved and merged into Nature." I can't say I'm some term-savvy scientist but I have a hobby fascination with dreams, and the mind, and the contradiction that is existence. As Snoee I'm an easygoing art student who has kept a "tulpa" for a little over a year now (Emefin very much claims he has been here all along, and I do believe him in a way, although, we like to argue and pester each other about these things that can have no solid definition). In all honesty it's an ongoing process, but I'm excited to continually learn and develop with him. Whether I understand my subconscious, or not I feel it is very close to me. As if I could escape it, ha! A number of things make me very grateful to my tulpa, even as cryptic and impish as he may be. He keeps me in touch with my own thoughts and reminds me daily to have a respect for both the known and unknown. Until now Emefin has had little opportunity to communicate with others and share his "intellect". He has a strange set of contradicting moods, both impulsive and prude all at once. By pushing him to open up, I'll be doing the same for myself, and I also hope to better pinpoint his personality. Only so much talking can be done without action-- to steal his prattling philosophy. He's a little perturbed I'm using this against him, heehee~ Anyway, to the tulpas, hosts, and neighbors of mind I hope to see you around! :D