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  1. Hello you two! It's nice to see you guys write a PR :D You both also sound like friendly people. How was the book Ellie made for you, Isa?
  2. Nah, you don't have to feel that way; a lot of people treat Valentines day just like a regular day. In fact, I feel like I'm being a bit too festive XD I agree that it's a good day to show your love for someone :) And even though you can show your love to them at anytime of the year, it's nice to get a holiday focused about it
  3. I don't know if a Valentines day thread has been made yet, but I've seen none, so I decided to make one :D Happy Valentines day to everyone here! I hope you all have a good time, no matter if you have a valentine or not :) What are you guys planning on doing for Valentines day (whether it be with your tulpa or by yourself)?? I'm gonna draw something for Ted and him and I will put on a little celebration in the wonderland later :D
  4. Mine is 5 because I imagine it being my favourite colour! :D What's your least favourite movie?
  5. Hello! :D You all seem like lovely people. I'm excited to hear about your guys' (or should I say ponies') progress!
  6. I love the wonderland you guys made :D Also I look forward to more PR posts you two make in the future! Hi Sceena!
  7. Heyo! I hope you'll have a fun time now that you've made an account :D
  8. Another introvert here, although I sometimes feel like an ambivert. Ted isn't that developed yet, but I'm planning for him to be an extravert. Also I agree that it should be spelled extravert and not extrovert.
  9. I thought I was going crazy when I saw someone's avatar change whenever I refreshed the page. I guess not! ...I think?
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