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  1. [1.0 Version] [2.0, if created - will be extremely fleshed out with coaching principles and practices from coaching programs worth thousands of dollars. Professional trainings distilled into bite-sized, practical concepts you and your tulpa can work on straight away. Will only create if demand is high enough for this type of content] Preface This is more of a personally written guide to etch into the interwebs but it's written in a fashion in which anyone can pick it up and give it a go. I want to mention that this isn't a standalone guide. Use various other guides for tulpa creation, there's nothing really new to add to this point aside from ways to drastically speed up the sentience process. I made a post once for it but ended up deleting it. If anyone is interested in a revival of that post just let me know. Uses various NLP and hypnotherapy practices to help cement it. Anyway, the purpose of this guide is to use tulpas as a theraputic and achievement tool. I don't mean tool in the full sense of the word of course, but the point is is that it's built for a purpose. IMPORTANT NOTE: as a guide written more personally, this means that I'm not claiming everything listed here will work in the same way it worked for me. These are my experiences and conclusions. Thus adapt this guide however you want. Cut things out, add things in, whatever you feel is best. Also I can't guarantee your tulpa will help you in these ways. If you're totally new and want to make a tulpa for this purpose, please keep in mind there is the possibility it'll reject its purpose. My tulpas I've found can be built with core desires in the way I present. But that doesn't mean it's the same scenario for you. Justifying Servitude Sadly I have to do this. If you're not the type of person to get butthurt over little things (and can actually absorb the information of a post despite minor disagreements) like this feel free to move onto the next section. The answer lies in humanity itself, as tulpas adopt the same psychology. Our current era of living is far crueler than necessary. In the past, the far past, there were not many who were just lost wanderers simply drifting through existence until their certain death. Even a slave knew he had purpose, everyone had their role to play. Lives had significance, more than we can say about our current times. Many wander lost seeking purpose, even if only a temporary one until they find their hearts core passions. Humans, within our DNA, are called to achieve certain desires. Desires that are collectively shared and not our own. The 7 levels of human needs, the primal and biological calls to action in their own progression. Think of it this way. A grand architect, God, nature, or mere chance programmed within the very fabric of our being motives that we will seek out as our own, because we assume they are our own. Nonetheless, their fulfillment makes us feel... well... fulfillment. To various degrees. When you create your tulpa you are that grand architect. You are the creator. Much like humans create AI with core purposes and I'm sure once AI is human-like, they'll also program core goals and desires into them because the only reason why they are making AI is to serve humanity, not to be on the same level of humanity. If they wanted more humans, they'd just promote people fuck and pop out babies more than they are now. They want servants on the same level of humans, but of course that brings in ethics and whathaveyou. Being a servant isn't inherently bad. You, no matter what road you take, are a servant to the economy like it or not. But if you love what you're doing, you don't feel like a servant. You're also a servant to nature, in which programmed you with core desires to carry out. Because you've been programmed to carry them out, you don't feel like a servant because they feel as though they are your own desires. The reality of it doesn't matter, point is you're carrying out a will that is not your own happily. So you're just giving your tulpa a purpose, a programmed core desire. And because it feels like it is its own, it will carry it out happily. Even though we humans know these desires aren't ours, again, we still carry them out. So your tulpa knowing that the desire it has is not its own will still carry it out nonetheless because it brings it fulfillment and joy. It's a good deal. You get what you want, and it gets happiness and satisfaction for doing so. I should note it's unknown in what form this desire will manifest in the tulpa. It could act as a "genetic" desire, or a fleeting desire. I can't claim I know exactly how this'll affect your tulpa but odds are, it won't mind fulfilling its purpose. Theraputic Purposes 101 Examples of ways a tulpa can help you to get you thinking... Emotional support Higher mindset when you're in low points Brainstorming/planning things Motivation (tulpa can leverage the influence triggers - but you have to know what they are first so get reading) Apply any knowledge you learn to support you Encourage expansion of your comfort zone and other personal growth Can act much like a life coach (provided you have some knowledge it can use) for you (which many spend thousands for) Examples of ways you may use a tulpa to destroy yourself... Any form of escapism and reliance (escape from reality, people, obligations, duties, responsibilities, yourself, and life itself) Principle: your tulpa can only use knowledge you have. If you want your tulpa to do something you yourself have no knowledge of, don't expect anything to happen. Want it to help you with motivation? Learn about motivation. Can't think of a higher mindset? Listen to a couple of Alan Watts videos. ~~Motivation~~ So how can a tulpa help with motivation. Getting shit done. I'll give you a master key of motivation in which your tulpa can use to help you. Or even you using to help yourself. Motivation is not what most people think it is. It's not externally based. It's not watching a motivational video or listening to pump up music. Do these things give you motivation? Yes. A hit of motivation. A feeling of inspiration. But that will not last long enough. Motivation is simply having a motive. A why. And the 2 most powerful driving forces for a human being are pleasure and pain. The twin forces of action. The twin cycles of action. If both gears are moving, you will take action. Period. This is your why. You make your current situation so unbearably uncomfortable and your potential future situation so amazing that your intrinsic psychology kicks in, and that psychology is using 3 core, primal levers. The path of least resistance (make it harder to stay in your current situation than do the thing you're putting off) Avoidance of pain Pull towards pleasure Many people seeking achievement will never realize these simple paragraphs I've just shown you. I urge you to please use them and not take them lightly, these core levers FORCE action. Very powerful stuff, I've used it to change my life and almost every major coaching practice contains strong focus on these actionable ideas. ~~Coaching & Achievement~~ You don't want to intend for your tulpa to be an emotional tampon you just whine and complain to. You wouldn't do that to a friend so don't do it to your tulpa. A close friend is useful to vent emotions to and get things off your chest, just remember they're a person and not an emotional tampon. Treat your tulpa the same. But you want your tulpa to coach you. When you give excuses, you want your tulpa to call you out on your bullshit empathetically. You want it to hold you accountable. You want it to entice each twin cycle (pleasure/pain). You want it to ask the right questions to get you thinking. No... to get you ACTING. TAKING ACTION. The last thing you want to be doing when you need to do something is think. Thinking is bullshit for something like working out. And your mind will rationalize so many things to ensure you do not work out and it'll make sense to you. But it's all bullshit and excuses. See why being in your head is the last thing you want for this kind of activity? "But I need a diet plan first". No you don't. You can start and make it as you go along. "But I don't know where to start." Any routine on ... change it and optimize as you go. "But this, but that". Excuses. Can't afford a gym membership? Home gym. Can't buy weights and a pullup bar? Calisthenics. You want your tulpa to fucking DESTROY each of your bullshit excuses. This is the role of a coach. Customization Coaching and motivation should absolutely be on your list. If you're ignoring them you're only shooting yourself in the foot. Part of you wants to stay stuck in stasis. Tell that part of you to fuck right off because one day, when you're taking your last breath, you at least want to know you gave changing your life your best shot. Not die with regret and self-hate knowing that in the end, you're the one who decided to destroy yourself. Ignoring this information is a decision. YOUR decision. So just make a nice big list of all the things you need help with, and then make another list of things your tulpa can do to help you. Ideally specifics. Let me give you an example. Less Than Optimal List Motivation Anxiety Depression Social skills practice Optimal List Motivation by engaging the twin cycles & other influence levers a) scarcity, urgency, fear of loss, guilt (and other painful emotions for the Pain Cycle) for my CURRENT situation b) excitement, inspiration, ambition, comfort, control (and other desirable emotions for the Pleasure Cycle) for my FUTURE situation I should note the Twin Cycles strategy isn't best LONG TERM. Too much stress too often is bad for your health and psychological wellbeing. But most millionaires and superstars started off with the twin cycles, so use it like training wheels on a bicycle. Eventually you won't need them, you'll have trained your "get shit done" muscle enough (pre-frontal cortex). Anxiety a) Consoling, counselling, helping to align my state (focus, language & physiology) b) Helping me think of things that reduce stress chemicals and release pleasant chemicals So on and so forth. You want specifics. And if you can't think of any specifics, start learning about solutions for your problem. I didn't know about the twin cycles for a very long time, I had to learn about it. I didn't know you can control your state with focus, language and physiology. I had to learn about it. Your tulpa won't pull things out of its ass. Give it a foundation to work with. Conclusion The possibilities are endless. 1. Identify your problem/outcome 2. Read up on solutions for it (so you and your tulpa can work on said solutions) 3. List it out in an optimal way on your grand list (so it's etched into the fabric of your tulpa) If you already have a tulpa, just do that and sign both of your names at the bottom underneath some sort of declarative statement. This is assuming your tulpa is interested in helping you in this way. Your tulpa is already made so you can't really etch this in as a core desire. So discuss the matter first. "I (your name) commit to working with (tulpas name) to bring about drastic change in my life using the list on this piece of paper." ________________X ______________________X However you want to go about it. This cements it. It's not just a thought anymore. An idea. A concept. No. It's now an intention, a declaration, a statement, a commitment. If you do not have a tulpa, do the same exercise anyway. Sign this declaration for your tulpa. This cements its purpose nonetheless. Also include these aspects in the forcing stage. Read the list to it every now and then. A lot this guide is common sense but not everyone thinks through these things. If you want your tulpa to help you in this way, then sit down and do these exercises. Once you identified the problems/outcomes then you read up on things to give your tulpa an effective base of information to help you with, then you cement it with a list and declaration of intent.
  2. So I saw a question on the sub-reddit and I'm actually curious for myself because I'm having the exact same issue. I'll copy and paste the question. Not sure how satisfied OP was with the comments but personally I'm not satisfied which is why I'm here. I made a tulpa a few months back, so a bit longer than him or her. I have the same issue OP is talking about. My tulpa can talk, object, voice opinions, state rational thought when I cannot, etc. But it doesn't feel real. It just feels like a semi-autonomous thought response. So if I'm busy like I am now, my tulpa can't speak unless I put some type of attention on her. A passive awareness of her existence if you will. Some comments said "try asking your tulpa to surprise you". So I thought I would try that myself. Every time I ask that I get some weird, creepy, horror image in my head along with a teasing thought (playful). If that is my tulpa, she sure has a twisted sense of humor. Anyway, what do you think? Do I have a tulpa or is it just my imagination?
  3. Of course, who doesn't pronounce it as "tul-pay"? ... I MEAN TAIL-PAY... I PRONUNCE IT AS TAIL-PAY I pronounce it as tul-pay ;-;
  4. Tull-puh. I didn't know people pronounced it differently than that O_o Tul-pa(h) kinda makes sense to me. "Tool" is different than "tul" in tulpa "Tall" is different than "tul" in tulpa "toll" is different than "tul" in tulpa But maybe people in different areas pronounce "tul" differently? Very interesting
  5. No offense but these answers are easily found by googling. But as for the visualization part, being relaxed can enhance visualization as the dream state begins to take form. But the downside to that state is that concentration becomes increasingly difficult. Visualization is a skill. Keep doing the kick until you've mastered it. Hypnosis does not require visualization. Visualization is an aid to calm the mind, so long as you let the visualization go. It's one of many methods, I personally don't do it. I count down from 100 to 1 and then wait until I feel relaxed enough. Alpha/theta binnurals help. You don't need to follow a guided hypnosis, just do it yourself so it's customized to you.
  6. Ah bullying, takes me back to my school days. We always solved bullying by beating the everlasting shit out of each other until we eventually simmered down. Good times, good times. For stress management, mindfulness meditation. For emotional management, mindfulness meditation and state control by tony robbins. For mental management, mindfulness meditation. While you're at school, active mindfulness + tony robbins state control. If you put in the effort (which isn't much at all) you'll be fine with these techniques. Good luck
  7. a baby on a commercial my tupps is definitely a baby at heart
  8. This is a totally normal and common occurrence. No tulpa's here. You created a mask like every human being does. But instead of viewing it only as a mask, you view it more as an alter-ego. Again, normal. When you're incongruent with yourself this stuff happens
  9. im actually God no scam its true promize As said, talk to your tupps and help him/her see that they are their own person not a copy of some other person. Or it's not actually a tulpa and your subconscious is trolling you. The internet trolls aren't the problem the subconscious trolls are *cue the suspense music*
  10. I don't personally think it matters. When I was new I saw the terms "tulpae" and "tulpas" being interchanged. Out of habit I interchange them too. But it didn't take me too long to figure out tulpae is being used as a plural for tulpa, as well as tulpas. It's sort of like slang, and similar phrases. Once you see them a few times you get their meaning
  11. I'm in the process of making a tupps. Personally, I'm sh*7 at visualization unless im in a dreamy state. When forcing though, I still see great development if I FEEL the visualization. So instead of just seeing whatever hazy form of the tulpa my mind's eye can generate, I focus more on the feeling that the tulpa is actually there. I find it personally easier to visualize my tupps (by a considerable degree) if I draw my tulpa in photoshop (GIMP is a free alternative) 360 degrees. So I draw the front, then a 45 degree, then the side, then a 45 degree, then the back, then another 45 degree, then the side, a 45 degree, and back to the front. You don't have to be a super amazing artist to do this. Honestly, you could pay someone $20 on Fiverr to do this for you if you want it to look really impressive. Personally, I just followed a few youtube tutorials, and actually drew over some pre-existing characters I found on Google Images. Turned out just fine. I find it much easier to visualize 360 degrees due to this, and mentally posing the figure is much easier too. There's a lot of visualizing methods on this site, one I personally use is making the tulpa "low-res" and then gradually increasing the resolution. My tulpa's form is almost photo-realisitc. I made it in the Black Desert Online character creator, so all I did is rotate the character, screenshot each angle, and commit it to memory. Then I made a more realistic "anime" looking version. Then a very cartoony "manga" version. Lastly, a Family Guy-level simplicity version. I start visualizing the most simple and gradually increase the complexity until I reach the photo-realistic rendition. That's what works for me, hope you got some value from this
  12. Is the tulpa creation one as safe/as good as the normal guides? Personality forcing sounds awesome :D
  13. Hey so, I want to ask about whether or not tulpas have a soul or an essence. Though this question is best for only tulpas since they can dive in themselves to try to feel something. Personality -> persona (greek work) -> meaning "mask". Following that logic, a mask generally hides or covers something. Which many of course believe to be the soul or an essence or the mind itself. I once asked if I could "force" this essence and the general conclusion is that "no" I cannot but if tulpas are really like humans, that means they can't change their essence too. Some on reddit believe that the essence is actually composed of the state you make your tulpa in. The quality of the energy you have during your forcing sessions. They kinda see it like a tulpa starting off as a container, and while you're forcing things into this container your personal energy is intermingling with the things you're putting in (personality, behaviors, morality, etc) So if you're forcing while in a negative state, that state's influence is in what you're forcing thus its influence goes into the container too. That would explain why tulpas have told me that their hosts state/vibration greatly impacted their development. This makes total sense but I can't confirm it unless I tried making a tulpa. So what do you think? Do you feel an essence? Does this conclusion make sense to you? Or do you believe a tulpa to only be a personality and have no trance of an essence?