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  1. So I saw a question on the sub-reddit and I'm actually curious for myself because I'm having the exact same issue. I'll copy and paste the question. Not sure how satisfied OP was with the comments but personally I'm not satisfied which is why I'm here. I made a tulpa a few months back, so a bit longer than him or her. I have the same issue OP is talking about. My tulpa can talk, object, voice opinions, state rational thought when I cannot, etc. But it doesn't feel real. It just feels like a semi-autonomous thought response. So if I'm busy like I am now, my tulpa can't speak unless I put some type of attention on her. A passive awareness of her existence if you will. Some comments said "try asking your tulpa to surprise you". So I thought I would try that myself. Every time I ask that I get some weird, creepy, horror image in my head along with a teasing thought (playful). If that is my tulpa, she sure has a twisted sense of humor. Anyway, what do you think? Do I have a tulpa or is it just my imagination?
  2. Of course, who doesn't pronounce it as "tul-pay"? ... I MEAN TAIL-PAY... I PRONUNCE IT AS TAIL-PAY I pronounce it as tul-pay ;-;
  3. Tull-puh. I didn't know people pronounced it differently than that O_o Tul-pa(h) kinda makes sense to me. "Tool" is different than "tul" in tulpa "Tall" is different than "tul" in tulpa "toll" is different than "tul" in tulpa But maybe people in different areas pronounce "tul" differently? Very interesting
  4. No offense but these answers are easily found by googling. But as for the visualization part, being relaxed can enhance visualization as the dream state begins to take form. But the downside to that state is that concentration becomes increasingly difficult. Visualization is a skill. Keep doing the kick until you've mastered it. Hypnosis does not require visualization. Visualization is an aid to calm the mind, so long as you let the visualization go. It's one of many methods, I personally don't do it. I count down from 100 to 1 and then wait until I feel relaxed enough. Alpha/theta binnurals help. You don't need to follow a guided hypnosis, just do it yourself so it's customized to you.
  5. Ah bullying, takes me back to my school days. We always solved bullying by beating the everlasting shit out of each other until we eventually simmered down. Good times, good times. For stress management, mindfulness meditation. For emotional management, mindfulness meditation and state control by tony robbins. For mental management, mindfulness meditation. While you're at school, active mindfulness + tony robbins state control. If you put in the effort (which isn't much at all) you'll be fine with these techniques. Good luck
  6. a baby on a commercial my tupps is definitely a baby at heart
  7. This is a totally normal and common occurrence. No tulpa's here. You created a mask like every human being does. But instead of viewing it only as a mask, you view it more as an alter-ego. Again, normal. When you're incongruent with yourself this stuff happens
  8. im actually God no scam its true promize As said, talk to your tupps and help him/her see that they are their own person not a copy of some other person. Or it's not actually a tulpa and your subconscious is trolling you. The internet trolls aren't the problem the subconscious trolls are *cue the suspense music*
  9. I don't personally think it matters. When I was new I saw the terms "tulpae" and "tulpas" being interchanged. Out of habit I interchange them too. But it didn't take me too long to figure out tulpae is being used as a plural for tulpa, as well as tulpas. It's sort of like slang, and similar phrases. Once you see them a few times you get their meaning
  10. I'm in the process of making a tupps. Personally, I'm sh*7 at visualization unless im in a dreamy state. When forcing though, I still see great development if I FEEL the visualization. So instead of just seeing whatever hazy form of the tulpa my mind's eye can generate, I focus more on the feeling that the tulpa is actually there. I find it personally easier to visualize my tupps (by a considerable degree) if I draw my tulpa in photoshop (GIMP is a free alternative) 360 degrees. So I draw the front, then a 45 degree, then the side, then a 45 degree, then the back, then another 45 degree, then the side, a 45 degree, and back to the front. You don't have to be a super amazing artist to do this. Honestly, you could pay someone $20 on Fiverr to do this for you if you want it to look really impressive. Personally, I just followed a few youtube tutorials, and actually drew over some pre-existing characters I found on Google Images. Turned out just fine. I find it much easier to visualize 360 degrees due to this, and mentally posing the figure is much easier too. There's a lot of visualizing methods on this site, one I personally use is making the tulpa "low-res" and then gradually increasing the resolution. My tulpa's form is almost photo-realisitc. I made it in the Black Desert Online character creator, so all I did is rotate the character, screenshot each angle, and commit it to memory. Then I made a more realistic "anime" looking version. Then a very cartoony "manga" version. Lastly, a Family Guy-level simplicity version. I start visualizing the most simple and gradually increase the complexity until I reach the photo-realistic rendition. That's what works for me, hope you got some value from this
  11. Is the tulpa creation one as safe/as good as the normal guides? Personality forcing sounds awesome :D
  12. Hey so, I want to ask about whether or not tulpas have a soul or an essence. Though this question is best for only tulpas since they can dive in themselves to try to feel something. Personality -> persona (greek work) -> meaning "mask". Following that logic, a mask generally hides or covers something. Which many of course believe to be the soul or an essence or the mind itself. I once asked if I could "force" this essence and the general conclusion is that "no" I cannot but if tulpas are really like humans, that means they can't change their essence too. Some on reddit believe that the essence is actually composed of the state you make your tulpa in. The quality of the energy you have during your forcing sessions. They kinda see it like a tulpa starting off as a container, and while you're forcing things into this container your personal energy is intermingling with the things you're putting in (personality, behaviors, morality, etc) So if you're forcing while in a negative state, that state's influence is in what you're forcing thus its influence goes into the container too. That would explain why tulpas have told me that their hosts state/vibration greatly impacted their development. This makes total sense but I can't confirm it unless I tried making a tulpa. So what do you think? Do you feel an essence? Does this conclusion make sense to you? Or do you believe a tulpa to only be a personality and have no trance of an essence?
  13. Hey! The measure for effectiveness was based on the assumption tulpas are a legitimate sentient consciousness. In fact the reason why I was asking people to try it in the first place was to get confirmation if it worked or not. In theory it would work perfectly, but no one was open-minded enough to try it. An error in my wording, I didn't mean to communicate that I already knew it would work Your insights are EXTREMELY valuable, thank you for taking the time to deliver!
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