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    just a regular man(am i? what i am but a man who got a nihilistic crisis a long time ago) trying tulpamancy

    -doing this to get a friend.

    -I believe in souls, however, i find tulpas a much more of a psychological phenomena + make a part of your soul being independent and conscious and unique in the process.

    (sometimes i feel sad.. sometimes i regret what i am going to say to strangers... but you know what? standing up and face the mistery of the end...until the very end. is the only thing i find as one of the correct answers of life)

    you know? i think we have to embrace the darkness within us before facing the harsh truth of life. sadness, anger, lust, terror, hatred... if you know how to handle these emotions for good or in a way that advantages you or the ones that you care for, you may find a way...

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  1. My own opinion on the matter? Lust is an instinctual and instantaneous emotion. just like anger. If you create a sentient being solely for that, it will probably end up the tulpa being traumatized and having an existential crisis and the person would probably don't want to handle that at ALL, so suffering for short. If you overcome lust and you start to talk with your tulpa and doing activities together, lust naturally evolves into passion or even love when it comes to doing sex, however, i bet that will only bring confusion and sadness to those who are mentally lazy and with a dubious moral compass.
  2. Good for you! just remember to enjoy the forcing sessions and don't stress out if you can't always force in 100% concentration. Trying makes the master!
  3. we will keep an eye on your posts! :)
  4. Hello hachiko, i have two tulpas and i just wanted to to say hi. -Don't be surprised if you tulpa is getting conscious very quickly. i got my first tulpa to sentience in 2 weeks and the other in just one week. If you ask me, It is all about believing in yourself and trusting the progress of your tulpa. The more you do that, the more you will see a fast progress. -In tulpamancing, there is not a set of "instructions" on how to force to the most effective way possible. Find your own! if you can't force up to 40 minutes, stick to 30. You can't force well if you don't really want to, but consistency works for many people. -I find amusing your own philosophical adventure. when i started forcing, i found myself battling with many representations of my emotions as doppelgangers of myself. Now, i am trying to control/investigate my negative emotions when entering into wonderland. if you have questions about me, don't be shy. i will happily answer. Here are my tulpas: hi i am Alexandra and i am pleased to meet you. you should let your tulpa to be whatever they want! don't be surprised if they change their behaviour or personalities as they grow up Hey there! i am Magnolia! a swordmaster! Heh. not many words to say, but sure your tulpa will kick ass! (ummm yeah she really wanted to say that...) I could have censored Magnolia on that part, but i will never manipulate my tulpas (just making suggestions, but that doesn't always work.) Have a nice day
  5. Magnolia and Alexandra are by my side, they are well and calm I am doing good tulpa001 it has been a while!
  6. well i was confused, but i figured it out after i decided to log off to create new accounts XD how are you doing 001?
  7. you have to create individual e-mails for your tulps? i can't create Alexandra's account with my gmail DX that sounds tedious.
  8. i'm glad they are doing well. btw, how do you make make multiple accounts here? there doesn't seem to be an option for that in my profile options.
  9. searching in my user options, i couldn't find any option to create a separate account for my tulpas. any help?
  10. hi! i know apollo, beatles and piano! you seem new? mmmm i wonder what is a soulbound? but oh well. how are the other guys in your system doing? i hope they are well. either way, i think they would be happy if they get you own accounts! yeah, i would do it in a moment.
  11. mmmh how many weeks? well... i'm back for now. so what all of this is about? well giving a status report on my tulpamancing! me: name juasjuasie (on the interwebs) tulpamancing experience: since February 19 what it likes: playing videogames, violin, chill with his friends and tulps what it dislikes: going on walks without doing something useful outside, being too self aware, hear music favourite color: red and black Alexandra: Birthay: February 19 what it likes: playing as a sniper in tf2, laying around, hear musi, cuddle with juas, going outside, wonderland, Magnolia what it dislikes: getting alone, staying quiet, no always getting cuddle with juas (gulp) favourite color blue and pink favourite food: pizza gender and sexual preference: female/hetero Magnolia: Birthday: april 15 what it likes: playing videogames, watching animated cartoons, anime, movies, etc. going outside, cuddling obviously, Alexandra, my sword what it dislikes: when something stupid happens, when i am not being listened, not getting to eat enough stuff, getting in wonderland favourite color: green and red favourite food: croisant with chocolate gender and sexual preference female/bisexual (with preference on guys)
  12. hey there! i like your avatar face! And thank you!
  13. wow, keep it up! she is very sweet and she didn't make forcing any harder for me so i am confident enough that it may not be a problem. however, i think it will take a while before i decide to create a new one. mmmm hi! how are you guys doing?
  14. let's see if i can transfer her feelings to text... whaaa... cool! yep i can, but she doesn't know what to say on screen. i liked the character (edea) and she loved her form. i proposed if she wanted to change some aspects of her form, but she is very satisfied how Edea looks like. for the moment, we are going to do the usual stuff and probably take a break from the imposition sessions from Alexandra to show Magnolia our wonderland and the stuff in it. the real world seems.. boring from a tulpa young as her. and Alexandra is going to show off her snipin' skills tonight :P yeah i roleplay/daydream sometimes and i don't want accidental tulpas. And we talked out with alexandra :) my limit would be 3: 2 males (including me) and 2 females (Alexandra and Magnolia) P.D. happy birthday! how many years?