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  1. Not dead yet... Like the new forum. Planning on putting out 2.0 versions of my visualization and imposition guides. Maybe it will be one guide, since those two things can be coupled. I dunno yet.

  2. Hi slydshot, welcome to the community. A soulbond absolutely has potential to become a tulpa. Just as any other mental figure or character can be produced into a tulpa, a soulbond should be able to obtain the level of cognitive complexity seen in tulpas with enough effort. However, creating a tulpa means recognizing your soulbond as being independent from yourself. Along with this comes with the possibility for "deviation". All this means is that it becomes possible your tulpa may want to change its appearance, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen. The process of creating a tulpa involves thinking about it and spending time with it. This is often called tulpaforcing. During tulpaforcing, you often work on your tulpa's form and personality. To develop your tulpa's personality, you may want to check out some of the guides we have, to get a feel for how tulpas are developed. Signs of sentience include different kinds of communication attempts from your tulpa. Some of the most basic ones are head pressure, emotional responses, and alien thoughts. Your tulpa may also start communicating to you through body language or mindvoice, if developed. Over time, these kinds of responses may seem more and more separate and distinct from yourself.
  3. I like it, and agree with the feedback that was said above. It's basic enough to be a good introductory guide for new users without getting them muddled in weirder things like possession, switching, parroting, etc. and it avoids most of the 'mancer jargon.
  4. Not bad. At least it was interesting to hear about Melian's upbringing from Mistgod's perspective rather than through Melian's "musings" format, haha. As for the podcast itself, I'd recommend looking into how to clean the audio up a bit with Audacity. You can do a lot with just a few clicks. I was thinking about doing something like this myself some time, but it looks like there's already a couple folks out there giving it a shot. Good luck!
  5. I'd like to make an apology to the users of tulpa.info, and the members that I did not respond to in a timely manner. While this community and the quality of its guides remains in my interest, I was surprised by how much time was required to actually manage the GAT team. We started the guide approval process on the 14th of November, pre-screening all guides to decide whether they were worth voting on. As that had been done, approved guides were to be stickied in waves as GAT members voted their approval or disapproval. However, getting all of the members to participate took more energy than I anticipated, and I realize now that I simply don't have the time to bother the handful of folks who don't seem to otherwise use tulpa.info. There was also some confusion about Fede's guide being the only approved guide. Seeing as the main post had been edited by Rasznir, and none of the team had complaints about it being hosted on tulpa-network, there was no problem with us approving it. Another thing is that it fell into the approval threshold after member Ashmo resigned from GAT. Since the approval threshold is percentage-based, this meant that fewer votes were required to approve the thread. My approval of Fede's guide (and now Teryaky's guide) are compliant to the 60% threshold in the official GAT pastebin. It does not matter if this number goes up again in the future, they are supposed to only be un-approved if the community gives abundant negative feedback (although apparently moderator-feedback is above all else?). With some of those answers out of the way, I apologize that I have not been pulling my weight around here, due to my inability to be online enough to manage a team of people. I am resigning from GAT so that someone else can properly finish the job of screening all the guide submissions. I did have ambitions to help the community, but the amount of time needed overwhelmed my anticipations. As a college student and part-time employee with many passions and hobbies, I decided that I would rather not sacrifice anything more than my free time for this. In my opinion, the most active GAT members appear to be waffles, Sands, and LinkZelda, and I think they would be better suited for the manager position than I am right now. Also, may I suggest the remainder of the GAT gets together and starts voting off some of their members as well - particularly the ones who have never posted a vote or been in the IRC. The almost-popularity based system of the last voting period did not work, members need to campaign their activity, intentions, and actively show their worth for their nomination to be meaningful. I will answer other questions in this thread when I can, hopefully there are no hard feelings. I did not intend for the approval process to take this long.
  6. There is no exact way you should be doing it. If you've read all of these guides, then you probably have a general idea. Outside of that, you can go in almost any order - it's a subjective experience. Also parroting does not lead to servitors; this is usually outdated information from older guides. Many newer guides will tell you parroting can actually be beneficial for developing a tulpa, and some methods rely on it. And for your last question, you'll probably get a lot of answers, but my method has always simply been to ask myself "Was that me, or my tulpa?" if I was confused; my logic behind this is based on the fact that our brains inherently know the answers to decisions or questions a few seconds before we consciously think of them - so asking myself whether something was my tulpa or me is a way to know whether I was subconsciously doing something or if my tulpa was doing it... but not everyone is the same, and there's other ways to tell.
  7. I'm just going to quickly say that this thread has my GAT vote for approval. I think it's a spectacularly helpful anecdote and analysis to folks who have difficulty with their tulpa's voice. I've also featured it on my personal tulpa site. Despite being a little unorganized and informal, it is still very well written and informative.
  8. From: http://tulpaforce.me/improper-mindvoice-usage.html / http://community.tulpa.info/thread-sentience-improper-usage-of-the-mindvoice-s-effects-on-thought-independence-and-the-solution
  9. This thread has been approved by waffles. I'm pinning it for further review by the Guide Approval Team.
  10. If you fear for her safety, well-being, and life, consult a medical professional - a clinical psychologist. In spite of what several people think, cases like this are out of our control as online forum-goers. It is possible something like this is more than just a tulpa; I have a close friend that I suspect might have some sort of dissociative identity disorder that has had a very similar problem to your girlfriend. I could be wrong, but I'd say better safe than sorry if your girlfriend appears to potentially be a threat to herself.
  11. The Guide Approval Team Apollo (Manager) AZ Breloomancer JGC Osaka Ranger (Manager) YukariTelepath If you are interested in joining, apply here. *Note: Reviews may be given by these users' systemmates, which is acceptable, but only one vote of approval/disapproval is allowed per system. Former GAT members [hidden] Ashmo [anonymized user] Averian Clo CyberD Dialogues Dog Evil FallFamily fennecgirl GGMethos [align=left]Heckhound JD1215 jean-luc[/align] Joshua Kiahdaj Kitsune in Yellow Kronkleberry Linkzelda mayormorgan NoneFromHell NotAnonymous Ponytail Quilten Sands schlondark Sock Stevie sushi Thunderclap tulpa001 waffles Vos Yuki Zero [/hidden] Forums There are three sections of the tulpa.info forums that pertain to the GAT/guides: Guides/Tips and Tricks/Articles: Where approved submissions are moved, depending on which section is most appropriate. Submissions: Where new entries are posted to be reviewed by the GAT. New submissions should include which guide subforum they are intended for. GAT Discussion: Where all other GAT-related posts/threads will be located. About The Guide Approval Team is a group of experienced, passionate members of the community who will give constructive, respectful criticism to guide submissions based on potential usefulness, quality, accuracy, and grammar. With each review, a GAT member leaves suggestions for improvement, and decides whether or not the guide is ready for approval. Tentatively, the approval of a guide will be based either on a 5/7 approval vote, or a minimum of 4 approvals if not all 7 GAT members participate, unless the submission was posted by someone on the GAT. If a guide is approved, it will be moved to one of the Guide subforums. If not, then the OP has the opportunity to fix the mistakes pointed out until full approval is reached. Depending on how drastically the guide needs to change, this may require a second round of votes. Non-GAT members will also be highly encouraged to give their own criticism of a submission, to point out anything the GAT members might have missed, add their own opinions on what is being discussed, and so on. They may also make a case for why a submission should or shouldn’t be approved, so that the GAT members have more opinions to work off of when making their decision. The purpose of the GAT is to ensure that high-quality, useful submissions make it into the Guide subforums, so that new tulpamancers will have a clean and beneficial roster of guides to read from when being introduced to tulpas, rather poorly-written or inaccurate ones. Because of the subjective nature of tulpas, there will be multiple GAT members reviewing each submission. Both GAT members and non-GAT members alike are allowed to give subjective as well as objective (grammar, syntax, etc) critique. The GAT recruitment process will go as follows: there will be an ongoing thread where members may apply to join. Other members may add why they think or don't think the applied members should be on the GAT. This may also be done in PMs with the GAT manager. The applicant will be given two guides to write sample reviews for, and send the completed product to the GAT manager. Then, the GAT manager will bring up the applicant to the other GAT, who will then discuss and decide if they should be accepted. GAT members will be removed if they are inactive. This process will create a revolving door of new members joining and inactive members leaving, so the GAT will not find itself in a stagnant state. The GAT also retains the right to remove members they view as incompatible with the team. The submission process will go as follows: there is a list of guides that are pending review by the GAT, based on recency and how active the OP has been. The list is given an overall deadline for the GAT members to review each guide, depending on how many guides are on the list. If a new submission is posted, it will be given a 2-3 week deadline for reviews regardless of the list, and will be stickied and with an announcement on the forums in a thread and in the Discord in a GAT-specific channel. Everyone, including non-GAT members, is encouraged to leave their thoughts on guide submissions. If a submission does not get approved but the OP wants the GAT to return to it, they may request to be re-reviewed after they've either fixed the issues or rewritten it. Or, if a submission was never added to the list in the first place due to age or inactivity, the OP may also request that it is reviewed, and will be added to the list. The job of the GAT manager will be to keep the guide submission process running smoothly, ensure there is communication among the GAT members, and bring questions, comments, or concerns from others to their attention. The GAT manager will create and edit the list of submissions to be reviewed, and update the community of when the next submission is going to begin its time. If a community member has anything to say regarding the GAT, they should send it to the GAT manager, who will notify the GAT of the situation if needed. Members are also free to bring up any concerns in the GAT Discussion subforum. The GAT manager’s approval of a submission will not be weighed more than any of the other members, nor should their critique be set at a higher level of worth than the others. They are there to streamline and lead the process itself, not have a greater say in the actual approval of the guide.
  12. JD1215

    Tulpa.info Humour

    11:22 GeneralError I have a bit of a dilemma. My tulpas want me to go play games and muck around with them, but I just can't get into it. 11:22 LDiabolo omg this is on-topic -> to .info with that crap 11:23 GeneralError I construed off-topic to mean we could talk about whatever we wish. My apologies. 11:23 LDiabolo I wasn't being really serious 11:23 GeneralError Neither was I. 11:23 GeneralError Sarcasm, man. 11:24 JD1215 GeneralError: Here's what you gotta do 11:24 JD1215 You need a solution of 5 parts blood and one part vinegar. 11:24 JD1215 Ideally this should fill a small bucket. 11:25 JD1215 Then you need black chalk and draw a triangle transcribed in a circle about 6 feet wide 11:25 JD1215 sit in the middle of the circle with your tulpas at each point of the triangle 11:26 Norkkom Make sure the blood is fresh. 11:26 JD1215 then poor the blood vinegar solution on yourself while saying "I ACCEPT TULPAS AS EARTH'S ALMIGHTY SAVIORS" 11:26 LDiabolo pour* 11:26 JD1215 You will then be ready for the Great Possession. 11:27 JD1215 Also the blood cannot be horse blood 11:27 GeneralError But I was serious about wanting to join them in their fun. 11:27 JD1215 because horses are too big and Satan is really tired of all the horses 11:27 LDiabolo >the blood cannot be horse blood 11:27 LDiabolo ponies are okay though 11:27 JD1215 This is fun though. 11:27 GeneralError Not instructions for a satanic ritual. 11:27 JD1215 We're having fun. 11:27 JD1215 It's not satanic. This is the only way to prove that tulpas are real. 11:27 LDiabolo can confirm 11:27 LDiabolo what 11:28 Norkkom It just /happens/ to involve Satan 11:28 LDiabolo not satanic? o.o 11:28 LDiabolo this is not a satanic cult? 11:28 LDiabolo what the fuck, I need to chance my name 11:28 Norkkom Nope, he just helps out 11:28 JD1215 Satan is just part of the sidelines. 11:28 JD1215 Satan worships tulpas. 11:28 *** LDiabolo is now known as LTulper 11:28 JD1215 He's part of the covenant just like the rest of us. 11:28 JD1215 Our true leaders are the tulpas. 11:28 Norkkom It's true. 11:29 JD1215 By accepting tulpas you receive their blessing for the Great Possession 11:29 JD1215 the turning point of mankind 11:29 GeneralError irritated sigh 11:30 JD1215 where all who do not accept tulpas will be removed from this universe forever 11:30 JD1215 and all that will be left is tulpas 11:30 JD1215 The whole world is tulpas. 11:30 Norkkom the earth is a tulpa 11:31 Norkkom we are tulpas of the tulpa hence "Mother" Nature 11:31 Norkkom cum at me fagets 11:31 SkyeWint What. 11:31 Norkkom fite me 11:31 LTulper even Skye is a tulper 11:31 JD1215 And for $59.99 a month you can join the ranks of the Arch-Hosts, those who transcend the average tulpamancer. 11:31 JD1215 We will be accepted in the afterlife to become tulpas. 11:31 Norkkom Don't delay, buy today! 11:32 SkyeWint >We will be accepted in the afterlife to become tulpas. 11:32 SkyeWint So that's where tulpas come from 11:32 *** LTulper is now known as LD14b0l0 11:32 *** LD14b0l0 is now known as LDiabolo 11:32 Norkkom If this were worded more professionally and we had good spokespeople we could become a legit cult 11:32 SkyeWint god no 11:32 SkyeWint brb 11:32 JD1215 God no 11:32 JD1215 Tulpas yes. 11:32 Norkkom hahaha 11:32 LDiabolo nailed it 11:32 Norkkom yes
  13. My first analysis of the data is now online, as well as training apps. All links to data are now public and available for all to see. http://tulpaforce.me/parallel-processing-training.html
  14. I'm sorry but to anyone reading who is complaining, what's so awful about a team of people who help users improve their guides, and give recognition to guides that express professionalism, quality, clarity, and credibility? It's not like anything is going to get censored, or hidden, or blocked. If you wanted to, you could quite honestly ignore the GAT, and it won't affect you at all. In case you haven't read it, refer to the following excerpt from the Pastebin: Guide submission should happen in the same way it usually does - through the forums. This is so that other members can point out mistakes as well, saving the GATs trouble from pointing out commonly seen and obvious mistakes in guides. We're going for quality and community involvement here, and it's important that as many members of the community try to help as possible - even if just a little. So, regular forum members would be able to criticize guides, and if they think a guide should be on the front page, they upvote it. The more upvotes a guide gets, the higher up on the guides page it will be - making it easier for one of the GATs to see it and proofread it. Also: NOTE: An Approved guide does NOT have to be tested by a GAT for them to be able to approve of it. If the concept the guide is trying to convey looks like it will work to a GAT, and the guide fits all other criteria needed, they have the right to approve of it. And: GATs will not be superior or special members. They're just volunteers who put time and effort into making sure that the community will be clean, and that new members will get a proper introduction to tulpas - not a sloppy introduction, where they have no idea what the guides are trying to tell them and then wind up going on irc to ask how to make a tulpa, where they're often bombarded with several techniques and suggestions from all different kinds of tulpamancers and end up leaving more confused than when they came in. This is what the GAT is meant to prevent.