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  1. Hey fellas, I've returned. It sure has been a while, maybe a year or so? Idk but yeah I'm back~ -Tethys and Isabella
  2. Tethys (Host) She/Her/They/Them February 10, 2018 My, my. It sure has been a while. Izzy is almost a year old, and I now have 4 more tulpas. My newest, Sakura, came in after I had a dream about her. Atticus has long since dissipated, and Cipher died at the hand of a demon. I miss them at times... I recently bought a raspberry pi computer kit and Izzy and I are building stuff with it. She tells me that all she wants for her birthday next Saturday is stuff to help build our computer easier. But here's the thing, I want to save my birthday money so that when we have enough saved up, we can buy more parts to work with. I told her I'd make the computer even cooler if we have enough money to buy more parts. I told her that would be her gift, even if it may be a belated gift. The end goal with this computer is to build a supercomputer by making a bunch of the individual pi motherboards work together. And after that I'll make a virtual reality simulation of our mindscape, with my tulpas' help of course. I'm excited to work on this! :P
  3. Dude I want to know more about this situation. This is fascinating. Can you PM me about it?
  4. I was going to see if the host mind (me) would have conscious control of how fast a tulpa develops. I don't know if this will work, but I'm ready to find out. I am going to create a tulpa to help me lucid dream easier, and I'll call him Cipher. My goal is to develop him in under 30 mins, but that limit is flexible. I also would like to ask.. Do I post my findings here or in my PR?
  5. I have an idea that I will post in the science section after I'm done with this post. Don't worry, it won't be as egotistical as the last science experiment as mine ;) I'm hoping to create another tulpa to assist me with lucid dreaming. I think I'd call it Cipher, but idk. Isabella is making more friends now that I have let her have my old facebook account. She's really starting to develop a beautiful personality. I'm glad that my creation is becoming a beautiful creature :D But sadly, Atticus is becoming more and more distant. I already know that he doesn't like Isabella, and he doesn't ever talk to me. I wish there was something I could do...
  6. Looks like I still need this place. I'm back, and I have two tulpas now. :) How has everyone been?
  7. Isabella, Tulpa (She) Oh, hey everyone! :D I'm excited for when Tethys' new school year starts. She signed up for Latin, and I want to learn as well. She knows a little bit, and she'll sometimes say to me 'Te amo' which means I love you. It's really adorable :D Tethys is teaching me how to draw, and my goodness, is it difficult! Adobe Photoshop is much easier than paper drawing though. I have missed this community. It's a really good place. :D
  8. Hmm... Looks like I still need this place. Tethys, Host (She, They) July 23, 2017 Isabella has grown a bunch since I last wrote. She's asked me to draw what she looks like a whole bunch within the last few weeks. As for the godform experiment... I am sad to say that it got out of control and I had to end the experiment. Wake wanted power that he realistically could not have. Null did not follow the rules, and neither did Wake. I had to put him into a permanent stasis. I now have a new tulpa that came from a roleplay character of mine; his name is Atticus. I drew him a while back, and I will soon share the photo here. He has a British accent, which is rather cute. :P When he was first created, he had a rather 'normal' development. He wasn't vocal for about a week, until I had a short conversation with him in a lucid dream. I was like, "Why are you here?" and he said, "Why else would I be here? You created me." ...And then I woke up. Atticus has identified some emotional triggers of his. [i really don't like it when people tell me I'm not real. It just hurts like hell, you know? I don't know how Isabella manages to ignore people like that...] On a Discord server for lucid dreaming, Atticus lashed out and threatened someone when they told me I was crazy for having tulpas and said that he doesn't exist. I had to tell Atticus that threatening people wasn't okay and I made him apologize. I guess that's all for now :P
  9. Well yes it was IRC drama. I'm sick and tired of being trampled upon because my tulpa 'developed too fast'. I'm just tired of it.
  10. Well then. I certainly did NOT expect this, not even yesterday. It seems tulpa.info is not the tulpa community for me. I am going to try to find another one, because Isa, Wake and I really want to continue studying this. I really wanted to stay but due to a few things I cannot stay. My dad always said that no relationship is worth losing emotional energy or one's own sanity over. My relationship with tulpa.info has caused me some emotional trouble, what with everyone thinking Isabella doesn't exist. But the fact is, does it really matter? Tulpas are entirely subjective. They exist only in our minds. Whether Isa exists or not is not the point. What matters is that she is my friend. Some people here don't seem to get that. No matter what you guys tell me, Isa is my friend. She exists to me and exists only for me, no one else. She's not your tulpa, so don't judge us. As for the experiment of Wake, you don't need to believe me. I have more than enough data to prove to myself that this indeed worked. No one can take that knowledge away from me. I am going to be around for about a week afterward to wrap up some things with my friends here. If you want to keep in touch with me, pm me and I will give you contact info. It's been nice knowing you all. Have a good life if I don't see you elsewhere on the vast web of Inter. With love, hugs, and best wishes, Tethys, Isa, Crow, and Wake
  11. Well, Isa fell in love with me pretty quick. Didn't know she was bi until she told me, lol. Crow might not be in love with me, because 1) I'm human and 2) I put him in stasis so he might be mad at me for that. As for Wake (My experimental godform), I wouldn't think he is. He's too focused on becoming the godly influence of my project, Project Centurion. (If you want to know about that just pm me or Isabella.) Plus, god and man don't get together like that unless they want a demigod, which I for one am too young for a child, let alone a demigod child :P Hope this helps! With love, Tethys
  12. Yeah, but Wake was created as a result of my egotistical longing to be godlike. I have always envied those godforms in religious texts. Having all the power in the universe, or at least a whole bunch of it, always sounded cool to me. I never really thought about it until my teenage years because I was raised on Christianity. There was always that fear of going to hell for blasphemy. But around age 15 I thought, "Fuck it. I don't need religion, what has it ever done for me?" And the burden of hell was lifted. So, here I am, making a godform, who by the way, will be the 'official godform' of my friend's metaphysics group. Wake sure is excited. I let Wake talk to that friend today and he told me afterward the news of his association with my friend's group. Not much else to report. See you later :D
  13. (Wow. These are the best thoughts I've ever read. But watch out, my subconscious is a rabbit hole.) Me: I should rule the internet. Isa: Then where would my memes go? Me: Down the drain. Isa: The internet has a drain? Me: Yes and it leads to the dungeon, where the anti-privacy jerks are held. They can see shitposts all day long~