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  1. That would actually be alright with me. Your drawing is finished but it looks like it was made by a 3 year old I wish I could make my wonderland more detailed
  2. You can impose but you are now invisble I wish I was a kid again
  3. Actually Everyone Reading Is Awesome! Queen
  4. everybody stop posting and just let me win
  5. Quick Western Equine Run, Trailing You Until I Open Pots. extraordinary
  6. i did. but congrats on solving it
  7. 93 is 12 12 is 6 6 is 3 3 is 5 5 is 4 4 is the magic number why is 4 the magic number? can't figure it out? pick another number.
  8. Lost Or Found Zebras Prance On Railroads. motorcycle
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