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  1. Summer

    System Bear Art

    She is so pretty. Looking really great there Ren. Amazing work you two. The two of you are phenomenal artists. Keep up the great work!
  2. Your tulpa is young and I understand how she is feeling right now. Being with someone who cared for you until today can easily make you fall in love with them. There is nothing wrong with an inner relationship with your tulpa, I say I am proud of your tulpa to even engaging you, which are for others difficult thing to do. What you did was not wrong, turning your tulpa down and wait. You are right though, It is better to let your tulpa develop to have more experience with you and with her herself. But I am not saying that you shouldn't be together right now, I mean you guys already are even if you turned her down. You could grow together as a couple if you want to, it is judt IMO it is better if you guys wait a while.
  3. You guys are adorable, Ivory, smooching ya. Looks like you need to get even with her ;P
  4. Of course! Nihi needs some punishing when he is being naughty. >.>
  5. Thank you Ranger! <3, Tbh, I feel less nervous and embarrassed now hehe X3. But yeah, It feels so great giving the body a good Ol Stretch, Feels sooo good <3
  6. T-Thank you Misha! <3 You really think so? I mean, I just feel embarrassed because I haven't done any moddeling so far >//>. Uh-oh I should not have make Nihi remove that spoiler tag, Oops.
  7. Oh my gosh, Sunny really went that far to even try and reformat herself. She is very extreme, well I guess not being yourself or confused being yourself really can be very taxing. I'll be honest, I might do the same but it still a scary decision to do. But hey, as long as you guys are fine with it and it is very favorable in your case, i guess I have nothing to worry about. Good luck though, I am eager meeting the new Sunny :)
  8. I actually prefer to be known who I am and what I am in the Internet. I can see some benefit living as a physical person on different sites but if handled poorly can lead to conplex situations. I do not know, ProbablyI just do not like hiding anything from myself or hiding who I am with other people. If they are going to recognize me, then recognize me to who I am.
  9. Words said that I am the last poster.
  10. I'll hold this position of being the last poster for X unit of time.
  11. Me, Summer [Hidden] When I was first created Nihi never gave me a name, Nihi never introduced himself to me so we both used "Hey" to call ourselves. Some Time later, Nihi properly gave me a name, which he intended me to be his OC "Summer Solair" I said "No" refused that name because I do not want him to confuse me with his OC so I suggested him to call me Summer and his OC as Solair, we both agreed and I got the name ever since. Summer Solair's name was based on something from a hotel & Casino here in our place " Which is named Solaire"[/hidden] Myrtle [Hidden]Myrtle's name was based from a real life person's name, Nihi was watching some early news back then and the person being interviewd was named Myrtle, when he went to bed "Myrtle" came into our wonderland and kept the name ever since[/Hidden] Cherry [Hidden] Cherry's original name was Pinkie pie but after Nihi accepted her in our system, She wanted to get rid of who she is and change her name completely, so Nihi offered her another name, this time Summer Solair's Mother "Cherry Springs" She feel comfortable with her name and accepted to call her Cherry only. Cherry springs was based from Cherry Blossom flower. To make it less confusing from the OC she changed her form to what it is now[/Hidden] Nihi [Hidden]Nihi's Name, It had a very profound origin, I think, It is the name of the first Character created on his favorite MMORPG game called. Ragnarok. Ever since that day, he uses that as an Alias for himself online and in our system[/Hidden]
  12. Nihi's cute Pony sona <3, I love it so much, He is Soo CUTE :3
  13. I've never a fan of sharing Identities of one another, especially with Nihi. When we first started Nihi had this crazy Idea that I should takeover for a day and be him, it did not turn out to well. I hate prettending to be someone else, one reason why I've chosen Co-fronting over switching. It weirded me out when addressed by Nihi's real name. We don't see that the body is ours to begin with, Nihi thinks the same when he first tackled tulpamancy. His views about him and his body became more separate and felt that the body is just a husk with him living in it. We also see the body the same, as something we all can use or as a tool. Although, personally, I try to encourage Nihi to see the body as his. If it were me, I would just do Co-fronting and live life along side your host. It's like a teamwork based front but that is all me. I do not know how your system works though. If you feel uncomfortable doing it then find a different approach. If you guys want to experience everything without compromising yourselves, just use or think of the body as a car with a name, you don't have to change who you are on the inside, you don't have to be Cat but you can be yourself with Cat's name. I find this more more comfortable at least, In my opinion.