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  1. These are great. Is Summer chowing down on a big bar of chocolate? I can relate to that! ;)
  2. I love the art, CM! It's fantastic :)
  3. Thank you so much to all who participated in the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now closed with 42 responses. I have been crunching the data and thinking on all of the responses. I will share basic, non-identifying data here in the near future. I'm also considering any follow-up questions I may have. Participants will receive an e-mail from me over the weekend (by March 19). All the best, Christopher
  4. Hello everyone! I am in the last few days of collecting questionnaires. I have had over 40 responses, which is truly excellent! Thank you to all who have participated. I have been very busy going through the responses, reading more, and writing these past few weeks. I'm looking forward to being in touch with respondents in the coming weeks. Have a wonderful weekend, all! Christopher
  5. A big thanks for all of the responses I have received so far to the questionnaire. 27 in total as of this moment. I am humbled by the enthusiasm shown to offer input into the essay. I welcome responses to the questionnaire up until March 15th. The link to the questionnaire: https://christopherlaursen.typeform.com/to/cflXXy Have a great weekend, all! Christopher
  6. Thank you for suggestions of follow-up questions, Bosun and tulpa001, and for the well-wishes, Corazón. Floh, yes I hear you. Q21 is a more open-ended way just to have any further reflection on the overall host-tulpa(s) relationship, in case there are further aspects to share beyond the what is beneficial or challenging. Thank you for participating! I appreciate it very much.
  7. Thank you all. I'm grateful for the responses received to the questionnaire so far. They are so insightful! And I love reading your comments here in the thread. Tulpa001, that's a good point, I created the questionnaire with the hosts in mind. The essay is about how creating tulpas has changed the hosts' lives. I will be thinking on follow-up questions to ask participants by e-mail in the coming days. I am open to suggestions on aspects I might ask that I didn't cover in the questionnaire, but that still cover the core theme of personal transformation. Please feel free to suggest them here, or in a PM to me. Christopher
  8. Thank you so much! Thank you, Doctorfoxwolf!
  9. I hear you, Vos. I have a commitment to myself and to the book's editors. I always fulfill such commitments. Much of my historical research is completed, so now it's about hearing from people who create tulpas, which is the heart and soul of the research. I'm also committed to this project and its value, and hope it is a useful article both for people who create tulpas and for people to learn more about the value of the practice. Christopher And many thanks for participating in the questionnaire.
  10. Hi everyone. My name is Christopher, and I’m writing an essay about creating tulpas. My essay is about how creating tulpas affects the lives of the people who create them. In this essay, I will also be putting the concept of the tulpa into historical perspective. The essay will appear in a book about digital media, beliefs, and practices. This is part of my ongoing research on how extraordinary experiences impact people’s lives – things that might be called spiritual, mystical, paranormal, supernatural, imaginative, or psychological. These experiences can be for the better, or there may be negative effects. Either way, I would value hearing from you if you practice or have created or hosted tulpas, what some have referred to as "tulpamancy." I have a questionnaire available, and am seeking input before March 15th, 2017. You don’t need to use your real name to answer the questions. I ask for your e-mail. I won’t be sharing it with anyone; it’s just so I can get in touch with you if I have questions, and to share any parts of the essay in which I share what you told me – to give you an opportunity to clarify anything. To participate in the questionnaire online, click here: https://christopherlaursen.typeform.com/to/cflXXy To receive the questions by e-mail, contact me, and I'll e-mail you the questions. Then you can e-mail your answers back to me. Here's a link to contact me directly: https://christopherlaursen.com/contact/ -- you can learn more about me and my research on my website as well. Thank you for considering your participation in this questionnaire. all the best, Christopher