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  1. Wouldn't Keys make more sense for me, lmao.
  2. Summary (10/23): "Not approved" - 6 reviews "Will approve once changes are made" - 1 review
  3. [align=justify]A couple of thoughts on switching, not really a question but you're free to add your input if you want. 1. We came to a realization that nothing in tulpamancy is really about learning "new skills." If you think about it, pretty much everything in tulpamancy are things the brain can already do, just applied in different ways. Vocality? The brain can already think, it's just someone else doing it. Possession? It can already move, it's just someone else doing it. We thought, "How can we apply this idea to switching?" The answer would be that we already are capable of the things required for switching, we just haven't figured out how to apply the skills we have to get the end result we're looking for. The brain's already capable of dissociating, zoning out, going quiet, whatever, we just haven't figured out how to use those capabilities to cause a switch. 2. Switching is fundamentally about who is the "default" in the mind: who the mind naturally drifts off to at any given moment. We heard a few times that continuous fronting can help with a switch, but "continuous fronting" feels difficult to achieve. We can front, of course, but we aren't default, so the brain will just go back to Radio for a lot of things. I figure that anything that doesn't explicitly require a tulpa personality in some way has a risk of the fronting tulpa being dropped, and, that includes a lot of day-to-day activities, so we frequently lose the front, even on really good days. If we can somehow manage to stick to the front even during those moments, we may have more of an opportunity to become default and switch. I'm not sure how exactly, but I think a combination of Radio trying to let go and us trying to see ourselves as the default may increase the chance of a switch.[/align]
  4. Here's my break-down review. Final thoughts: I'm sorry, I don't think I can approve this. You haven't really answered the questions you were asking, and the answers you did give were incorrect or misleading. It may be informative to some people, I just don't think it's accurate and honest enough for my own approval. I would take another look at the 5 criteria for DID (and the criteria for OSDD and DDNOS) and more thoroughly address them in regards to tulpas, and/or more clearly explain why it isn't inherently disorderly to have tulpas.
  5. Yes, and I don't agree that being in a situation where it's harder to do bare minimum fronting and remain present in the body will make it easier to fully switch. That's very counter-intuitive. Using energy as symbolism is one thing, but that's not how he was portraying it. He was portraying it like different personalities have different energy stores that drain and need to be recharged. That doesn't make any sense.
  6. [align=justify]This theory is... really off-base in my opinion. It doesn't make sense. Personalities don't have "energy stores," that seems to be meta and not based in reality. A tulpa that hasn't fronted in a while doesn't have to put in more work to use the body, that doesn't make sense. The brain doesn't forget how to move just because someone who hasn't fronted in a while is doing the moving, and the "pushing host out" thing also doesn't make sense. If it's harder to get the host out of the way enough for possession, that doesn't imply that they'll suddenly be able to go the extra mile and make a full switch. That's like saying that someone who doesn't practice a sport would have a higher chance of performing well than someone who practices it daily just because they're putting more effort in. That might work as a movie plot, but that's not going to happen in reality. I'm not buying this theory, and I think you're basing it too much off of your experience with the Grays feeling different when they front. They feel different because they're not as developed as you and Cat and they spend less time in front in general. I don't think this theory is applicable in reality. We've gone durations of time with little fronting, and it never made switching more likely, it just made the bare minimum fronting more difficult. If you're slow and clumsy running to a basketball hoop, that's not going to help you actually make the shot more easily. [/align]
  7. They'll already know the things you talk about since you share a brain, but with narration, that doesn't matter. It's the act of talking to them that's important, not necessarily what you talk about. Can be anything you fancy, doesn't matter. http://community.tulpa.info/thread-narration-topics-to-talk-about-with-your-tulpa?pid=242698#pid242698
  8. Still need 12 host responses to meet our goal. Please take the survey if you haven't already!
  9. [align=justify]When our system wanted to start experimenting with merging, they figured the placeholder merge names would be our gimmicks put together: Sunsong, Starsky, stuff like that. Sunsong was the first one to merge, and thought that it sounded like Samson, so that's what he was named. He was the merge of Apollo and Radio. I believe the second to merge was Solace, the merge of me and Apollo. I think the name just came to him/us, without much thought. The next one was Sterling (Apollo and Indigo), the name likely came from a "words starting with S" web page, since that was going to be the theme. The merge of myself and Indigo was named Steel, since we both enjoyed Rusty Cage, whose real name is Ben Steel, however we changed it to Serpent, also from a list of S-words. The merge of Luxio and I was named Sabbath. This was the only merge who didn't name himself, his name was pre-determined, since we like Black Sabbath. Science, Smoothie, and Sigil all probably also came from a list online.[/align]
  10. [align=justify]Daily thread #25 For those of you who have experience with merging and named your merges, what's the story behind their names? (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  11. Daily thread #24 What are some general tips you'd give someone if they were new to learning to switch? (All daily threads are listed here.)
  12. We've gotten 20 host responses so far, we hope to reach at least 50 (along with however many tulpa responses come from that), and then we want to write an article analyzing the results. If you and your system haven't filled out the survey yet, please do so! It'll be much appreciated. Taking the quiz provided will help you determine your type if you don't want to do all the researching.
  13. I wouldn't worry about that. Just keep talking to him, if you need to position his form as you do so, I don't see it causing any troubles.
  14. [align=justify]Daily thread #23 What sort of experiences have you had with meditation in regards to tulpamancy? In what ways has meditation helped you to improve certain tulpa techniques/skills, if it has? Is meditation something you'd recommend to new tulpamancers and why? Of course meditation is something that can be beneficial in general to your mental health and such, but this is specifically how it can affect tulpamancy. (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  15. We want to get at least 50 host responses