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  1. Welp, CT seems to have killed himself. Apparently the stress from existing and such really got to him, especially because it just seemed to be getting worse and worse, with attempts to help also only making it worse. First he tried hurting me in every possible way in order to get Doc to retaliate, but after like a week of that failing, he finally got the courage to just. . . stop. Took him a day or two, but we haven't heard anything from him in a while now. We could have made him not do that, but we're not cruel bastards who would make someone live through that torment when we could be mercifu
  2. Fuck you I do what I want.
  3. I killed mine because he was a filthy accident.
  4. Yeah, that's not restricted at all. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing right now, typing this.
  5. Well I wasn't the one who drew it. A friend decided to give me the gift of paying for a commission for me, and that's the beginning sketch I was sent in case I felt the need to make corrections.
  6. A significant lack of new Docs - There are no new Docs. They have been disappearing, and the few that are left feel more concrete, though they will likely not last. There are 6 of them, and I have listed them before. Wow we have not updated this in a while. Something we found but really should have guessed earlier: I have abandonment issues. Really, really bad abandonment issues. Crippling, in all honesty. I think it ties into how I don't take rejection well, at least the rejection of friendship. Because we're in a Discord group of peeps who all took the personality test thing, we did
  7. It's a rock. A big cylindrical bed-sized rock. It's made of a porous white stone. That's it. Favorite food?
  8. Meti

    Good vs. Evil

    115 It's a cross with Parasyte and MLP last I checked.
  9. Meti

    Good vs. Evil

    114 I wanted a good mix of adorable and horrifying.
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