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  1. ..where everyone's face is swapped with their butt.
  2. ...there was still one Stingray with both AIDS and cancer left, who...
  3. Brave birds bragging about Luxi.
  4. I like how you are not trying to fry all of our brains through the interwebses
  5. Nope The next person sometimes talks with inanimate objects
  6. [This thread is under maintenance. Please refrain from posting until the repair work is done]
  7. Skipped over it, the one part that stuck to me was KILL ALL TUPPERS
  8. Your proof is nothing compared to my SuPReMe intellect my doOd, my tulpa just told me herself that I'm right and she is a scientist ==> she is always right. That's undeniable proof that tulpas are a lie. All of this is a lie. Our existence is a lie. I do not exist. You don't exist. All of this never happened.
  9. ... How can consciousness be real if our eyes aren't real?
  10. Just heard of this shit community, if anyone here wants to delete their tulpa hit me up, we here in Germany have a pretty effective way to deal with unwanted """"""""""people""""""""""