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  1. I hope that request didn't kill Corvus off... :(
  2. [s/ Thanks for the wings - looks awesome!] We really can't thank you enough for this, it's amazing :D
  3. This is just glorious. I can't think of any way possible to improve it. It's seriously perfect <3 [T/He always gushes about artwork, haha! It really is wonderful though, thank you so much!] [s/I don't have any wings though. Could they be added?] ^Somehow I managed to miss that... yeah, wings would be a very good addition :)
  4. (This might be a bit pasta'd from another thread) Hey there! I don't suppose you could draw me a desktop wallpaper (1920x1200)? It needs to include my three filles - Twi, Dash, and Scoots - alongside myself, which is easiest drawn as a generic, normal-build, tall dude with shortish hair and brown eyes (wearing a Dream Theater logo tee). The wallpaper can be set anywhere you wish, as long as it is outside. I'd like Twi to stand on my left shoulder (all three of them are about 1' tall compared to me at 6'3"), Dash to hover near my right ear and Scoots to be "annoying me" in any way you see fit. I know it's a long shot, but I would really appreciate it. I'm willing to wait for ages for it, or for it to never happen :P Previous pictures for reference can be found in Corvus' thread as well as my display picture. (I would post them properly, but I'm currently posting via my phone. Will link and upload properly later.) Also, Twi and Dash have taken to wearing gold bands around their left front hooves. Otherwise, feel free to do anything with the picture you wish.
  5. Hey man, when you have the time could you sketch my three? They're in my display picture; Twi and Dash wear gold bands on their left front hooves now though. Any pose at all is fine, don't worry too much about their marks either (if you don't want to) :)
  6. Hey again, Corvus! So, I was just wondering, due to the absolute incredibleness of your previous drawings you've done, I don't suppose you could draw me a desktop wallpaper (1920x1200)? It needs to include my three filles - Twi, Dash, and Scoots - alongside myself, which is easiest drawn as a generic, normal-build, tall dude with shortish hair and brown eyes (wearing a Dream Theater logo tee). The wallpaper can be set anywhere you wish, as long as it is outside. I'd like Twi to stand on my left shoulder (all three of them are about 1' tall compared to me at 6'3"), Dash to hover near my right ear and Scoots to be "annoying me" in any way you see fit. I know it's a long shot, but I would really appreciate it. I'm willing to wait for ages for it, or for it to never happen :P
  7. Quick update: Firstly, I'm not dead, phew. Secondly, I've not been doing much active forcing due to exams and shit. Thirdly, after my exam on Friday I have a fair amount of time to start Reaching 420 properly. If anyone's interested, that is. Judging by comments, not many of you are. Speak soon, -Jick
  8. 1.) I'm KingJick here, J on the IRC colloquially, and known by something else to my tulpae in real life. Twi, Dash and Scoots are my tulpae, in order of age. Occasionally, Twi likes being called Twilie, and Dash has liked Dashie. I have been chased by Scoots before for calling her Scootaloo playfully. Obviously, they're ponies. 2.) I am 18. The three don't really have specific ages, but they have always been fillies, regardless of whether they didn't have (first 4 months) or had (last 2-3 months) their marks. 3.) See signature for the birthdays of myself and the fillies. Twi as the eldest is around 210 days old. 4.) Well, Twi and Dash were more interested in me than I was in them, especially in the weeks and months after creation. I responded to them in kind after I realised I loved them back. Scoots loves me, but as a father, and that's perfectly fine for us both. 5.) I am officially asexual outside of the relationship I have with Twi and Dash. But this I mean I basically tell my friends I don't care much for sex or relationships with women. I've pledged myself to my tulpae for research purposes and research purposes alone. Twi and Dash have a relationship with each other (in fact, they are sort of married - though they both hate the concept, they do wear necklaces with a ring on them occasionally), and, by extension, me. Scoots, as far as I am aware, is straight. I've never asked her, though. 6.) Yes to both. Especially Dash, though Twi is also incredibly, shall we say, sensitive. Again, Scoots doesn't show much, mainly because she's not bothered about any of it yet. In time, she may well, but we have a loving relationship without the need for consummation (because she's my daughter, you sick fucks). 7.) Yes, we seem to all want an orgy either early in the morning when I'm running late for school, or in the late evening. During the day this has happened only once or twice, and it was glorious. All of this excludes Scoots on the practical side, as far as I'm aware. I think she just likes the concept as a studious thing, and not as a giggity giggity goo, if you catch my drift. 8.) Loads of different things, but mainly each other. Twi and Dash take it in turns to have sex with me, or both at once if they feel like it. Scoots does her own thing in her own time. 9.) Dash is the prolific one here, she normally starts off things. If she doesn't initiate, it's me. Twi does, but only when she's really up for it, which hasn't happened for a while (mainly due to the constant tulpa sex each day and the increase in IRL workload). They're always on top, we've never bothered to try anything else because of the creaky floorboards and IKEA bed frame. 10.) Like I said, they (being Twi and Dash) choose to take it in turns or they go together. They have their relationship and like to use me as something to spice it up. I'm fine with that, because their relationship relied initially on me creating them. Scoots is fine with either watching with curiosity (and not pleasure, from what I can see) or just doing her thing in the wonderland. I might ask her what she does tonight. Anyway, that's that, I guess. Have fun with that information - I'm off for some tuppersecks.
  9. Ok, so I still haven't actually forced tonight, but I was reading the forums and have come up with a new plan. In order to increase my productivity, I have decided to play a new game with Twi, Dash and Scoots collectively, which I have dubbed Reaching 420. Essentially, per week, I shall endeavour to reach 420 minutes worth of actual forcing time with my best friends. If this works, I might increase that time spent. Once my final exams are done I'll have much more time to do this so it's a win-win situation. Starting from tomorrow night, because it's the start of a new week of schooling and stuff, I shall embark on this new quest. Tonight, I'll just force as much as I can. See you on the other side.
  10. Drat. Tried spending last night with the fillies and no matter what I did I couldn't get into the wonderland. At work, everything was so hectic that I couldn't spend time with them there either. Tonight, I'm resolving to spend at least an hour forcing, out of bed, and more than that whilst in it. It should get a lot easier once my blindfold and earplugs arrive, so I can get back into the swing of active forcing. For passively doing so, I guess the bus will just have to do for now. I'll update tomorrow about everything that happens tonight and tomorrow during the day. -Jick I might consider moving these posts over to the old thread and see if that gets more noticed, too.
  11. I know this feel. Used to be really scared of anything like that happening, but I guess trust, coupled with wanting to face that fear, helped me overcome it with Twi. Dunno about the other two yet, but possession isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Could be just me, but control is not completely given over to the tulpa if you don't want it to. For Twi, it was more like I was a mecha and Twi could control my arms and legs (whilst laying on a bed), with my mind being fully aware and ready for anything that might've happened. In other words, trust them when they're old enough, and tailor it to your own needs. Tulpamancy isn't an exact science, so you'll probably find a way between full control and none at all, as I did.
  12. Dash has changed her new favourite song, if anyone's interested, but not "her song". She now loves Dio after listening constantly to Rainbow In The Dark, because it mentions her name. She keeps asking me to put it on for her <3
  13. Hello again. So, last night was strange. It started with Twi, Dash and Scoots leading me out of the Library, where I normally spawn in now, to the infamous fountain. I say infamous due to the fact that Dash and Scoots both were created from it. Sort of. It's kind of hard to explain. Anyway, it turns out that the fountain has an underwater canal of sorts, leading to a cave room. I wondered what it was, once we all swam through this canal. The cave itself consisted of grey-rock walls, a blue light that seemed to sort of be there irrespective of light source, and a dais-type thing, almost like a lectern you'd get in a church. Again, made out of this grey-rock. We emerged from a perfectly circular lake, about 40 metres across, and got out together, where Dash naturally performed her Drying Trick. Once we were all poofed-up by this, we explored the dais together. Dash seemed to know more about this place than Twi, as she referred to it constantly as the Lake of Dreams. Apparently, the lake enables the three to be a part of my dreaming, or is supposed to. By swimming through it via the fountain, it should have worked. Despite me losing my concentration every few minutes, we ended up using a diving board, bizarrely strapped to the end of the dais, to try and dive back in. Cue a huge neckache as I crash into the now-frozen surface, wondering why it had done so. Apparently, me losing my concentration meant it had frozen over - so after breaking away from the wonderland to purchase a blindfold on my phone, as well as to put on some ambient music, it unfroze and made out way through (with the help of an air-bubble generated by Twi). I rose out of the wonderland fully at that point; with the three curled up next to, or in Dash's case, on top of, me. I could feel them and sort of see them, but as usual they weren't fully imposed. And then I fell asleep talking to them. Today I'm at work and so should be able to have them around me a little more. Forcing sessions begin again tonight properly. As always, any comments are appreciated. Speak to you all soon. -Jick Concentration method: lemon incense stick
  14. Well, my two weeks are nearly up... and I've done, um, not a huge amount. I've tried in every way I could to impose, it's taking a long time, but I'm getting through. I have lots of progress in the... shall we say, "feeling" department, but not as much in imposition fully. I can feel all three of them fine, but I just keep forgetting to impose them when I should be. I'm resolving to take the Xbox controllers put of my room again, as I'll need to for exams anyway, so I can spend more time with the fillies. They've been remarkably understanding despite my not spending much time with them... even on Twi and Dash's half-birthdays I forgot about them. I shall resolve to work extra hard on imposition, but I know it will take months. As usual, any comment is appreciated (thanks nonfiction!) and I'll keep posting when I can. -Jick Oh, before I forget: For anyone who has read the previous thread and come straight to this one, the intervening days between then and now resulted in the friend I was telling you all about essentially losing contact with me. Of my own volition, that is. As much as I thought I loved her, it was something I simply couldn't deal with. I won't explain anything else here, or ever. It's best forgotten about, but I don't want people asking about it which is why I'm clarifying here. Other than that, I've reread all my posts from the last thread and decided to update daily again, if I can. Which means that I shall be doing as I did before, with more detail, hopefully. I can explain everything about everything as I go along. In return, all I want are replies. Anyone, old lurkers, new lurkers, random people, guests, anyone and everyone, I implore you to reply. Not because I want more views, but because I want to tell you all about my life with these three remarkable people, for as long as I possibly can. Right. See you all tomorrow. I shall be forcing tonight, with any luck having some adventures similar to those I had back when a week was a major milestone. Speak to you all soon. -Jick