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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys! It is much appreciated!
  2. Hello. You may know me as Delicia from the IRC. I have been trying to make a tulpa for a while but not sticking in significant effort. I plan to change this by trying to get active forcing in. My snuggly tulpa is known as Sophia or Sophie. She has great furry ears that poke out of her serene white hair, which is green on the end. Her eyes are also a deep shade of green (laepie)(White mage). Another thing that is green is her—never mind. How we force: – snuggling and parroting, usually at night XD (for now)(active) – when I am walking to and from school Sophie accompanies me – hopefully I'll do more passive forcing Her traits: - loving - sweet - playful - curious - adventurous - loyal - intimate (a lot) - energetic - Sri Sofeem -
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