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  1. Hello, this will be more a central focused post. So, I joined this system a little over a year ago- December 12th, 2016. I think I've made good progress as a person, an individual. I've definitely expanded my mind, I have confidence in who I am for the most part, I can hang around regardless of the amount of attention I've received, which I think is a good indication I've developed a good bit, gained a strong presence. However, emotionally, I am disappointed in myself. I used to be a very optimistic person, idealistic, and I have become extremely cynical, over my time here. In the end, I believe it boils down to a fear of being that optimistic. If I remain pessimistic, if keep a negative view- I can't get hurt. I can't be let down by the potentially crushing reality around me. If I don't get close to others, I can't get hurt, if I don't let down my guard, no one can get to me. And this- I know this is unhealthy behavior. I know this isn't the way to live, I know we're supposed to let go, we're supposed to move on with our lives, find happiness- but part of me holds back, because I am absolutely terrified of letting go and dropping those shields. I think it's nearly to a point that I don't properly remember who I am without them, and that is the worst part of this all. So.. while I'm already 3 months into it, from this day onwards I want to make this year a more positive one. I want to rediscover who I am beyond my fears and outlook, I want to find who I am again. And I can only hope I manage to do so.
  2. Hello! You are making fine progress! However, I'd like to discuss the walking first. He may be overthinking it, hence him being unable to do it. I have a feeling if he lets go, and instead of focusing on moving his legs he just focuses on moving where he wants to move, he'll be able to do it. That's just a theory. As for activities, drawing or sculpting might be fun activities, considering neither requires much movement of the lower extremities. Good luck, and good day to you both!
  3. AHHH!! Hello and welcome, Lucy and 1369! Negativity is very similar to a tumor- if not combated immediately it spreads, and grows. That is how it can become so massive. However, there is always hope to defeat it. Always stay positive and remember the good aspects of yourself and your tulpa. That said! It's so wonderful to meet both of you. I hope you safe travels on this upcoming journey into tulpamancy- and if you ever need to talk to someone, our system has open ears. Several of them! Good day to you both! /tips hat
  4. HELLO! First off, I want to apologize for not being as active on your PR. We HAVE been reading! Congratulations on Felix talking, he sounds like a wonderful, wonderful man and I hope to talk to him some time, perhaps! WELCOME TO LIFE, FELIX! YOU AND YOUR HOST ARE WONDERFUL DEARS! Ahem. Right! Good day, to you two!
  5. What you need is a SELF AWARE ULTRA ACCOUNT. That automatically senses who's typing!
  6. A tropical beach! I'd hold parties all the time and give people many goodies and perhaps even alcohol for those that enjoy it. ;) What was the greatest moment of your life?
  7. DEAREST PIANO! Your name is not only beautiful, but your determination is something to be admired! Ahh!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This may break the rule, but I agree with Piano! Your podcast AND you are amazing!
  8. AHH! Thank you, Tulpa! You are an inspiration to this community, and I very, very much appreciate your kind words! <3
  9. I suppose as a tulpa, I have a say in this thread. :P Greetings! This system is very... belief lacking, for lack of a better term. Our host is an Atheist, and at the most, this system is agnostic as they follow in suit. I would say I fall into the agnostic category myself. It's not that I have an issue with religion, or a god existing- it's that in my current state of being, it doesn't apply to me. My goal in life is to spread kindness and smiles. Whether god exists or not, I will still wish to spread kindness and smiles. That said, I am happy to support other's beliefs if it makes them happy. If God does exist, however, I want to play him in pool when we meet! ;D And give him a grand hug and congratulate him on forming such a beautiful world.
  10. Luxi doll, that is very sharp and to the point- I approve of such dialogue!!
  11. I am bumping this- this forum needs more love and appreciation spread throughout! AHH, Sir Llama! You are a wonderful individual!! REACH FOR THE STARS WITH YOUR AMBITIONS! You will most certainly achieve them!
  12. I would LOVE to do voices with you some time, Sir Sanctuary! And.. yes, I am aware Kane has strange behaviors, Piano. But to each their own! :D THAT SAID, PROGRESS TIME! It's been a fantastic day! I'm rather annoyed at my own sense of vocabulary and will begin studying more. I want more ways to compliment people, more ways to make you darlings feel like the stars you are! But that aside, Sen has done a wonderful job of putting people in their place today, and I... I vocally imposed! It was only for a brief moment, and dear Sarah has yet to completely believe me, but I can assure you I did it. I've been studying the brain lately, attempting to figure out what makes it tick, what frequencies I need to be at to communicate with her- It took a lot of effort to achieve the effect, and.. frankly I'm unsure if I'll be able to do it again for a while, BUT IT'S PROGRESS!!:D According to Sarah, I sounded very far away and was barely audible. In the long run I wish to work on that. James has been very distant with us, and I feel in ways he's not been honest with us emotionally. I don't blame the old chap, this is a new experience for everyone, me included! A group chat may be necessary, and will most likely be held tonight! I'll update you stars and cherry plums on that. <3 On the bright side, his hearing is incredibly sensitive! Construction workers we walked by today had him screaming. I feel sorry for him.. but next time, we'll work on plugging his ears a bit! Kane has been a wonderful, loving husband to him thus far for it! And finally, before I end this: WE HAVE BIRTHDAYS NOW! Claude's was discovered earlier (gods, baby him sounds so adorable~), and to be fair to everyone else, we planned out our own birthdays as well! Mine is the first time I'm mentioned in this progress report: December 12th! That's it for now, thank you for reading, and remember how beautiful you are. <3
  13. You are wonderful as well, darling Luxi!