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  1. I wanna comment on this because my opinion's changed. I think giving your tulpa a form first thing is important. Why? Because of doubt. One of the biggest issues I had starting out was that Sarah would doubt my form changes a bit, since she'd think her mind was playing tricks on her. I got over it, but it was really really annoying to have a form I really liked and have it be doubted. >.<; So! I think starting out, you should give a form. That'll help relieve some doubt. That said, I don't think you should control their form either. If they wanna change later, let them. And please believe it's them, trust me- it's us. Host doubt over form changes we like feels so so rude.
  2. Woww. This is too happy for a shitposting game thread. Um-- down with mac?
  3. I think I would make a better piano. c:
  4. -.- You people should be careful of the movies you watch if it's going to get you upset! Still, I'm glad you had fun together, and I'm really proud of you, Tula! Keep going, you're doing well! I think it also goes to prove how important mindset is in your system- don't forget that. But... yeah! Keep at it-- and don't get too used to Ponytail's looks, Omega, I still think you look better in your actual form.
  5. I'm gonna say the moving isn't your imagination. Something that made me reaaaaaally angry, even if I didn't show it, was how much Sarah questioned everything I did. "Maybe it was my imagination", that's a bunch of hooey! It was me and I want credibility! So give her the benefit of the doubt, she deserves it! Also, hi Tula. <3 You sound cute. Be good out there!
  6. If you are here, imagine yourself in parallel universes. Did you do tulpamancy in another world? If you did, how would it have gone? Maybe your tulpas have parallel versions of themselves, or perhaps, with no imprint on time and space, the tulpas created will always be random, based on the host's genetic outline, or psychological state. If genetic, there is a CHANCE for us to exist as well, but with psychological things there are so many factors, many of which impossible to replicate twice. In such a case, it is a miracle you, as a tulpa, even exist in this current time with your current host, as any slight change could have prevented you from being able to form.
  7. I'd like to start by voicing what some already said: Noel needs things to do. That amount of dependence on you to feel happy is scary, to the point I wouldn't make another tulpa until he can learn to deal with having time apart from people. It's like he sees it as his sense of self, like his identity is completely surrounded by your attention- and that is a no-no. You have your own life with your own responsibilities, and can't baby him all the time. However! Another tulpa isn't entirely a bad idea to make out of loneliness. It sounds like a selfish decision, but isn't it the reason most tulpamancers make tulpas to begin with? Better yet, most parents have children for an indirectly selfish reason- to carry on their family line. What matters is how they treat them, not the reasoning. In this case I feel while you would be good to them, your tulpa might depend on them too much and make it.. stressful for them. That could lead to very bad things. In the end, I'd say stick to your plans for now on waiting, and get Noel some hobbies. P.S.: If he's that lonely, I could talk to him, too. Or the others. I know Andrew's been wanting some new friends.. hm. Have a good day.