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  1. Ah, alright. Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure if you meant "killing tulpas" as in a host killing a tulpa, or "killing tulpas" as in killing is what the tulpa does.
  2. I think you completely forgot the entire point of the original question. You're the only one on this thread who has a completely different answer for everything than everyone else. Skin IS a parasite that plagues the once peaceful skeleton people of long ago. Spooky. Thank you. You actually get the point. Self defense is self defense. I'm not gonna kill off a tulpa just for the sake of killing them off, but it's helpful to know I have a safety net for The Literal Worst Case Scenario™ I mentioned. Just wondering, though. Does it always have to be 50/50? I've heard mostly abou
  3. Google's definition for roommate: a person occupying the same room as another. NORTH AMERICAN a person occupying the same apartment or house as another. You can have a roommate if you have a house, you know. You clear a room for them to sleep in, put up an ad, and accept someone to be your roommate. In fact, there's a website where people put up ads for certain money amounts, along with advertising certain aspects about them and their rooms (if they smoke, where the house is, how long it'll be available, etc.). A couple of them I've seen offer anyone interested a room if they're willin
  4. I really don't get what difference that made. I believe he was trying to make the point that the "skin" is shared when you have a tulpa. And my counter point was that if you own a house and get a roommate, it's still YOUR house. YOUR house you can kick the roommate out of if you find out they're plotting to kill you so they can steal the house for themselves.
  5. Link me to a credible news source where a child murders one of its parents, wears its skin, and takes their place in their life with the friends and family not noticing. I can wait. Saying "It's not your skin once you have a tulpa." is like saying "It's not your house once you have a roommate." I know what atrophy means, but there are two separate meanings and I don't know which one you refer to. You're gonna have to be a little more specific with your explanation of merging unless you have a better explanation you can link me to.
  6. Exactly! I don't want to have a child that'll literally be a 6th dimension demon hellspawn with mind control, an obsession with murder, and an unhealthy desire to take my place, pretend to be me, and wear my skin like a suit. That sounds more like the plot to a Five Nights at Freddy's game than a desirable outcome. Thankfully, we know enough about babies to know that doesn't just "happen". Ah, alright. Thanks.
  7. Freedom is overrated? But that's EXACTLY what my concern was! I'm not making a tulpa if it's gonna take over my body completely, try to erase me, or try to take my place. If the tulpa is from a roleplay character, doesn't that mean that you don't personality force? I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere. Either here or the IRC. And if that's the case, would the tulpa just have the personality of the character? What kind of deviation? Atrophy? Merging? Sometimes does not take?
  8. Alright, thanks! 1) Are there any special differences between soulbonds and other kinda of tulpas? 2) Losing ultimate control over my life? More likely to be dangerous? What do you mean? Also, don't worry. I'm not treating this as an experiment or game. The way you say "safe" worries me. 3) Is this kind of "egocide" the same as this "eternal sleep" thing Summer mentioned? Or is it something different? What do you mean "or a host"? 4) Naaaah. In my opinion, it caught on in a flash.
  9. Thank you for responding, Nihi and Summer! 1) I'm not sure what "walk ins" are, but I've never really made a tulpa before. I don't even know if this roleplay character is a tulpa or not. I was considering the possibility because I've always felt "different" whenever I've roleplayed. Like what I was typing as the character's responses wasn't entirely MY idea. As for the identity thing, the roleplays would sometimes have a theme of involving stuff like timelines and the multiverse theory. As in if the tulpa would be the same as my roleplay character, they'd likely be aware of the fact that infi
  10. Hello, everyone. I just found out about tulpas two days ago, and have some questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to by searching. I tried asking on the IRC (since forums intimidate me), but never really got a straight answer. So I just pretty much had to convince myself to make a post containing all of them. Question 1: What's this whole thing about accidentally creating tulpas by roleplaying? While trying to find the answer to another question, I heard that this happened to someone, and when I asked on the IRC, I was told that this wasn't an uncommon occurrence. How does i
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