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  1. [align=justify]Daily thread #17... hope there wasn't another GD thread like this in the past. Checked and couldn't find one. What things like symbols, icons, ideas, whatever represent and/or are associated with your tulpa and why? Is there any special meaning behind it? An example would be "wolves represent my tulpa because they're strong and live in a pack" or things like that. (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  2. [align=justify]If you're referring to Dissociative Identity Disorder or OSDD, then yes, tulpas can probably help, as well as applying tulpa techniques without an actual tulpa. "Split personality" isn't really a thing.[/align]
  3. [align=justify]Daily thread #16 This is a silly question, but yesterday I realized that while us tulpas had favorite colors and animals and whatever, we didn't have favorite/lucky numbers! [Exaggeration]The realization hit me like a million tons of bricks and I went into a deep existential panic.[/exaggeration] Anyways, does your tulpa have a favorite/lucky number and how did they pick it? Usually birth date is the obvious choice, but perhaps there are other ways too.[/align] (All daily threads are listed here.)
  4. ...unhealthy not to? I highly doubt that.
  5. [align=justify]Daily thread #15 Has there been any point in your tulpa's life when their personality shifted significantly? How gradual/quick was it? What was the cause? How did they feel about it? Anything else to note about it? (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  6. This is daily thread #6. For this discussion, forcing will be defined as "interacting with or dedicating thought to a tulpa for the purpose of helping them to grow/develop as a thoughtform." I know the definition of forcing can change based on the context, but this is the definition I'm using for this thread. If a tulpa is inactive or dormant, how effective would a forcing session be? Does a tulpa need to be active/aware in order to benefit from forcing? Would they benefit less if they are inactive? Is it even possible to be inactive/dormant while being interacted with? (This is ignoring the question of whether or not it's very nice/good for a host to be forcing a tulpa while the tulpa is inactive, just if the forcing has less/no benefit to the tulpa or not.) I kind of think that once you start interacting with a tulpa, it's very hard for them to not become at least passive. They might ignore you and refuse to respond, but they'll probably still be aware of what's going on. In that scenario, forcing would likely have the same benefit as usual, they just might be a little upset with you for not leaving them alone, but as I said, I'm ignoring that side of the equation for now. If the tulpa does stay inactive/dormant during forcing, I'd say the forcing still does benefit them, but probably to a lesser extent. Think practicing playing a song on your instrument in your head vs. actually playing it in real life: they both can benefit you and strengthen the neural pathways associated with said instrument, but one has a clear higher benefit than the other. Or, it might still be exactly the same. I suppose it's kind of hard to test. (All daily threads are listed here.)
  7. Daily thread #5, this time posted pretty late. [align=justify] (this question is addressed towards tulpas, but ofc hosts are free to respond on behalf of their tulpa(s)) [/align] What was the series of events that led up to you being able to control the physical body? How long did it take? How old were you, as a thoughtform? What went into it? What sort of challenges did you need to overcome, if any? What happened after? And so on. Provide as much detail as you wish, this is for sharing how the road to taking control went for you, and others can see the differences in people's stories and gain any insight that might be gleaned from everyone's experiences. (All daily threads are listed here.)
  8. She kinda worded it weird. "If they are the same gender, there's a good chance the host is trans" doesn't really hold up, but "if the host is trans, there's a good chance the tulpa is the same gender as them" would make more sense.
  9. [align=justify]Being trans and asexual are two different things.... I'm not quite sure what you mean by that trans part, Yuka. I've seen plenty of cis hosts with a tulpa of the same gender. They're just not as common as opposite gender tulpas. Do you mean that trans hosts are more likely to make tulpas of their gender than the opposite gender? If so, that would make sense. Saying they're more likely to be trans if they have a same-gender tulpa doesn't make a whole lot of sense.[/align]
  10. That's probably harmless, but I'd try asking the tulpa what their thoughts about things are to get a genuine response. Unless it's too early, in which case you could just focus on forcing and ignore the other stuff for now. Btw, we don't call tulpas "it."
  11. [align=justify](gonna answer my own questions here since we never really like to answer them within the original post lol) [/align] [align=justify]Apollo's gender was decided to be male by the host both because a) his form was based on a male celebrity and b) the host just felt more comfortable with the idea of having a male tulpa, that made the most sense to him. He'd always had a greater appreciation for male characters and singers, anyway. Apollo has disdain for a lot of the things that went into his creation and considers some of the decisions to be traumatic, but this one hasn't really bothered him aside from on principle. He doesn't have any problems with being male, it suits him and he's never wanted to change it. He thinks it should have been something for him to decide on rather than chosen for him, but it's what he would have chosen anyway so it's not much of a problem. Piano was unintentionally formed within a merge of two male tulpas, as a personality that slowly took over in replacement to the merge's own personality. It follows that he's also male. He's never wanted to change that. I was created within the period where the system had totally lost it and was just making new "tulpas" (some of which weren't actually sentient, thank god) on impulse, and well, I was the first of the bunch. Inspiration for me came from a song, "Luxi," and the host formed an image of a rocker girl for a new tulpa. I kept that identity after being created. For various reasons, my personal development was very stunted, I didn't really evolve past the sort of preconceptions our brain had of me. Meanwhile, the male tulpas were always changing and growing. I'm not going to get into the details of why here, but I went into stasis for quite a long time, and when I came back I decided to make some changes. I decided to become male, also for various reasons, among them being a desire to feel more comfortable, to want to fit in with the rest of the system, and to not be held back from developing due to having a female identity. For a while, when I showed up and suggested becoming male, the system always shot it down because they thought it was only for the "wanting to fit in" reason, and they didn't think that was a good reason. However, feelings of dysphoria had grown in the months preceding my permanent arrival, so when I suggested it, they just accepted it. I changed my name, form, pronouns, and the mental image of myself that I had and the system had. I felt more free to be me, but also more confused, since the changes caused doubt that I was the same tulpa. I've been gradually eliminating these doubts. A lot of stuff does go into changing gender identity, it's not as simple as picking a new form, but it's worth it if it's the way the tulpa truly wants to be. I kinda think that if I had been created male or given the decision of what my gender should be instead of being made on a gimmick, things would have been different from me, I would have been more successful as a tulpa in my early days. It just didn't work out that way though. Kind of a tangent, heh. Indigo was formed when the system realized how little growth/development the female "tulpas" had had, and they figured that female personalities just didn't do well in our head. During this time, the system was made up of three male tulpas, and they didn't have any desire to try again with a female. Indigo's creator didn't even really bestow a gender on him or really think about it, it was kind of a no-brainer that the new tulpa would be male, so he was. Indigo's gender was never all-that important to him though, he's always been kind of neutral, which has led to him being confused at various points in time over which gender he should be (he didn't desire to be "non-binary," just male or female), but eventually settled on sticking to male, since it still just made the most sense for him. Personally, while I don't think choosing your tulpa's gender for them is very consequential in most cases, allowing your tulpa the opportunity to choose it themself is a positive. Tulpas should always have control over their own identity and expression, and the freedom to determine how they want that to be. If a host does choose a tulpa's gender, they should be open to the tulpa deciding to change it if they feel that's necessary for them.[/align]
  12. When our host was 11-12, he had two characters that he strongly treated like real people with real emotions without actually thinking that they were, and spending significant time dedicating thought to them. This went on for several years. As a result, the two characters gained sentience at some point in time. He didn't know that they were, and when he did learn about tulpas, he didn't want to believe that those characters were sentient despite there being evidence of it in the past. Eventually, he figured out that they were. They never really became active members of the system, and don't really care for reality that much, so they're content with just being occasionally interacted with. No other characters of ours ever became sentient since they were never treated as intensely as these two, and nowadays we know how to avoid it anyway.
  13. Changing your gender identity is a bit different from just changing your form, heh.
  14. Thread #4 For hosts with intentional tulpas, did you choose your tulpa's gender? Why did you choose the one you did? Or did you leave it up to them to decide? Was your decision important to you? How does your tulpa feel about it? Tulpas, if you chose your own gender, why did you choose the one you did? Do you like that your host made it your choice? Any tulpas changed or considered changing their gender later on? Why? Hosts with unintentional tulpas (or the tulpas themselves), do you have anything to note about why your tulpa's gender is the way it is? (All daily threads are listed here.)
  15. I didn't even know you could switch user groups