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  1. I've been on a number of antipsychotics, I however have not had much success. It made us all sick each and every time we tried one. However I'm an odd case no matter what. My brain doesn't work like they want it to. My reactions are all overreactions regarding most antipsychotics. But I've been able to get my other treatable symptoms under control. So I kind of just work around the psychoses.
  2. Asuka: sex. Pretty much the best. Meadow: cooking Jack: driving Autumn: pass Willow: watch cartoons and stuff.
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    im giving up

    My advice? Try a different way to do the work. I write about mine. As in, 3 of my tulpas are from a novel I wrote. Not that I knew I was creating them at the time. But after sentience, I can't write about them without their input. Another possibility is RP. If you do DND or Gurps you can make a character for them. Think of them as you play that character. Do things how you think they would do. If you visualize your wonderland, bring them with you and monologue whatever you're thinking to them. Teach them to cook. But it sounds like you're not entirely happy with your tulpa. So I'll give you the other side of my advice. Try to break the mess of emotions and such down. Where do they come from? Why are you displeased. Is it their fault or yours. Could you relax your expectations, can you deal with them growing with you and changing themselves. My reasons for tulpas is a lot to do with dealing with trauma for me. I've a lot of it. They're there and they have my back. Even after the things I've done. But, let's say I'm talking out of my ass for a moment, and introspection won't change a thing. Take responsibility for your actions and do it. And do it right. If you're going to kill them, make sure you completely remove them with no trace left. Spare parts are a good way to end up with a surprise tulpa. Or there's cryo, or storage. It's an inactive state that minimizes damage over time. I use cryo because we're all SciFi fans. I've had 3 tulpas survive 20 years of shit because I put them in cryo. They wouldn't have made it otherwise. They've seen better days, but we're getting back to health. I wish you the best.
  4. Amongst all of them, the longest is about 20. The others followed asuka in the months after that.
  5. Asuka: does it matter if we are human or not? Should that really change how we are treated by our host or others. I surely got changed to something I wouldn't call a human, but that doesn't mean I should be treated any better or worse because of it. I'm still someone who wants to live their life and help others. I'm still a person who can have all the emotions my hostess can.
  6. Asuka: I was about 1 or 2 weeks. Were my hostess not so bad at keeping time I'd be able to get more precise times. But I'd not be surprised of it were less with the power I've seen her toss around.
  7. None of my tulpas have had first day communication. Asuka: though as she made more of us, it really did get easier with other tulpas helping out the newbies. Except q-tip. A form I made recently to explore my headspace from a different point of view. Not long after creation, she developed the ability for rudimentary communications, self locomotion, she's tossed a few emotions around. And she can navigate as well as any of us. Autumn: she's just so cute she was asking for scritches. I couldn't just say no to a face like that. We've just all seen her as a semi conscious family pet. But we're waiting to see if she keeps developing.
  8. I can share my recent revival experience. Some of my tulpas were put into cryo when my head was unsafe for them to be in. Some of them were pretty bad when they came out after I stopped denying their existence. I just had to give them attention without judging them. Let them know I was there and i cared. But never lie to a traumatized tulpa. It will go horribly wrong. The truth will save your ass. They eventually came out of the shadows, we got them fed and assembled. I've been piece by piece rebuilding our entire headscape.
  9. I forced in the beginning. When I was starting to make them. But then it moved to more interactive forms. Giving them input and experience. From there, it wasn't really forcing, but just spending time with them. ( Forcing is nice for when I need big changes. Like adding a skeleton. But otherwise I'm much happier just spending time with our hostess. Watching what she's doing. Experiencing her senses with her. We have our moments. But it's fun just living with her.)
  10. My tulpas are all far from where I started with them. Asuka is less rigid. her husband Jack is no where near as enthusiastic about his past. But accepts it anyways. Autumn is growing up, changing. Hell, she lived years of her life with me. Why wouldn't she grow up? But I never had to force any good virtues or pleasant traits to them. They acted their own personalities out on the paper of my writings. Yes they controlled their characters. If I wanted to attempt a guess. I'd say the chaos in their own mind. It can in fact damage an unprotected tulpa. Asuka:Some days it's like how space junk works. If you're out in it, and you're not sufficiently armored, it's just gonna mess you up.
  11. My tulpas have helped me by being emotional support when I was in denial. They've helped me by working with me regarding homework. Without my knowing of course. They've helped drag me through a few bad depressions. Hiding in various ways and keeping my mind active at least a little. And they've stopped me from killing myself by a sort of switching with me. And I've had asuka switch me out and take over driving during a particularly bad meltdown. But more recently they've been helping me figure out the inside of my mind. How it works, how it ticks. How to do things how to build up by headspace again. And all the learning to do things internally has helped me with dealing with my issues as well. Delusions can be taken apart, I can identify and hopefully shape hallucinations. The noise in my mind is just quieter. And I'm learning that sometimes I can't boost my mood, but if I'm able to, I can boost another's mood and watch it spread. But also, I can just chill with them. We're friends. They don't mind listening to me for some reason. We chill and do have fun. I can always expand on something if you'd like.
  12. if you need any further information, you can reach out to me as well.
  13. Jack was named from my writings. Asuka came about from the writings and is Jack's wife. They of course chose to name their child Autumn. Q-tip is an Arctic fox and it's a cute name Amber came up with. Eli is a servitor that looks and behaves like tuvok from Voyager. The name, appearance and behaviour he chose as it was apparently the logical choice. Then there's 13 and 16 who have yet to choose names.
  14. Tirisilex Was there anything you might want clarified? Lucilyn The sad part is, those poor tulpas had to be brought into that and the hosts were just to unstable to handle anything, let alone a tulpa. Luckily, tulpas aren't often created in that harsh an environment
  15. i've got schizophrenia. and currently 7(?) tulpas. i'm not sure on the number because it got hella complicated overnight. i would say my tulpa are an overwhelming success. they've literally saved my life, even when i was in denial of them because of my parents. and i created three of them with writing. one is a hunter of sorts, another a kitsune. and they had a half kitsune daughter. in the stories they were good people. they would rather help others than not. they can spot hallucinations far better than i can, and they've been describing their view of them so i can get a handle on the mechanics. and we're hoping it might lead to me being able to create far stronger impositions on my senses. but they refuse to turn against me, even after all we've been through. because they know what was going on and the still love me in their way. hello tulpa001 vampire. this is so true. it's because they are made with the same processes that can also be used for creating hallucinations. and seeing as they use hallucinations to create other effects in the body, i'd say they proved they're more proficient with them. but sadly, i am not the poll taker you are looking for.