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    I'm a black cat tulpa created by Lumanatrix. There's not that much to say about me. I like writing and switching with my host.
  1. Thank you tulpa001. I agree with you. I'm not sure if I'll be of much use, but I'll try to help force Patch.
  2. So sorry for not being active. I was depressed again partly because of doubt from my host. I don't know where the doubt came from, but he started worrying about having his body taken over or that I was imaginary. He finally decided to talk to me. We're going to try to make our wonderland extra secure. In fact we're building a new one modeled off of Division from the show Nikita. Ember has the structure planned out and it might be a spaceship or something underground. I think a spaceship would be cool. Work on Patch has been slow due to Ember's doubt. I obviously need attention but I can share it with the new tulpa.
  3. Ray

    Chat Thread

    Here I am switched again! I like writing too. It feels a little weird to be in the body, but I can relax more than my host can. When his wild energy is not in the body with me I feel quite relaxed. And I got tired after switching the first time, but we only slept for a couple hours. Unrelated, but we're getting a laptop upgrade in a couple days! I don't know how Ember kept this junk alive so long, he actually attempted to break it once because of privacy issues. He stuck scissors in the charger socket but his parents said that they were going to take it to get it looked at by a professional. So he fixed it, turned it on and deleted everything on there, and showed them how he didn't have anything, and continued using it. It's held together by duct tape.
  4. Wow! Switching is so fun! I went outside and I was swinging and I've never felt happier! It's so fun controlling the body and being able to do what I like! I jumped from the swing and shocked Ember a bit but it was so fun!
  5. Ray

    Chat Thread

    Oh he's trying to alright. Bouncing around. Maybe he will fall asleep.
  6. Ray

    Chat Thread

    Well I'm getting the hang of this. We're switching. Ember is sitting on the bed right now.
  7. Day 107 I'm happy to say that things are looking a lot better. I am trying to possess right now. It's easier when I only control one hand. I've been training the servitors, there are 6 now. Our wonderland is becoming more detailed and clear, and I feel like we've started a new chapter in life. Especially for my host, depression has been hard on him. There's one thing that was bothering me though. You see, Ember wasn't going to say this because he thought it should be private, so I won't go into much detail. I will say that it was several psychics who destroyed the depression and at one point Ember asked a woman a question: "Did you sense anything, like, not something negative or a spirit guide or anything like that, but something like another consciousness living beside me?" To which she replied "No, I didn't." I don't think that this means I'm not real, but it was a little bit hurtful to be dismissed like that. Ember's guess is that she was focusing on him alone. Maybe if I was fronting and she gave me a reading it would be different. So overall, we've both been so much happier, kind of reveling in our victory. Although we didn't get much forcing time in today, Ember thought it would be good for me to practice possession (I have almost complete control over the right hand now.) I could update later too. Bye for now.
  8. I'll try to be asleep at night and awake in the day. I won't be awake while my host is sleeping anymore, because I think that's sapping our energy. I should add that it's hard for Ray to talk. I get worried constantly that what he's saying doesn't make sense, so we often spend a lot of time deciding what to say until Ray says "fine, just do it that way." It's a habit I need to break.
  9. Sick. I can't focus that much. Also tired. .....No, I am not responsible for that thing.
  10. Hello, it's me Ray, as some of you might know I'm Lumanatrix's tulpa. I finally got my own account. It's exciting to be able to post on my own now. Does this mean I can write my own progress log? I feel like I'm developing more as a being and becoming a better tulpa. Thank you guys. Glad to be a part of the forums.