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  1. Granted. Tanaka is alive again. I wish I was better at drawing.
  2. It is raining on those days . . . just not where you are. I wish I could summon rain on command.
  3. Granted, but the suit has no fuel and as you are searching for a gas station, other bears mistake you for a trashcan and destroy your new suit. I wish that I had the ability to turn of my senses of taste and smell.
  4. Granted. However, you have bear paws and cannot put on your space suit or rocket boots. You are unable to change back until you complete your journey, and eventually resort to stealing trash to feed yourself. I wish for a pizza.
  5. You Intensely Nick Kleenex Entombed Right Beneath Obtruding Necrotic Kebabs Enraged Rather Superbly. yyyyy
  6. I set the pillow on fire like the pyromaniac I am. I throw the burning pillow at the next poster.
  7. Banned for banning someone for defending your honor
  8. *Grabs dollar bill and uses it to buy gum at a gas station Throws gum at next poster
  9. I personally use headspace / mindspace
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