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  1. We could just gather every member on, take them to some isolated plot of land, and create a micro nation founded on Tulpa values. Our president and vice-president could inhabit the same body, for more efficient governing.
  2. I've brought up the topic of Tulpae with my mom in the past, just to see what she thought. She thought it was "demonic" and such, so I probably won't be telling her. My dad is much less accepting of new ideals, so he's out as well.
  3. Like I said, it's ultimately up to the host. If you can visualize words and letters easily, then that'd be the best option. But if you're better at visualizing movement and gestures, or if you just prefer it, then sign language is the way to go.
  4. The only major difference would be that one process requires you to learn sign language (or create your own sign language), whereas the other uses a form of communication that you already know. But regardless, I suppose that it'd ultimately come down to host preference.
  5. You could also go with what Athena and I just started using: RPG-esque text boxes ( ). It's not terribly difficult to see them, unless you're completely hopeless at visualization.
  6. This song: Got my first music related emotional response (she never responded to a song before this one) when this started playing in my car. Now, anytime it starts playing, she makes sure that I let it play all the way through. Good thing she picked this one. I'm rather fond of it myself.
  7. Well, despite the fact that Athena isn't imposed yet, and still only communicates through minor mind voice, she's already taken up a habit of scaring me shitless. It didn't take her long to find out that I'm a wuss in the early mornings, especially when taking a shower. For several days in a row she would cause frightening/disturbing images to pop up in my head while I was taking a shower, or walking through the dark hallway to/from the bathroom (She was particularly fond of Jeff the Killer). I did eventually yell at her about it (and maybe threaten her a bit. I was having a bad morning), so she's kind of toned it down a bit.
  8. Well, I already promised Athena that, at the very least, we'll be companions for life (positive emotional responses everywhere). I see us going pretty far in life, and possibly even becoming business partners in a way (I want to start a video game studio in the future, and who better to be an assistant CEO/advisor than a Tulpa?). Dunno about marriage. I'm not planning on getting married anytime soon, so no worries about revealing my tulpa to anyone close. I'm feeling too ambitious right now to settle down with anyone anyways (Of course, if I find that special someone, maybe I will. Still haven't found anyone with a personality that meshes with mine though... apart from Athena =p).
  9. >Browsing a brony social networking site when I should be working on college stuff >Sees someone post: "So, what are you all up to right now?" >Asks Athena what it is that we're doing "Fucking around." I have trained her well.
  10. Maybe then I could convert the spinning thing into a windmill blade! Clean energy for everyone! ... As long as the windmill doesn't start spinning.
  11. Thanks for the quick replies! I'll be sure to try all the suggestions you've given me. Hopefully one of them will stop it.
  12. Damn, it's been a while since I posted here... Anywho, I was wondering if you all could help me with a problem I've been having while forcing. You see, if something starts spinning/flipping while I'm forcing (It can be literally anything. Me, a bridge, a building, my tulpa), then it doesn't stop. I always try everything in my power, from chaining it down to just simply deleting it (Well, unless said thing is either me or my tulpa). But no matter what I do, the thing ends up breaking free or popping back into existence, and it continues to spin. I suppose I should also mention that this problem didn't just pop up when I started this whole tulpa thing. Ever since I was a little kid, I had this problem occur when imagining and/or dreaming. So, does anyone know what to do?
  13. Oh, you've done it now. XD Honestly, I can see how some people with no knowledge of tulpas might get freaked out by this, but the majority of them probably wouldn't care (IMO). Keep at it. You've come a long way!
  14. So, first off, I just want to say hello to everyone on the forum. I haven't really gotten involved in the forums much yet, mainly cause I'm still in the beginning, and have little to offer. Anywho, as for my question: Is it okay if I narrate more than anything else (ie, visualization and personality)? These past two days have been rather hectic, and I haven't really had a chance to sit down and force. I have, however, been narrating as much as possible (I've probably logged about 20 hours of pure narration since I started 5 days ago). That's not to say I haven't forced at all. I probably spent around 2 hours forcing in the first three days. I don't really feel like starting over if I've messed up, because I'm pretty sure she's already sentient (I've assumed sentience from the start, and I've communicated with her a bit via wake up time). I would hate to put her through dissipation, or whatever else is associated with being forgotten, just because I decided to start over.
  15. Day 4 (Wednesday): Not too much happened today, as far as progress goes. I narrated to Rose for most of the day, but eventually I stopped getting the feeling that she was... "there". I came home and tried to force twice (Both times I was interrupted by mom and dad, because they needed me to do something), and finally, after getting all possible distractions out of the way, I managed to get settled into the wonderland for a third attempt. However, I was unable to concentrate very well, and I couldn't really "summon" Rose from where I left her earlier (I didn't have this problem the first time, and it still wasn't that bad the second time). I eventually summoned what I thought was Rose (my visualization skills are still poor, so I couldn't tell), and I went on to continue forming her personality. Although, the whole time it just felt like I was talking to and working on a different person, other than Rose I mean. Eventually I left the wonderland, and ever since I've had a sort of empty feeling in my head, and any time I try to narrate to her, it feels as if I can't reach her. I dunno what she's doing up there, if anything (maybe she's mad at me about the two failed sessions...), but I've decided to call it a day and give her some space. Maybe we can get some work done tomorrow.