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  1. She keeps changing her hair style and color on me at random. I am worried that because she is changing the way i view her, even though her face and outfit and body are the same, these sudden changes might make progress go differently. What do you all think?
  2. I can only see Monique at a distance like of arms length (even then it is hard) . I have been forcing for about two weeks. I couldnt find anything that explained any particular practices i could use to help see her in close proximity. Can you help? When i try to look directly at my tulpa, the visualization is instantly lost. And usually i cant retrieve it until I look away from her. Even if it is just a few inches over. I am wondering if this is something i can work on and how.
  3. Ok, i get it, if i keep consciously aiming for a proportionate head size it will work. I dont think this is her doing it. Usually when she changes things like her hair or eyes i can really tell it is her making the change on her own. This feels like i am unable to focus on the specifc proportions. I have also tried visualizing her at a distance but i find that this leads to her wanting more closeness. I am a very good artist, i think drawing her will definitely help me out. Good idea.
  4. I keep seeing Monique clearly in her form but the size of her head in comparison to her body is not accurate. Its never the same size either, it is always varying from size to size. How can i narrow down my visualization skills to be able to see her in a more proportionate way?
  5. Okay! Thank you. I will definitely try to work on that.
  6. I can visualize Monique fairly well, but she has two like different versions of her that i see. They switch from moment to moment. They are the same form. One version is transparent and looks like TV static and the other is opaque and hard to focus on. Which one should i try and use for her? I need it to be consistent to help our progress. She isnt able to respond to me when i ask her personally which form she wants to take.
  7. Can you draw Monique? She is white with short fluffy brown hair (not curly just fluffy) and wears a white no strap vintage wedding dress (tank top style sleeves) and it is ripped and tattered at knee length. She wears red high tops without laces. Her eyes are aquamarine.
  8. Hello. My tulpa in development, Monique, never really spoke completely on her own until a little whie ago. Up until recently, i was constantly parroting for her. Recently she said something that caught me completely off guard and it felt like it must have been her speaking to me because the thought and her voice did not come from me at all. My only question about it concerns the sound of her voice. It sounded completely different from the voice i used for her while parroting. Is this normal? Does this mean she has changed her own voice(which is fine) ? Should i be concerned that
  9. Hello! I am asking about tulpaforcing while on certain meds. Most medication I wouldn't see a problem with trying to tulpaforce during the time it is being taken, but my antipsychotics are making me curious. I am on an antipsychotic that it usually used to treat schizophrenia; I don't have schizophrenia but I used to hallucinate regularly. I had a tulpa about 3 years ago that I developed just enough to have basic conversation but then I stopped development due to my need to take care of my mental health. Now that I am doing well and am healthy, I have started developing a new tulpa, her nam
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