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  1. I believe once I die I'll get anything and everything I want. So I don't have any conflicting paradigms.
  2. So you went with the same method I was trying to use? The get-to-head-voices-and-worry-about-form-later method?
  3. Its not for visualizing. Yeah, probably.
  4. http://oi48.tinypic.com/de9xlt.jpg
  5. Would using a picture to focus on while narrating be at all detrimental? I'm giving up on leaving the form up to my tulpa. Talking to nothing but a void seems to be impossible for me.
  6. How much progress did you make in the first month?
  7. Been gone for a while for no particular reason. Any interesting happen while I've been gone?
  8. I like this guide the best so far. >read some of the thread Why the fuck are you being so mean to freddy?!
  9. That's the fucking idea for most of us I would imagine.
  10. MEANWHILE IN ANOTHER THREAD >I think having sex with my tulpa is probably the most emotional thing I've ever experienced.
  11. Pleeb isn't going to be happy about this.
  12. >no one with a tulpa (allegedly) posted on topic in this thread
  13. Thanks Pleeb! http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/4369/19480380343.jpg[/img] Test. I got sick of looking at it. Also Yasuna reflects my personality perfectly. Well, except the depresses part...
  14. You might have better luck going with this angle. Just a suggestion.
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