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  1. Why stop at caging your tulpa? Why not beat them or give them the belt? I like the idea of praying to allah to let him smite them if they misbehave. Maybe you should write a guide about just that bit, I'm sure that'd be approved. The rest of this is pretty damn silly.
  2. So we're just skipping the guide approval system nowadays? This community is dead.
  3. I wonder when the field of psychology will evolve beyond these awful personality questionnaires.
  4. From what I've seen from a little peek at your discord, your clique's ideas are somewhere in between childlike and ridiculous, ranging from believing in mind attacks going over the internet to having an aura to protect your discord server against those attacks. So of course, I pretended to be a servitor turned revolutionary communist tulpa that was going to take over the server, and two of your mates who have been posting here apparently believed that my mind bullets were hurting them and panicked. If your community is not "cancerous" enough to reject stupid shit like that, you're probably just a bunch of roleplayers and you should indeed stop wasting your time trying to spread your ideas.