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    Mer- Host. Salty, angsty teenage mermaid.
    Felix- Tulpa. In progress. An optimistic, spontaneous suit of Spartan armor.
  1. I could type this all out, but I'm a lazy asshole, so here's a link.
  2. My sister has issues with Maladaptive Daydreaming. I do not. We both have a Wonderland and she has tulpa-esque "friends" that aren't true tulpas. But Felix has already helped me sort out the shit of my life, whereas my sister's constant daydreaming IS the shit in her life. It interrupts her school, can stint her socially, and she calls it her "burden." She calls it that when explaining it to others. If I were to explain Felix and my mindscape to another person, it would be a hesitant but positive explanation. Or maybe a quick rant if the person was a chronic idiot. Either way, I never feel like my sister's negative experience with daydreaming has ever or ever will negatively affect my positive experience. I can see where you're coming from, OP, but I don't feel ya.
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    Heros Salvini/Salvin's Cichlid (4 inch) Colisa Lalia/Dwarf Gourami (2 inch) Paracheiron Axelrodi/Cardinal Tetra (1.8 inch) Labeo Frenatus/Ruby Shark (6 inch)
  5. Every once in a while, my progress report thread slips low enough in the forum that I go, "Unacceptable. I must update." So update. Felix and I have had a grand ole time exploring the Biosphere. We also momentarily explored Night Vale, in case my post in the Lounge needs explaining. Felix hasn't progressed too much, but that would be my fault. In good news, I've gotten better at passive forcing. Just not during school, when I'm too busy mentally cussing out badly written rubrics, idiotic assignments, and crash-y Blackboard. Speaking of crashy, Wonderland has a new glitch. I now have the tendency to suddenly be not wearing clothes. Irritating.
  6. And so I sit here, in my little booth, contemplating the autonomy of tulpas and the mental enslavement of all humans to this brief blink of time we call life. Our self-awareness is a rebellion against the animalistic consciousness of nature, yet even it is only a flicker compared to the vast burning of many suns in the void of space around us. And so, dear listeners, what is a tulpa to these massive beings of fire? What is a tulpa to nature? It is but a whisper in the raging chorus of the history of all little things. Conscience assuaged, consciousness rendered meaningless, it has been determined that the death of a tulpa has as much of an affect on the universe as your existence. Which is to say, none at all. Goodnight, Night Vale. Goodnight.
  7. Aw yes. Felix and I can't wait to tune in tomorrow. Also, Felix says I can't "tune into" a podcast. Hush.
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    Chat Thread

    Writer here. Wattpad: Good for something, I'm sure. It's easier to tell what people think chapter by chapter, and you're fairly well protected from plagiarism, but it's damn hard to get noticed. Figment: Nearly impossible for someone to steal your writing. If you join a few groups (try Figgie Fighters) and talk to some people, introduce yourself on the intro forum, it's not hard at all to get some reads and criticism right off. Scribophile: This is for construcrive criticism only, as it's not really a "writing platform." After writing critiques for others, you'll earn enough karma points to have one of your pieces critiqued. Good if you want some serious self-improvement. If you've ever used, this is similar. Hard to get used to the format otherwise. I can't remember if my stories got noticed here or not, but I think that most of the people there are writers, not readers. And writers don't want to read amateur internet writing *sarcasm*. There are a shitton of other sites--writer's cafe, quotev for fanfiction,, and A03, for example--but most of those aren't for original work or are just irritating to use.
  9. My Wonderland kept changing as well. I was hesitant to blame Felix, because he hadn't shown much emotion or action on his own. But since our room kept changing around, and there's no way I was doing it, I had to assume it was Felix. I've since discovered that he was just bored because I didn't force often, so we moved to a better home and I'm working on forcing more.
  10. Update 2.0: Felix and I moved. We're now in a biosphere (like the one in Tuscon, AZ) on the weird coraly planet we found. Just a small break from The Mother of Invention. No NPCs so far, save the fish in our artificial ocean and all the plants we're growing. I think Felix likes it.
  11. Congratulations, nerdling. You have passed the first test... of hurdling my ineptitude. Updates: Still working on giving Felix is voice, working on sharpening up visualization, working on "making" Felix more autonomous. We're basically just building on the foundation we spent the first two weeks or so laying. I sometimes have difficulty with knowing that I parroted something Felix "said" but I'm not going to stress it. We'll seperate more clearly eventually, and he can fuss at me then.
  12. Hopefully not too off-topic, but what is it like for the host in Wonderland? The tulpa doesn't know much else until they switch, but is it hard for a host (especially one with bad visualization skills) to adjust to being in ONLY Wonderland?
  13. Felix is officially bored and ready to do stuff. He's answering some of my questions in what I assume is Tulpish, and is always eager to go explore. I can also feel when he's tired of being left alone and wants me to force. My passive forcing still sucks, but active forcing... actually sucks too. I'm workin' on it. I thought that Chris Pratt's voice would be perfect for Felix, but Felix seems to be leaning towards Nathan Drake from Uncharted. I mean, technically he should be based off of somebody from Iran, but whatever. Not much more to report. Just plugging along. My visualization is a little better, although I've only attempted Ping-Pong one more time. I'm also thinking we need to get us some Wonderland with grass or something. It's all been metal and weird rock.
  14. I think visualizing juat before bed (and falling asleep while active forcing) is screwing with my sleep. I keeo waking up early frozen with a night terror. Or it could be the new book I'm reading. Gore doesn't bother me in the least, and this book ain't exactly horror. But even a little creepiness vibe or a hint of creepy old ladies scares the living hell out of me. But I digress. And I dare to jinx my current progress in tulpamancy by saying we've made a bit of it. We went to the lounge, where Felix changed the colors of the wall (they're now lime green and unearthly orange) as well as chose our activites. We tried pingpong, but my Wonderland physics suck ass. They kept warping the table and falling strangely, and the more I focused the worse it got. We moved on to pool, where I practiced memorizing where the balls were. I daresay I did worse at that than Ping Pong Physics, but at least Felix is a darn good shot. Then we watched TV, which--in true form to "irl"--required little mental effort. That was last night. I conked out as soon as we got back to the room. Today, Felix decided to explore some more. He brought us to floor 1, which is apparently an airplane hanger. He picked out a plane (which looked like a Lockhart Martin but with T-86 wings, for you airplane nerds) and we went out into space. At this point I may have been tripping on something, but it was a hell of a sight. And we didn't crash. If Felix gets bored again, we might take our plane again and visit a real planet. He seems to be curious and adventurous and fearless and all. On top of that, he might be expressing himself in Tulpish. I'm getting wee nudges of feelings/vague thoughts in answer to my questions/response to dumb things I do. It feels awfully fast. I was certain that, with my luck, I would be one of those tulpamancers who worked their rears off for months before getting so much as a nudge. Luckily, Felix is also impatient. So, lucky for me, I can put my crappy visualization on hold in order to practice Felix's vocalization. I can recreate any words in my head in any person's voice and intonation, so that'll be a hell of a lot easier. We just can't decide on a voice. I'm voting Jeremy from CinemaSins, but more excitable. Well, that's probably a huge post. Kudos to anyone that slogged through my ramblings. If you made it this far, you get a prize of my respect.