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  1. New rule: Thread gets closed after this post
  2. Interresting, I'm gonna have to look it up more
  3. --Entry #4-- 11.09.2017 [hidden] Going steady. Visualizing in dreamworld is coming along, and I can sometimes get my tulpa to talk with me briefly. I'm kind of uncertain if it is just me parroting and puppeting, or if it's the "real deal" for lack of better words. I think it's helping me in the right direction in either way. She is deviating slightly in appearance, I'm taking it as a good sign. Narrating and visualizing without imagining the dreamworld is tricky though. I don't feel like I am getting any contact. The only times I have gotten any contact like that was strictly verbal, a
  4. Good luck! I am new and skeptical too but i can already tell with effort comes progress, so keep it up!
  5. --Entry #3-- 09.04.2017 [hidden] I'm still trying to figure out what form my tulpa is, or exactly where it is located when it's just in my head, don't know if this is a common problem. It feels like I'm talking to a point above and a bit behind my left eye. When I get headpressure (it has become more and more rare that get it for some unknown reason,) it's always coming from that same spot. I also have trouble with keeping my focus as stray thoughts can quickly capture my mind without me realizing. Luckily I found some techniques I could practice on the forum, to try recognize and captu
  6. --Entry #2-- 05.04.2017 [hidden] Spent the last two days practicing how to force, and trying to meditate for the first time. I have figured out that reading sections of guides, and extracting ideas gives a good basis for a forcing session. Maybe I come across an idea or exercise I like, and try to focus on it during the session. I'm not very good at keeping my focus, and meditating for longer than 30 minutes is hard for me, but I think I will get better with practice, and I try to do several sessions every day. I figured I wont be able to keep some wishes about how I want my tulpa t
  7. --Entry #1-- 03.04.2017 [hidden] I just found out about the concept of tulpas, spent the day reading up and down the forum, exploring guides and ideas, and decided I wanted to make a tulpa. I started working on the general idea of how my dreamscape and tulpa would be like. Although I'd like my tulpa to be a female human, I think I will let it ultimately decide who it will be by itself. Note to self: Going to sleep is hard when you just found out about the concept of tulpas... [/hidden] Looking forward to making them myself! I have gotten the feeling that I should let
  8. Hi, I'm Mosta, welcome to my tulpa journal. This will mainly be for my own sake to help me keep my progress, but I hope this journal also might bring some insight to people both new and well-trained in tulpamancy. At the point of writing this I am completely new to the concept of tulpas. I heard about the concept on an image board a couple of days ago, and managed to navigate myself to this forum. I have since read a lot of very varied and detailed guides (too many author names for me to remember, but thank you! :P). I have come to the conclusion that I wanted to share my journey in lif
  9. Hello there friendly people, I just found out about this concept yesterday and I must say this is immensely intriguing to me. I have spent pretty much all my waking time since then reading guides, browsing the forum and practicing forcing, but I still have something i would like a better understanding of, let me explain: Music is a big part of my life, and I wonder if I can play my instruments to my tulpa? More specifically as a form of forcing, trying to connect, or communicating with my tulpa? I guess my real question is, how does tulpas percieve? Do they see through my eyes? Do they h
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