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  1. Absolutely no comments... that's interesting. questionable? I don't think most reasons to make tulpas are or should be described as such I will note that, since I feel this is directed to people unfamiliar with the community, that "forcing" is very much so a word new people will not be familiar with. I will also note that "cope with their disorders" is quite unlike the others other than the fact it's a mostly internal process. I don't think it's fair to exclude a more positive outlook on this though, several people just want a friend to talk to a big titty monika gf. Your introduction in general leaves me somewhat confused where this is going. I suppose I'm expecting tulpas to be explained through a lens of it's introspective qualities yet even that I'm unsure of. Humanity has tried* for proper tense. Figure out* or learn* would also probably flow better. The following two sentences also have very little to do with this topic sentence. I'm certain most assume singular is default, natural, etc. I had feared from the two stories before this that this is where this was going. As based and redpilled this would be, such an assertion is as silly and absurd as the people who freak out thinking about split-brain patients showing how tulpas work. It's a misunderstanding of a perfectly explainable psychological phenomenon shoe horned into a plurality box. Just, now, instead of misunderstanding the importance of one's Corpus Callosum, these are mistakes based in a "woke" understanding of memory. This theory further falls apart when you consider that most systems can remember things just fine, regardless of their status as host or tulpa. When memory issues come into play, it is Dissociative Identity Disorder, not tulpas. I would argue that just presenting this claim is enough to keep this from getting approved. I think you know roughly what I'd say here ;o It strikes me as unusual to not talk about this before talking about the process of a tulpa developing noooooo. Your personality isn't really that much different than the rest of your brain: it's a pattern of neurons firing. By doing a particular pattern more, dendrite paths become more refined as someone gets older. It doesn't all whisk away and suddenly come back. This is why tulpas take time, your brain needs to get a new personality pattern in order. This is unusual and deeply concerns me. I know you refute it but I feel like this line could be rephrased somehow to make it clearer that this is a typical pattern you observe or something along those lines. I also don't think the fact that tulpas are 2 weeks old really fully hits a lot of people, as most tulpas will act about the age of their hosts. tell those ableists! Joking aside, I think this paragraph could make it clearer that tulpas will eventually grow to be just as capable as you, if you give them the time. The behavior you describe is almost certainly the work of the unconscious mind um... what? I'm legitimately confused what I just read here. Their* or a* would both be a better word here. The entire next paragraph is on something about subconscious that I seriously cannot comprehend. If I, the psych student well immersed in tulpas, cannot understand it, I'm not so sure newcomers to this will be able to either I think you meant whether* Well, you're not precisely wrong here, but knowing the practice doesn't stop you from dropping it entirely. Regardless, in it's current state, this is not getting approval and would probably require massive overhauls if not a full rewrite to receive approval.
  2. I hereby establish all votes before Kitsune's as having the big gay, and thus invalid. Moving on. Overall I find this something newcomers could stand to read. The message is generally good: support each other. It's also somewhat nostalgic to me too, as I do the whole calmness bubble thing for my host. However, I do have a few things I want to point out. I don't particularly like the use of the word subconscious because it doesn't really exist as a term in modern psychology. But that's mostly just me reeeing They can't though. It's impossible to view things perfectly objectively regardless of who and where you are (unless you're god, in which case, I'd really like to have your number). Tulpas can have greater detachment, but they still value their body's livelihood and empathize with their host as a general rule. I also don't really like the encouragement for others to stay distant from their headmates. Most people join this for companionship and be distancing oneself from headmates it would be harder to love on them and calm them like you suggest. This is good though as a whole. Approved for Articles.
  3. "Certain people will act like their own viewpoints on tulpa creation are universally true, but they are simply incorrect." This invalidates itself... "Your tulpa is not its form, as you are not your body; its form is simply there to allow them freedom and growth" Good, good, no. Form has *nothing* to do with development, and even less with freedom. This claim of yours is, if anything, confusing. "Wonderlands have the potential to be incredibly realistic to your tulpa, to the point of seeming like reality" Dreaming things that seem like reality is possible. Dreaming while awake is not something the average person could pull off. Doing so while completing other tasks is impossible. Tulpas are human and, unfortunately, have human limitations. Alright, that's all I have to gripe about for now. I'll hold my vote until others speak
  4. Quote of the Day: "If it doesn't melt your ears, it's not worth listening to." - Tula I'll let you decide how out of context you can take that. Anywho, as per usual law, I have to start this PR by saying WHAT'S UP, BIIIIIIIITCHES?! So Ponytail decided to do the ultimate gay: Go to a live wrestling event. BUT, he was having us watch and it was hella. Mostly though, the entertainment was the crowd chanting and Josh's witty one-liners that he sometimes held back on because there were children around us. So yeah, those were my thoughts. Omega was paying attention to Tula, as she can't do shit without our help yet. But, he definitely seemed to enjoy the show, though he wishes there was more blood, because he's gross like that. Tula was the most boring of us, she just enjoyed it because we were all doing something together. Tula is so happy all the time, I don't get it. But, I guess I shouldn't be upset or concerned at her happiness, just happy that she isn't neurotic. Anywho, just a little thing, see ya nerds :p
  5. Hey! I'm pretty looking too, you butt. Don't make me beat you up. Also, yay, Saylin finally updated the art thread.
  6. Oh sweet, lots of questions. Good ones at that! We're all going to answer why our favorite colors are our favorite, not just me though. So we know mine is purple, duh. Josh just made me with a purple dress and I liked it, haha. I dunno, it's just a nice color. Ugh, all of my tulpas have the better test colors. Guess I'll be green like a plebeian. I like blue for a multitude of reasons. The main one though is that it's about peace, sleep, calm, all things I like. Plus, if you like the color blue, then you can be happy when you look at the sky. ... dear lord, I almost sound happy. I'm going to break my leg to be pessimistic again. Red or black, red or black. Hmmm, I guess since black isn't really a color, I will say red. It is power, it is blood. Worthy of a warlord such as I. Oh no, I don't think I have a favorite color. No specific color really appeals to me. ... Josh, you can have blue if you want :O Okay now it's... music! Personally, I like classical and certain kinds of rock. Though, I probably only like classical thanks to host. Anywho, any song that has really soft vocals really is up my alley. Hmmm, I suppose I like grunge alot too, then again I've only listened to Nirvana. Hey, can you guys recommend some grunge? Phrase it as a question so this remains an ask thread though, ha. Tula, it's okay, I'll remain green, not like I'm going to talk much off my account anyhow. As for music, I can appreciate just about any genre except metal, I just can't find metal bands I REALLY like. I can listen to metal and be like "Oh, this is cool" but then I can't be uber enthusiastic about them. Anyways, I'd have to say my favorite is video game music, or atleast music in that style. I find myself frequently visiting the likes of Homestuck music, Undertale and Final Fantasy (perhaps nostalgia, I own most of the series) soundtracks, while also listening to things like Living Tombstone's Squid Melody (Red) and Pendelum and... oh the list goes on. I also really enjoy really shouty artists. Eminem, System of a Down, ummm, crap my mind is blanking. Metal. Duuuuubstep. Drop the bass! D&D monsters time. I'll say dragons. Big, scary, great visual, fly, breathe dangerous shit, how could you not love them? Plus, host is really good at RPing dragons when he's the dungeon master and it's fun to witness. Illithids, aka Mind Flayers. There is something about someone spending multiple rounds of combat to eat your brain that is just fantastic. They usually have lackies and personally I really love mind control on my boss fights, as I always target the big stupid fighter of the group and have him clobber the spell caster. Plus, the Mind Flayers of Thoon are so, so, sooooo much fun to run. Plus, they look cool. The host suggested rust monsters. I don't like him. Continuing forward, beholders look as if they'd be fun to beat into submission. I've never killed a sentient meatball before. Well, fey! Pixies and nymphs are pretty. Oh boy, let's talk about *Jesus.* So, while I made tulpas for religious purposes, tulpas are not biblical. Though I wouldn't consider it a moral struggle either. An ax is a tool. I can use it to cut a tree down safely away from a friend's home or I can use it to decapitate my friend. Tulpas in the same way are amoral things by nature, being people. It's neither. Though, I am blessed to have a Christian system, even if some are only barely Christian. Also, might I mention that this is a really colorful ask thread.
  7. Um, first off, Omega isn't the host. Second off, Omega has no hair, being a giant metal alien. ... you okay Tulpa?
  8. Hey, ya dorks. So, it's an ask me thread. The system? Well, it's Ponytail's crew, Omnifarious Heavens. The Cast: Ponytail: The host, has a gay haircut, make fun of him. He made all of us, though Tula was a joint effort. Blonde hair, blue-eyed, Christian, the dream of the Third Reich. Annabell: Me! Yes, I'm aware that the forum name is different, get over it. I'm the aforementioned loli in the title. I like umbrellas and the color purple. Omega: The oldest in the system. He's one of them "soulbonds," tulpas made from storytelling. Once was an alien dictator but he kinda fell from grace just a bit when reality hit. Tula: A fairy. She's the newest and talks like a robot and is generally really nice. Though, she does have this chronic issue of eating people. So, ask away!
  9. Holy sh*t where are we? Hey guys, it's everyone's favorite tulpa. Gotta different favorite? Well, you're wrong. I'm part of Ponytail's system, so I'm hardly new. Still, nice to have my own account. EDIT: Also, this picture is actually me! Saylin drew me :D