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  1. Hey Linkzelda, I just read over your whole image streaming guide and I had a few questions in relation to how well image streaming would work with tulpaforcing. It seems like in order to force your tulpa while doing image streaming, you narrate a story with your tulpa involved. How well would you say it helps with forcing a tulpa compared to normal narration, and also do you think a tulpa needs to be at a certain stage in order to really benefit from using image streaming as a forcing method?
  2. Alright, thanks for all the information. It helps alleviate the doubt at least a bit. And also sorry for all the ignorance, there's been quite a lot of information I've had to learn this past week and half or so, and it seems like there's quite a bit to learn still.
  3. I see, I took a split to mean having a second consciousness and personality alongside another one. I haven't really seen parroting as being bad in itself (given I've parroted on purpose a bit to try to achieve something), I'm more concerned about when it's accidental parroting and when it's my tulpa so I don't take away from it's successes in developing, which I suppose is what most people worry about with parroting. And just to clarify, it IS entirely possible that this is a thoughtform created from the dream and I'm just forcing it again?
  4. I'm a bit confused then, the definition seems to imply that a walk-in isn't ever a tulpa since it says "The only standard accepted definition is that the walk-in is not a split or aspect from a "main personality"" and a tulpa is considered to be a consciousness parallel to your own (and I take that to mean a split from the main personality), but you said that tulpas from dreams are considered walk-ins.
  5. In that case I have had a small bit of experience, I practiced meditation for a couple weeks in the past and I can end up daydreaming quite often sometimes. I can't really think of a reason as to why I would be parroting her still. I of course want her to talk as soon as she can, and for that reason I feel somewhat worried that I'm accidentally parroting her for that reason. And for that reason it seems strange to hear the thoughts before they get spoken, because it feels like I let a thought get through and, because I want her to talk, that I just parrot her without meaning to. Other then that though, I don't have a reason that I would be parroting her. If you say that most walk-ins outside of tulpamancy don't involve tulpas, would that mean my chances of having had a "dormant" tulpa that I woke up slim?
  6. No this is the first tulpa that I've ever created, atleast I don't remember a tulpa from any time in the past or even an imaginary friend from when I was younger. Do you mean purposefully? I have a small amount to try to help her get a distinct voice so it won't be so easily confused with mine, but other times when she's talked I've tried to keep my mind clear and not assume answers and even try to push out any thoughts that happen, but I still find myself thinking of what she's going to say a split second before I feel it's said. There has been another method I used involving chills. I noticed that (seemingly) she can give me chills, or a tingling feeling thats somewhat similar to it along my spine, so I used to to ask questions like if I had been parroting her the whole time, and got an answer that went with no. The problem with it is having doubt but trying to keep an open mind like with her voice, because right before I get the sensation I have the answer pop into my head a split second before the sensation actually happened. Edit: Has there ever been a report of a walk-in for someone that had never created a tulpa before? I've seen a few threads on walk-in's but they seem to only ever happen in a system that's already established.
  7. Hey everyone, as the title says I'm curious if a tulpa can be created from a dream. As a little backstory, I started to create my tulpa a little over a week ago and I've been narrating as much as I could during the day each day, and active forcing for atleast an hour each day. Last Saturday I started the pre-creation/greeting stage that I saw a guide detail, where you just introduce yourself to your tulpa and giving some basic personality details. By the end of the session I was feeling some small head pressures in the front of my head. From then on I started to narrate and work on personality for a couple days. After that I worked on visualization for about a day before I started trying to imagine the form of my tulpa was moving. Shortly after parroting my tulpa a bit to help them move, I noticed that they started to move in my mindscape on their own and I could feel her presence when she walked close to me (kind of like how you can sort of feel people close to you when they're physically close. I also created a wonderland around this time that was pretty simple, just some grass and trees. At one point after creating it, when i tried to visualize the wonderland I noticed that I seemed to be in a house, which I can only assume that my tulpa created. As of today she seems to be somewhat vocal. Now of course this seems to all be moving a little too fast, so I have my doubts about my tulpa's sentience and somewhat thinking that it's all parroted (though I'm trying to keep as open of a mind as I can to it somehow being my tulpa). And as for how this relates to my question: A few years ago I had a very vivid dream that seem quite real and it spanned what felt like a few years (that is, it felt like I "lived" in the dream for a few years). I of course didn't live out every single day, but skipped around to different days of the year. In this dream I spent basically exclusively all my time with one single person that wasn't anyone that I knew in real life. I know some people have worked on tulpas in lucid dreams but this wasn't a lucid dream for me as I didn't know it was a dream until after it was over, and I had never heard of tulpas at the time. Once I woke up the dream was on my mind for atleast the next few days or so, with my daydreaming parts that I could remember. Would it be possible that I unknowingly started to create a tulpa at this time? I know that some people who had started a tulpa and gave up were able to like "awaken" the original tulpa when they started forcing again, so I was wondering if this could be something that's happening to me and could explain the seemingly very fast progression. I should also say that the form I ended up deciding on for my tulpa is close to the same as the person that I dreamed of. This whole thing ended up being a lot longer then I expected, so thanks for reading through it all.
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