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  1. Well it's been around a month, since I last seen this page. The internet was off for a few days shortly since then and I slowly and lazily took it as a chance to take a break, see if the activities would stop (they didn't, but reduced kinda), and maybe even make the decision for myself to stop everything related to this site. But it felt "neglectful" as I did and mentioned before, but what seemed more obvious is that I had no chance of running away from this. I turn on this chakra point and I left the helm unattended. So after a few realizations and revelations, I have to continue, or start basically. I thank you both for all the advice and insight you've shared. As my first step, I'll get back to reading and learn to meditate before anything else. Then after a good feel of the inner workings of my brain, hopefully I can find what I conjured.
  2. Thank you, I'll begin by reading more to assure myself of your words before I take any further actions. I did try to follow the voice the in the first incident, but it was like trying to find a needle in a large empty dark room with no source of light. I wasn't sure of it and so I didn't post it here. Although I would hate to leave something jumbled just lying around in my head and abandoning it (well since it might be awake) seems to be cruel. The 6th incident is still something that still worries me (not majorly just leaves a question unanswered.) I asked my friend to check my aura, and he saw that if the third eye was fleek before, it was waaay more than fleek now (which means what I did in a few hours months ago is continuing to do something, but the helm is still unmanned. And fleek means good apparently.) Everything below the heart was "out of order", and says shorlty after "I cleaned it up". Which I don't know what that means, but anyway he didn't find anything when I asked him if there was something latched to me. I will conclude to a decision after I've assessed everything first.
  3. Introduction Hello everyone, I'm darkey and I'm new to the forums. I'll shorten everything to get to the main point. I discovered the creepy pastas, grew interested, found the site jumped from one guide to the next (didn't read enough apparently), and finally decided to make an account for myself when I had a few questions as opposed to one for my tulpa as I had planned. I ask that you keep and open mind, no pun intended, I need help figuring out what my progress really is. Main part Alright I'll throw this for reference and proceed. Ok, I'm not sure how anyone feels about this, but just like whether or not you believe in ghosts, they do exist. Night terrors or whatever they are called: Reading guides is great but my skills are at the lowest level. I think the closest thing I had relating to this was a projection of 3 fictional characters as a kid. Here is how I started, I have a name 'Mawv' in arabic translates to purple/violet. For a figure I thought of a real life japanese alice, mad alice not the blonde one (she was a associated with a wonderland so that came to mind easily, but not the best choice I know.) And so I listened to this while using the pic as a reference as well. [video=youtube] I don't know if this raises any flags, but here's the gist in 4-5 sessions that do not exceed 5 hours altogether (probably < 3 hours even) in a period of 3 months (shortly after I made this account). Then I used the image of this model "Maki Horikita" to try and solidify an image of a human, to stay as real as possible. But things started to happen. I didn't read any weird stuff like that in any of the threads I read on this site, so far, but here are the occurrences. I don't remember the dates sorry, but they are in order: 1- 3 consecutive calls. Like when someone far away is calling but it takes you a while before you notice what the noise is but you still can't make up the word. I noticed it was coming from inside my head by the second "call" (this is was shortly after the first session.) 2- Scream. A louder than I can ever scream inside my own head, I had no idea what was going on (this was a few days later I guess.) Ok 3 and 4 might be from the real world, might. 3- Shoulder tap. Felt that when I was too lazy to get out of bed in the morning one day (a month and a half or more probably.) Around this time is when I shared this site with 3 friends, not the fact that I'm 'forcing' one (I use the word conjuring but in this thread it might fall under a different meaning), and one of them said that worrying about something would make it happen. What stuck with me was being taken over by my tulpa, while knowing full well that yes there is no point in worrying about such a thing if I treat them respectfully + the fact that I'm the host. 4- 2 jump scares. I wake up facing the wall, I turn around and from under the bed something pops up for roughly 2 seconds, and it happened again shortly after I fell asleep and woke up. Not sure if it was the same this, my room is dark, but it was a mummified zombie, and this is the best description I can give, and in case this matter this isn't a fear of mine (maybe a week after.) My actual fear was, embarrassing to say the least. I was afraid that I might not get any alone time and I would not have time for myself since everything is shared visually, I know that only part of this is true. And the fact that the tulpa might show up at a time when I'm, using an incognito tab... This is stupid I know but something I was worried about in the begin, before things of this caliber happened. I'm glad they are few and far between but this is quite annoying. 5- Tap on glass 3D sound. I woke up (morning is apparently when humans are most vulnerable), before I opened my eyes I heard the taping and it was close and very distinguishable, like my hear was on a glass table and someone tapped the metal side of an iPhone, it was 2 taps at a time 4 in total (closer to the last incident, don't know when.) I will get to 6 in a bit but if you don't believe me by now, just stop reading I don't understand it myself. Here I think is when I friend knowledgeable in matter of the aura and such told me that my third eye chakra point has opened up, in great comparison compared to the time the he knew me I guess and said that I was gifted (that might just have been a compliment.) I hid the tulpa, and mentioned the jump scare and he gave me no reason to worry. 6- Message. Ok try to recall this, in a scary movie right before a jump scare when the music grows louder. Change the music to a feeling, not in the sense that something is approaching you physically, but you know something is about to happen. It was a very strong and clear felling when I woke up and it didn't take long, it swells up and I hear "You're mine bitch."... I fail to believe myself as I write this except for the fact that it happened actually happened 5 days ago. Conclusion Was it my tupla? I don't know I barely made her face. I use she, while the voices I heard were all a male voice. Another thing, I know I didn't mention the night terrors anywhere but they were sprinkled all over these 3 months than my whole life, and it would have seem like I was aiming for a dramatic effect if I did. E.g. right after no. 6. But the main reason is that I'm not sure how much influence they had on what happened. Before you type anything, I know this is not a progress report, not the one I hoped I would write by now either. This was just supposed to be a fun little project, never imagined all this would happen. The reason I placed this in the PR section is because I wasn't sure where to place the thread, and sorry if the moderator have to move it to another section later. I ask all of you with enough knowledge on the matter to know what is going on to please help me. And if whether (it's safe) or not to continue trying to form Mawv. Thanks in advance for reading this and your input.
  4. I do like the song your avatar is from, can't remember it's name though. The tulpa I'm hesitant to (force or make? I'm sure which best suits the context, as I see that 'create' give us more credit than we should), has a similar look to what you originally intended, slim with long black hair. What I pictured was a Japanese Alice, and this helped cement the design (lower volume). I'm having issues with concentration and visualization in general, but after reading your garden concept, I'm interested in developing a manifestation process that is more native to myself. Awaiting to read more about both of your development and interaction, best of luck. : )
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  6. Since it's quite a low number of people that managed possession, it would seem like I killed this thread... I think? Can I skip over that and ask a different question? If so, Q: Has you Tulpa ever tickled you (not during possession)?
  7. I did wish to read about her hatching and detailed exposure in the world, but I'm happy for you that she's out. : ) I haven't been on the site long enough, but would it be rude to ask what her appearance is like, especially that she's shy? If so then just ignore my question.
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  10. Hello there! Your garden grasped my attention stupendously. The place seems well thought out, and intricately detailed. I'm really looking forward to reading your progress, and wish both a warm introduction. : ) Side question, is this your first tulpa?
  11. I might have been vague, but I can't think of a way to relate to your case. I definitely understand it, but I'm not even sure how you experience things to try and inquire. To simplify in a way, Does she communicate with you in any sort? Senses aside, do you "feel" her? I don't have a tulpa yet, but I know it's possible for tulpa to use emotions as a way to commune, or headaches those too.
  12. Pardon my question, I don't mean to discourage you, but has your Tulpa interacted with you in any way during those lucid dream? What I'm asking more specifically is could it be that it is a servitor?
  13. I have so many questions... Religion O.O forgot about that! A: Doppelganger, since these are real. Q: What is something embarrassing you're tulpa did while they were possessing you?
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