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  1. Thank you Ada, I have a better understanding of everything now. I believe that my tulpa is still there so I'll try to reconcile with her. I have hope in that things will turn out for the better because I'm going to fight for it this time around. I wonder if the host's strength affects the ability of a tulpa to possess, because I am very weak due to illnesses that I have been struggling with for four years now.
  2. This tulpa of mine has surprised me with every little step I took. I believe that she may be special and has the potential to do some amazing things with me. The only thing holding her back seems to be my own incompitence. Checking out the newer guides seems like a bright idea. Though I did come back to this, I still feel that I might have been subconsciencely running away. I definitely won't stop this time! No more excuses!
  3. Hello, I made a new account for this because I lost my original. Anyways, I came to this site after a year of no tulpamancy and I had yet to get even close to creating a tulpa. I don't think I lasted a month before completely stopping. The reason I left this is because I decided to go on a more spiritual journey of sorts to gain an understanding of myself, life, and my relationship with God. I only discovered the lies of my own religion and I wasn't able to get any closer to God. Now that I realize my religion is bull without question I feel more free to do things that may get frowned upon without any good reason. So one day I decided to try to talk with my tulpa. The thing with me is that though I never heard any voice my tulpa was able to possess my right arm. So I try talking to her again not expecting much, but my hand started to move again. I'm pretty sure it is her doing that because my hand would move a little fast when I would cheer her on just like before. Can a tulpa even last hat long without being completed? It seems like she did. Also, when I first started this happened pretty fast, only a few days after did this happen. I'm back and I'm going to make a tulpa this time and I won't stop till it's done! Kinda feel like an a** for starting and stopping though. It seems like she is still there, so I'm planning on finishing her. Is that the right course of action? Is there anything I need to learn before getting back into it? Or do you think I should just leave the tulpa community for good because of my failures?
  4. Metro games were great. I love mariokart and the plants vs zombies garden warfare 1 and 2. The borderlands games were always a blast to play.