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  1. Well if you feel to post everything with details then that's not a problem. I'm predicted the more you talk about that the closer you can be with Tulp. No idea how it is later when you got one but it's like telling your own story . If you have time it's good to write everything when you want to read it later . Well then it's only up to you as long as you do it for yourself.
  2. Today I was able to talk with my Tulp ? in Lucid dream but the person I meet was a little dif then i though . So fast question. Can Tulpa be in Lucid dream including her personality etc? btw of course Im gonna keep with it and check if she's gonba change time.
  3. Its already 1 week but yet theres no progress . Going to continue it but not sure if I shouldnt use any other ways. If soneone could give any examples i would be grateful. Maybe I still need time for it but at least would be nice to feel any kind of bond which doesnt? exist now
  4. Well then . gonna write from beggining to mastering my Tulp capabilities . Yet . I only want to know if I can do smh other than talking, writing , trying to keep "upgrading" WL and lucid dreaming aswell to get results faster. Btw. I feel pretty weird and in some kind like maniac to create Tulpa after creating her personality and doing it all to help us .
  5. Thats the point how it is "normally" Just need a little guide what should i write about . I can write all possiblities , talk about my whole life and more so not sure what should I hold with. Well if I would know how I want to write to see results without destroying smh i wouldnt ask Btw. sorry for so many questions and thanks for all answers where youre nearly alone active trying help last times
  6. I started to writing something which is possible to happen but Im not sure if i should do that. Already made best for me way of meeting where I dod it with having her personality included in it and most possible reactions. So. Have it point and i should keep writibg with good ending or i should write all ways it may end ? I note all progress aswell. I try to learn better lucid dreaming so we will have place where we can meet. I renoted WL and I try to write when I talk with her .
  7. So I think to write some stories bilut if Im gonna to include my Tulp should I answer as her ? I dont want to push some words which she might never would say. If I want to write story i should write about momments i would like to happen or ?
  8. Then if I write stories she gonna learn aswell ? Guess It would work if I would include her in it but the more things Im able to do where I can improve our bond is better to know hah.
  9. As Heckhound said "read stories to them" So Reading books about someone history and thoughs can count right ?
  10. Then gonna try it unless I'll get any kind of understandable answer . Gonna ask if I will need help or I will notice any progress . Thanks for all and lets hope Its gonna work :P
  11. Well I'll try harder with it but thats hard to find a way for it . I would be happy if someone could give working way to communicate . Or to be exact to start communication. Sorry for being "lazy" in some kind but guess theres some people who know how to do it and will try to help ? Most ways i seen was about using senses and visualisation so its pretty deppresing for me
  12. This time I noted my Tulp personality which didnt changed. There shoudlnt be problem with it . So I was trying to search for ways to improve bond with Tulp but got a little conused after seeing most ways basing on mind's eye. So could you help a little with some good advices how to improve in it without using mind's eye ?
  13. My 1st language is PL . Sorry for that becouse its hard to think in same way in different language . Well i can create Tulp personality without problem, I guess ? I already made it long ago but didnt noted it . Maybe if I would keep repeating them day after day it would give any kind of result. I already have her shape and everyday I see it a lot. Honestly i could give much but Im stopped by being hm. ignored ? or just she dont want to talk . Im not going to leave her even if I wouldnt be able to talk besides dreaming yet Ill have to improve her personality and way to talk with .
  14. Guess its self made emotions but I cant do that and I dont feel her aswell. You can call It empty thing which sometimes wake up while Lucid dreams
  15. To be honest i never was able to hold her for long so its hard to say but I dont think so. Once i wanted to talk with her but it ended too fast to do it and really never was able to talk with her somehow . Interact you say. Well not sure. Well if you could precise question it would be nice . ( There was no "Master" if you meant that by servitor ).I just want to talk with her but last times i have problems with "summoning" even with really good lucid dreams. Well Im only able to interact with her through dreams becouse only there I can do what I want to .
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