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  1. Hi guys! I figured I might as well make a thread for drawings of my Tulpa here here. If you guys would like for me to draw your Tulpas, I have a Ko-Fi right here that you may use to commission me. Even if you're strapped for cash, $3 is good enough for a small doodle. I think it would be a good way to introduce Dove to you all, too. In the meantime, here's a doodle of Dove to start off the thread:
  2. Oh thanks a bunch ^Q^ Nah, not rude. I feel like the best way to explain her hatching was 'she was an egg, and then she wasn't'. Her form is that of a young girl with long, dark hair, but she hasn't settled on anything permanent right now. For the time being, you can just imagine her as the girl in my icon. It seems to be what comes easiest to her.
  3. Ah, it just kind of happened...honestly, probably while I was on the hike on Mother's Day. I was looking up at the trees and suddenly got a strong reaction from her; she really liked the trail we were walking on. I was kind of expecting some grand event, but her hatching was actually kind of subtle. Oh, I've already joined the tulpa server. Dove kind of wants to talk, but she's also pretty nervous...I'll be proxying for her, since I don't think I'd be able to just give up control of my body to her, haha. Don't feel too pressured, just do what you like! I'd love to hear about what kind of tulpa would hatch from your egg.
  4. I feel like Dove is really starting to come into her own. I have a good idea of some basic likes and dislikes, as well as her personality. I can't help but feel that she gets a little bored while I'm at work, but seemed really happy when I went on a hike earlier this week. I feel kind of bad that she's stuck with me while I'm washing dishes, but now that she can leave the nest, she's able to entertain herself in the dreamscape while I'm busy. I joined the discord for the tulpa community here to see if she'd be interested in talking, but she doesn't want anything to do with others right now. That is also fine.
  5. I've gleaned a few more personality--and appearance--traits from Dove from my dream last night. I believe I was not completely myself in my dream last night, but I was seeing things from her eyes. I was in a store I had visited in a previous dream, and there was this book for sale that had Dove on the cover. She's very small, with long black hair and an Edwardian style nightgown. On the book cover, she was standing on her bed and looking out the window at the full moon. There was also a cat in the room. Anyway, at a certain point in the book, you had to flip the book upside down to continue reading. I believe this is where I stopped dreaming as myself and started dreaming as Dove. In the 'reversed' store, the people there seemed to hate children for some reason, but Dove was very defiant of that and went in anyway. I don't remember a whole lot of the overarching plot, but there were a lot of little details I remember such as what was for sale: dresses, toys, pets, jewelry, cards for special occasions, snacks, etc... I feel that under the best circumstances, Dove is a bit plucky and adventurous, but still distasteful of people. For instance, when she had picked out some books to buy, she refused to wait in line with other people even though the other cash registers were closed. I myself can be aloof around others, but at the same time 'active and odd', the latter I find describes her well. I'll sketch her after work today and post it here.
  6. If you guys are looking for a different sort of game, I'd like to suggest Sunless Sea by Failbetter Games. It's a rogue game with an emphasis on micromanagement, atmosphere, and lots of reading: when you dock your ship at a port, the gameplay is in text adventure format until you set sail again. It's difficult and frustrating at times, and definitely not for everyone, but if you're looking for a challenge and something a little bit different, this is your game
  7. Haha thank you. Right now she's in a very infantile state so it makes sense that she'd get overwhelmed easily. The poor dear. Same same, I feel like there could be multiple explanations. I really feel like she's going to fully emerge soon, or she already did and just stumbled upon a nightmare by accident. Either way, I've been keeping an eye on her and visualizing different things to calm her down. For some reason I felt almost like I wanted to cry at one point during the morning, but I feel like that was her emotion, not mine.
  8. I don't mean to post so much all at once, but I've decided on a name for her: 'Dove'. I'd been thinking various names and seeing if she responded to any of them. When I got to the name Dove, I got a strong feeling that it was just right. She still hasn't hatched, but it feels like she's definitely incubating in there. I'd been sleeping poorly the past few days, but after I had decided on her name, I had a vivid nightmare during which I was caught in the middle of a war. There were soldiers firing at carriers right outside my window, and I was going from hiding in various rooms to running from pretty much anyone I saw. By the time it was over, I found my body had been corrupted and mutated from the chemicals. I can remember a lot of other details, like jumping around and climbing all over things to escape. At one point I was watching myself restraining...myself? Or at least a girl who looked a little bit like me? Long, dark hair, dark eyes, kind of scared-looking. She kept fidgeting and moving around nervously, and I kept pulling her back into my arms to calm her down. The dream moved onto the next scene pretty quickly, though, so I didn't see how that turned out in the end. I don't know what could've prompted this dream, because nothing bad has happened to me--could it be a message from Dove? Either she doesn't like her name after all, or she's scared of something. As of right now, I'm going to be treating dreams that don't have much connection to real life events as communication from her. After all, I've been having vivid--but not necessarily lucid--dreams for many years. It's the easiest way for me to connect with...whatever spiritual or magical energies there are inside of me, I guess. I know that all sounds really weird, but I've always been the creative, imaginative type.
  9. Thank you very much, both of you! I think it is appropriate that my tulpa has started out as an egg, because I feel like a mother hen right now. I'm constantly checking my dreamspace to see how she's coming along, even though a watched pot never boils, haha. I'm really working the gears in my brain trying to think up of a name for her, although I already have a slight idea of her personality: curious but timid, and quite childlike. Her appearance is still a bit shadowy, though I imagine it something like my current avatar. I just hope I'm not overthinking or being too overbearing towards her--she might get scared and not want to come out, aha.
  10. Thank you both! I woke up this morning feeling kind of chilly because of the rain outside, and I wasn't really getting a response from my egg, so I think I'm just going to replace the grass nest with some warm quilts instead. I mean, she is still an egg. I get the feeling she'd like all the patterns and colors, too. The plants, I think, would work best as decorations. Darkkeychain - Yes, this is my first tulpa. I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing, to be honest, ahaha. I hope I'm doing this right.
  11. Ohh, I always did like these abridged history videos. It reminds me of when I was in high school, and still a big history buff. Stuff like this makes me nostalgic, aha.
  12. Hi guys, welcome to my tulpa progress report. I'm Starberry. As of right now, I am alone. However, that may change. I have created a small room in my mind. It has a low, domed ceiling with windows all around, through which pale gold light pours. The walls are smooth, tiled stone, and the floor is plush. At the center of the floor is a shallow pit fitted with cool grass and wreathes of flowers. Nestled inside this pit is an egg. The egg will hatch into my tulpa...eventually. As of right now, she can't speak or hear or do anything at all. Outside of her nest I'm sure there will be a nice, peaceful dreamscape for her to enjoy, but that can wait until she hatches and is ready to 'leave the nest', so to speak. I feel as though I'm about to put a big responsibility on myself, and as the one responsible for my tulpa, I must come up with a suitable name for her. She'll likely be curious but very, very shy when she's ready to hatch, so please do not expect her to address anyone here for a long time. As much as I'd like to keep meditating on the matter, I'm in some physical pain right now and that makes it hard to really concentrate or relax. I'll update this thread again when something happens I guess.
  13. Hello, I am Starberry. I joined this site because I recently developed an interest in Tulpas, and would like to reconnect with an individual who used to show up in my dreams every so often. I have vivid dreams, and I enjoy deriving meaning from them. I also want to practice meditation. Because of my severe anxiety, I do not foresee myself venturing outside of Progress Reports or Tulpa Art (I am an artist). I hope I can get along with everyone here. Thank you for having me--or I should say 'us'.