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  1. I don't think accidental sounds rude. "Mistake" would be rude, lol. Piano was accidental, none of us see any problem in calling him that. He was accidentally forced, nothing rude about saying that I don't think.
  2. I really don't think it's possible to just happen to accidentally create another additional consciousness in your brain unless very specific circumstances are met. Ie, the thoughtform came from some pre-existing entity in your head in some way that was given a ton of time and thought. People claiming that a tulpa just spontaneously showed up one day, I find entirely unlikely. That's likely just confabulation. Once they force and focus on that tulpa does it actually become sentient. They intentionally made it into a real tulpa. "Accidental" tulpas tend to just be people conforming to their o
  3. I don't really see much reason for changing it. If a tulpa is created unintentionally, then they're accidental. That just says how they originated, doesn't actually say anything about them as a person or anything like that. What I don't like is when people say "natural" tulpas. That's just stupid - all tulpas are natural, they just occur through different means. It's like saying getting pregnant unintentionally is "natural" while doing so intentionally is not. What I think people should be more concerned about is dispelling the myth that accidentals are even likely/possible in the first
  4. I think it's fairly obvious that listening to a recording of somebody talking isn't going to rewire your neurological processes in order to accommodate an additional conscious entity. That takes time, it doesn't happen instantly.
  5. Should probably go in Beginner Questions General. There is a search function on the site. If you used it, you'd find this and this
  6. 1. Feeling/hearing her thought processes 2. Feeling her emotion
  7. The closest we have is that Apollo's form was based off Paul McCartney, and me and Piano roughly look like him also. But we don't consider ourselves "factives" because we do not identify as him whatsoever and feel no connection to him, we just look like him to varying degrees. We've never even heard the word factive until we looked on the tulpa.io glossary. Frankly, we think it's immoral to make a tulpa to identify as someone they're not. It's much better to allow a tulpa to grow and be themselves rather than someone else.
  8. It certainly sounds like a tulpa, but also seems to me to be a prime example of why people in middle school shouldn't make tulpas. Seems to me like he was easily influenced by your own mind and thoughts and didn't actually get a chance to develop past whatever role your brain assigned to him - the "angel" or the "prince or darkness" or whatever, those are just labels. Tulpas can get easily stuck in their labels if they aren't allowed much actual development or they feel they have to be that way, and/or because the host thinks of them that way and not as an actual person. Which, with younger ho
  9. Here's something a bit light-hearted. Our system likes to voice call a lot. We didn't really think there was any difference between our voices other than Indigo, as he has a higher pitch with more of a lisp. Sometimes, though, we accidentally swap who's talking and don't notice until we realize what we're saying. This happened one time with me, and I said, "Whoops, it's Tacio now" and the friend we were talking to said, "yeah, I noticed." I was surprised by this, because I didn't know the difference was enough to be able to tell. Apparently, though, we all have different enough tones and in
  10. >Friend of ours uses symbolism to "switch" (actually was just possession) >We tell him that symbolism sucks and never works for us >We broke his brain and now symbolism no longer works for him >His entire method for tulpas fronting is messed up >Has to relearn it Lmao, funny how the simplest things can make people's methods fall to pieces
  11. Good god, that guy is seriously fuckable (too lewd?) INDIGO
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