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  1. Pixie would probably tell me to embrace the nudity :/
  2. Honestly I’m considering removing the ironic (not a joke) thing at the title since the intro and the fact that this is in Lounge shoulda made it obvious that this was in fact a joke. Key word being “shoulda”. Holy crap though that tulparone is the best thing I’ve ever read.
  3. (Google docs version) Top 10 Ways NOT To Make A Tulpa SquareWave Hello guys, it’s SquareWave here. Recently I’ve realised that everybody’s being doing tulpamancy all wrong, and because my opinion is right 100% of the time, I’ve decided to bring you this bad-to-the-bone guide on how NOT to make a tulpa. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and share this with your friends to help me be even more of an attention-seeker. Without further ado, let’s get into the countdown. #10 Have a tulpa completely obsessed with you. At first, having a tulpa with an undying love for their host doesn’t seem so bad. You got someone you can really depend on and cares very, very deeply for you. BUT! Every light casts a shadow, and this tulpa’s shadow is an especially dark one. You see, tulpas that are crazy for their host tend to get a little insane. Take every yandere anime character you’ve ever seen, and that would pretty much describe that tulpa. In fact, it gets even worse if you’ve actually seen a yandere anime character, because the tulpa would get inspiration from them. The tulpa would hate anyone of the opposite gender who shows you affection (even your mom), get overly attached to you, and even get mad when you masturbate to anything but them. And not being able to have a decent fap without upsetting anyone can severely limit your source of recreation. #9 Have a tulpa who is incredibly disgusted with you. Despite how incredibly obvious this should be, believe it or not, some people still do this. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all for the sake of PERSONALITY! To be perfectly fair, having a really negative tulpa as well as a positive one at the same time might make life pretty interesting, like having shoulder angels you see in cartoons. But of course, this is an extremely bad idea. You see, if you have a tulpa who absolutely hates your guts, they probably won’t even want to talk to you. And if you don’t talk to a tulpa, they don’t develop. And if they don’t develop, they dissipate. And if you look at it that way, that’s basically a tulpa killing itself. And you don’t want to become responsible for a tulpa’s suicide, do you? Moral of the story: don’t make a tulpa that hates you. #8 Make a pony tulpa. Your first tulpa! Wow! There’s so many ways you could get started, but they all start with deciding on the tulpa itself. How about a form? Making a form for your tulpa is hands-down the most exciting thing about tulpamancy! There’s infinite possibilities you could choose from! You can use your imagination to pick one great idea out of these infinite possibilities to make your tulpa a truly special snowfla— You’re just gonna pick Rainbow Dash and Twilight again, aren’t you? Well, FANTASTIC!!! #7 Raise the tulpa on porn. This will inevitably turn your tulpa into a pornstar. Just don’t do it. Things will go NSFW too easily. If they decide to get into art they may decide to make porn of themselves and make you uncomfortable. I recommend not viewing porn within three months of creating your tulpa as to not negatively influence them for the worst. I am actually being serious here. This example is not a joke. T r u s t m e. I mean, unless you want a stripper tulpa. That’s fine. I won’t kinkshame you. Maybe. Nah, I’ll definitely kinkshame you. #6 Exclusively talk to the tulpa when you’re feeling depressed. This is NOT what tulpas are for. Sure, tulpas are there to help and support you, but they’re not just for this purpose. If you really want somebody to share your sob story with, there’s always everybody’s favourite waifu, Mr Therapist! Mr Therapist always listens. Mr Therapist always understands. Mr Therapist is a good boi. And if you can’t afford a good therapist, you can always make one yourself! Here’s a little D.I.Y. from SquareWave! Step 1) Acquire the materials. You will need a bucket, a mop, and a permanent marker. Step 2) Give Mr Therapist a face. When designing the face, personality is everything. Personally, I like to make Mr Therapist a true gentleman by giving him a monocle and an old-fashioned moustache. Step 3) Draw this face on the bucket. Now he has a head. Step 4) Set the bucket face on top of the mop, and lean the body against the wall. And voila! You now have your very own Mr Therapist! Keep in mind that there are many ways to do this, and a wide variety of methods you can use to make your own Mr Therapist, but remember! Because my opinion is right 100% of the time, my way is correct, and if you’re trying to be original, you’re doing it wrong. #5 Make a tulpa of yourself. Wow, you were actually gonna make a tulpa of yourself before you saw this on the list? Huh, that’s a little narcissistic. If you make a tulpa of yourself, when you force, you are literally talking to yourself. Talking to oneself has been commonly decided to be something only lonely people would do, and you wouldn’t want to be called lonely, would you? Not to mention your you-tulpa would probably be a little upset that the best form you could give them was literally yourself. However, that’s only scratching the surface of this problem. See, I haven’t even gotten into fronting. There’s so many questions that complicate this issue. If your tulpa is fronting, is it the tulpa or still you? Are you both fronting at the same time? What happens if you switch with yourself? If you switch with yourself, are you still really you or is the tulpa the new you? Are you real? Am I real? Am I Real? I mean sure there’s deviation but that would just be way too anticlimactic. #4 Steal someone else’s tulpa. Seriously, why would you do this!? Haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility”? Why would you use your meta powers like this!? That’s just plain rude. That was somebody’s tulpa, and you just took them out of their head and stuck them into yours! This is tulpamancy taboo! A tulpa is the most important thing any host can have, and you just robbed that guy of his pride and joy! If you’re really that desperate for a tulpa, make your own! Make Fluttershy or something, that would be much better than taking someone’s own tulpa away! If you steal people’s tulpas, you do not deserve to walk this earth! You do not deserve to live! If you steal people’s tulpas, you should just kill yoursel— I apologise for that. Let’s move on. #3 Make your tulpa edible. … I don’t even need to explain this one do I? Well, I’m gonna explain it anyway, for the sake of entertainment! Here is why you should not make your tulpa edible! …it’s a bad idea. That’s it. That is the only reason. Yes. The reason you should not have an edible tulpa, is because it’s a bad idea. … I’m sorry, were you expecting something comedi— YOU SHOULD NEVER MAKE A TULPA EDIBLE BECAUSE IF YOU TRY TO EAT THEIR ASS IT TASTES DELICIOUS INSTEAD OF POOPY!!! Wow where did that come from? Huh. Honestly, if you’re gonna make a tulpa edible, at least give them the form of a tide pod for the memes. #2 Make your tulpa mute. Let’s be honest. Mute people are adorable. I mean, seriously. Think about any mute character you’ve ever heard of and it’s hard not to see how adorable they are. Kirby, WALL•E, Magic Carpet, Maggie Simpson… Jason Vorhees… they’re all so adorable! So why shouldn’t you make a silent tulpa? Well, since tulpas are supposed to make lifelong companions, you’re gonna need some form of communication. And if your tulpa can’t speak, they would need some kind of alternative. And of all the possible alternatives, one of those is generally seen as the worst form of communication in the world. Yes, I’m talking about… https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/W73_P8Miypa0lezyNvUqiwbLbTadOAKs9c4-8qowFhjLTsqNvxt6Pm21BlIWm1qbxu_GZenAmPuM2DjRhcUYd5n32LI15eCooWvSHyppO1vZskP8gB1KccIAY38v2pXNs0V1F1GM[/img] *shudders* Having a tulpa that speaks entirely in emojis sounds like a fate worse than death, so… I’ll pass, thank you very much. #1 Make a tulpa of Logan Paul. I think we can all agree that if there is anybody you should not make a tulpa of, it’s Logan Paul. Logan frickin’ Paul. For those who somehow don’t know who Logan Paul is, he’s basically the guy who filmed a dead body in the Aokigahara forest on his trip to Japan, made a joke about tide pods to his easily peer-pressed fanbase, gave CPR to a fish, tasered a dead rat and a whole lot of other bad things! If you think seeing that guy really famous on the internet is bad enough, imagine having him in your head every day! The horror… the pure unadulterated HORROR!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Logan Paul is not a good tulpa. Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this list of bad ways to make a tulpa. If you liked this be sure to share this with your friends and as always, good night and good luck fam.
  4. Hi, my name is SquareWave, and I am the master host of two tulpas, Pixie and Follery. Even though I've only been doing this for less than three months, I feel like I already have a lot to teach these tulpamancy noobs. So without further ado, let's begin the Professional Glossary of Tulpamancy Terminology. Please keep in mind whilst reading this glossary that this is not a joke. Let's get started. Tulpa An imaginary friend people create to compensate for their loneliness. Self-proclaimed individual consciousness. Tulpas A mis-spelling of "tulpae", often used by newcomers who do not yet understand that the tibetan word must have a latin pluralization, not an english one. (Suggested by jean-luc) Tulpae The correct way to pluralise the word tulpa. If you use the word tulpas, you are an idiot. Tulpæ An extra-fancy way of writing “tulpae”, pretty much only used by people with a high IQ. Host The creator of a tulpa. Usually the dominant in acts of BDSM. Tulpamancy The act of creating and developing tulpas. It is unknown to this day why the word has "mancy" in it as if it's some magical wizard shit. Tupper When you're not feeling sane enough to say it normally. Tupperware The name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home. It also includes plastic containers used to store goods and/or food. (Suggested by jean-luc) Tupla A chocolate bar. System Like a multiple-story house, home to all tulpas and the host. Could also refer to multiple personalities etc. Headmate Member of a system, whether it be a host, tulpa, alternate personality, alter ego, fursona, or the ghost of a deceased person. Plurality Having multiple versions of yourself in a system. Dissipation "La, la, li laa, laaa, I'm not listening!" Forcing Ignoring your friends and family around you and talking to your tulpa for long periods of time instead. Fronting/Possession Getting your tulpa to do everything you're too lazy to do yourself. Switching Giving life a big middle-finger and giving all your responsibilities of life to your tulpa while you relax in brainland. Wonderland A magical place in your head that serves as the role of interacting with your tulpa in real-life scenarios. Usually used as a form of escapism. Imposition The best way to convince everybody that you’re insane. Puppetting Making your tulpa talk when they don't want to. Personality Forcing Giving the tulpa the optimal personality for various reasons (mostly sex). The best way to create a self-conscious tulpa who feels like they always have to act a certain way. (dont do it) Defenestration The act of throwing someone out of a window. Deviation When your tulpa has levelled up enough to allow them to evolve. Merging The unholy act of combining two or more tulpas into one, usually through means of mad science. Mindvoice "HEY! CAN YOU HEAR ME YOU DUMB HOST!? HEY!! LISTEN TO ME!!!" Parallel Processing Multitasking... efficiently? Wow, who knew this was possible? Servitor A tulpa created with the intention of doing specific tasks. Known for speaking in a British accent and wearing butler uniform. Blending Soulbond Becoming so attached to a fictional character, usually anime girls, that you unintentionally make a tulpa of them. Why is this called soulbonding? Who knows? Walk-in A tulpa that just shows up out of nowhere for no reason. They're just there now. Roll with it. As you can see, this glossary is incomplete, so I would like your help to add to this. Please suggest some definitions below. And remember, this is NOT a joke.
  5. I highly doubt it’s anxiety or panic, since there’s no reason for me to be anxious. I haven’t felt anxiety in a very long time. It’s probably exitement. Maybe I should try meditation sometime. I would meditate more often but I never get the opportunity to do so.
  6. I have two tulpas, one of which has fallen in love (which started some real Degrassi shit if you ask me).
  7. Yeah, this has actually been pretty interesting to read. Good job. See where sucking up your worries and just going for it gets you? Never mind what you didn’t do earlier. Focus on what you did now. Well crap, I’m outta popcorn now.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there were any Overwatch players on this forum. If so, who do you main and what rank are you? Me - Pharah, high silver Pixie - Doomfist, unranked Follery - Winston, unranked
  9. Hi I have two tulpae and I am also trying to induce phantom tail syndrome. However, whenever I try to impose my tail and ears, or talk to both my tulpae at once, I get this strange sensation where my heart starts beating really heavily. Does anybody know what causes this?
  10. If you’re really making slow progress, I recommend getting some personal help. Have you joined any of the tulpamancy Discord servers?
  11. Decided to rename this thread topic since “Pixie and Me” doesn’t really work anymore. And “Pixie and Follery and Me” doesn’t roll along the tongue very well. Since we have two tulpae now, I decided to give our system a name, the Purebred System. Since we’re all cats, I thought it would be suitable to give us a cat-related name. Anyway... 13th of March The biggest difference I’ve realised between Pixie and Follery is probably the existence of a difference at all. They’re almost complete opposites to each other. Whilst Pixie is really optimistic and energetic, Follery is a bit more doubting and quiet. On the flip side, while Follery is cautious and likes to think things through, Pixie is a bit more reckless and does things on a whim. The result is some pretty interesting dynamics. However, thanks to this “opposites” dynamic, I may have accidentally given Follery a negative trait where he acts insecure which can come off as a little asshole-ish. But he has admitted that he wasn’t acting his best that day and will try to be a better person, which I really appreciate. I feel like I should focus more on Follery for the time being, but another thing I wanna do is some possession with Pixie. We have been doing some guides and think it would be pretty interesting to try. I asked if we should try it, but since we were at school at the time she felt a little self-conscious about embarrassing us so we decided to leave it until later. Not specifically tulpa-related, but I’ve also been trying to induce phantom tail syndrome because it should be pretty obvious at this point that I am hopelessly obsessed with cats. However, while I’ve been imposing my phantom tail and ears, or talking to both Pixie and Follery at the same time, I’ve been having this weird sensation where my heart starts beating really heavily. Hopefully this goes away sometime soon.
  12. Thank you so much Blayze, and I hope you have a lot of fun with Kyoko as well. I hope you get to hear more from her. Thank you so so much! I’ve been waiting for somebody else to talk to (aside from people online). This is a great opportunity for us! (Pix)
  13. 11th of March (The Day I Stopped Counting How Long It’s Been Since I Created Pixie) Ladies and gentlemen, today is an exciting day for us. We have finally decided to create a second tulpa. And here he is, in all his glory. https://i.imgur.com/KEyUtkF.jpg[/img] Meet Follery. He’s a pretty feminine male, and he’s also the first femboi I’ve ever created. He’s pretty quietly-spoken too. We haven’t come up with the body yet, but we’re thinking of making the outfit pretty similar to Pixie’s. Not a complete clone, but varying a bit more on the geometrical side, and having some transparent fabric decorated on it as well. Pixie was really excited to have him. Actually, she was the one most interested in having a second tulpa. In fact, if she were old enough she probably would’ve created Follery herself! We created Follery just a couple of hours ago sitting on a bed. Then after my dad told me to go to bed, we all snuggled up together, with me sandwiched in the middle. And now I’m a bit worried Follery is going to make me question my heterosexuality. Anyway, me and Pixie found a Roxy (from Homestuck) fanart by Meowords we thought was really cute. But it’s mostly because of the cat dress. For some reason I just have this affinity for cute things, especially with cats. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/rar8kX9gDUuAWpuXmHfkVdq6BshIZPKJ4T9tjOoXuel3T4w0CfmwG2pEqzgssMgaepCg_ZX8VDiYmagInAibXfFTRUzH85ZVs2CDdVvzx_lL3hkwGfapq2EaAlE9z1l2Zky2dA=w324-h454-nc[/img] So then I started visualising Pixie in that outfit, and it suits her like nothing else (except for the wings, we have no idea how they’re gonna work in that dress. Do they just clip through?). And she and Follery love it too! So now she has multiple outfits to choose from. Overall, this has been a great few days! I’ve been doing a lot of passive forcing with Pixie as well, especially during my day-to-day life. I think we’ve reached the stage where we can just DO that sort of stuff now. We still active force a lot though.
  14. February 25th (Day 23) Not a lot happened today with Pixie that hasn’t already been said, but we did slightly adjust her fur colours. https://i.imgur.com/TvDKM6Y.jpg[/img] So, the main thing we changed is changing the fur colour around her muzzle to pink. We didn’t really like the white muzzle because it looked like she was wearing clown makeup. I also made her hair colour a little more faded, mostly so that her appearance would stop reminding me of Fluttershy. I have a feeling Pixie’s pretty sentient by now, so what we’re gonna focus on next is her focality I mean vocality.
  15. Yeah, I feel like having a daily journal without anything interesting happening everyday is a bit boring. Thats why I made mine an occasional one too.
  16. Okay, I realised I haven’t updated in a while. The main reason for this is because I’ve had no motivation to update this thing, mostly because nothing particularly interesting has happened. So I’ve decided this will no longer be a daily journal. I’ll just update every now and then from now on. 24th February (Day 22) Pixie had her first deviation yesterday! Her fur is no longer pink and blue - it is now yellow and white, and her hair is pink instead of dark blonde. I don’t think I even realised this until three days after her change. And she passed the Surprise Me test as well by vomiting up some kind of bayonet. So I guess that’s a sign she’s sentient! Yeah! Also, after getting pestered over and over again by Pixie, I unwillingly watched MLP with her. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but she seemed to really enjoy it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, to be honest (although that’s probably because I’m just really used to cringey things). Here’s her new form by the way! https://i.imgur.com/4iBE79q.jpg[/img] We also slightly adjusted the colours of her dress, specifically the lighter purple.
  17. “My back is in permanent pain because of these cursed fire wings”