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  1. Thank you guys :) That clears things up for me I think. Haha, now to get back to work! :)
  2. Thanks guys :) I guess I had it wrong after all! Haha good to know. Sorry my post was confusing tulpa001. I guess my confusion, then, is what is the difference between passive and active forcing? If both mean that I am imagining a scenario or what my tulpa is doing/would do in the current situation...seems to me that would be super hard to focus on while multitasking lol. If active forcing (meditation) is more focused, then is the idea, like you said, to imagine a whole bunch of traits at once? That is, more or less the tulpa's whole personality? Or should I limit myself to some sort of list?
  3. Hi all So, this may be an odd question, but...I generally consider myself a super creative person. Creativity is usually my strong suit. Imagining, visualization, etc...all strong points for me. So I thought that creating a tulpa would be relatively straightforward. The thing is...I've tried four sessions now, aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time, and starting with personality traits. I wrote out a list of about 30 personaltiy traits and have been meditating, focusing on my tulpa's 'essence' in front of me, and telling them their personality traits, and then proceeding to describe how they play out IRL with imagery and imagining scenarios, as well as verbal description. I realize that creating a tulpa is a bit different for everyone, but I thought this process might work for me. But, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to maintain focus/energy/interest for that long at a time! lol. And I don't mean interest in my tulpa. Or that I get distracted or can't focus...I've been practicing self-hypnosis for years so, I have a pretty good idea of how to stay focused. The problem is I honestly just can't think of much to say/discuss/describe after about 5-10 minutes! I'm not really sure why this is or if I'm approaching it wrong? The thing is, to me, personality traits are kind of, I dunno, obvious? So for example, first I started with my tulpa being 'intelligent'. I thought of situations where she would know the answers to difficult questions, be able to converse about deep subjects, and so on. I described a couple example scenarios, and continued to repeat and describe that she is intelligent and what 'intelligent' means and looks like. But, after maybe 6 minutes I just ran out of ideas and things to say. I felt like I had really described and explained 'intelligent' to my tulpa as best as I could lol. But, I felt like I was 'cheating' or would be failing if I gave up after 6 minutes, so I tried to just sit and imagine more about 'intelligent'...after a few minutes I started to nod off and my mind just went blank. Any suggestions? How the heck do you guys maintain interest/ideas about a single personality trait for so long?!