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  1. So I thought I'd share my experiences with Jezza here since today's been my first "non forced contact with him" and I'm overly excited. 21/05/2017 I was watching some workout videos even though I'm not supposed to since I've got severe self-esteem issues and I get obsessed with me being fat. As I was watching those I thought to myself "dang, I should lose weight", and then, for the first time in forever I spontaneously heard his voice telling me "you don't need to". I'm in tears, everybody always tells me rude stuff about being an attention seeker for such things but he just told me what
  2. Hi! We are Maca and Jezza, we are still growing as host and tulpa. He's not the first tulpa I've ever had but I recently discovered the name for it. I'm a college student and I thought I was "so grown up for imaginary friends", but I guess things are meant to be, and here we are today! He's helping me a lot with the stress and anxiety I'm dealing with but I know I stil have a lot to offer to him, I hope I learn a lot here!
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