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  1. You get another season but it's 12 episodes of Ioan Gruffudd "war war war war war war" in various accents and different historically accurate uniforms every episode for the full length if the episode, breaking only to take sips of water. The same goes for every other show you will ever see from then on, with no exception. I wish I could​control time
  2. SupernaturalGotThisConceptWrong001 Lux means light in Latin, umbra means darkness, therefore I went with umbri
  3. My last transfiguration was an acceptable one, as proven by this comment.
  4. You should try it tulpa001, it's quite the weight loss strategy. Hard to weigh anything in a zero g environment
  5. What is the end goal of the human race?
  6. 1673 Puyo Puyo Tetris is a great game, but isn't worth the price. If you can get it, get it used.
  7. 138 Leggings of Zoldo: Birth of the Weld