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  1. It's been a while since I made this thread, but I've updated it a fair bit in the months since. I'd appreciate it if you guys could take a look at the latest version.
  2. I'd say you're pushing yourself into this too much. You're idealizing a relationship, and that's never healthy. You can't force love into the equation of life, that's not how the math works. Love inserts itself in when the numbers look good. Maybe your personalities aren't suitable for a burning bloom, and that's perfectly okay. A tree grows gradually over many years, but it's roots grow firmer than any other. Spend as much time with her as you can, appreciate everything about her, but keep it natural. Soon enough, your thoughts might wander more often that you'd expect ;) Lily speaking! Just a little secret here. I'm head over heels for my host, but he's pretty lukewarm about me in the romance department. I'm okay with that, it makes sense. Human biology isn't designed for tulpamancy. It can't be easy to devote yourself you to somebody whose body you can never truly feel. But our companionship as deep as can be. I'd like to think he's devoted to me in a protective, stable kind of way. Who knows. He's never shown any signs of a "burning bloom" kind of passion for me (or has he? Ehh... can't really remember), but our relationship has turned out amazing. I'm sure yours will as well :)
  3. This might be a little late to chip in, but my advice would be to read through the guides like they're all hypotheses, not scientific theories. The field of tulpamancy is a very niche one and there haven't been any very large scale studies as far as I know, and so a lot of the observations and statements that a lot of people make don't have much scientific certainty. That applies to this forum, and tulpa forums in general. That doesn't mean they're wrong, just that we can't guarantee that anyone's right. Read as much as you can, and make personal observations with your own tulpas. Draw your own conclusions alongside researching others' conclusions. That's how I got by, at least. Artistic liberties are definitely an option, too (especially with a disclaimer, disclaimers are instant anti-critic shields). If I managed to write half a novel BSing my way through lucid dreaming science, it'll be a breeze for you, too.
  4. Hmm, I've already read that link multiple times, but I suppose I don't really need more input. I'm still unsatisfied about it, though. Yeah, this is giving me way more ideas. From what you've told me, I've gathered that there's no easy way to count the approvals vs disapprovals and there's no notification when a submission is updated. That sounds really inconvenient for the GAT team. Too bad I'm not a programmer so I can't really help :( Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond. Really appreciate it.
  5. Hmm, in retrospect, probably should've been a bit more detailed. And yeah, 100% agreed on the constructive criticism thing. What I meant was, my thread was rejected, but I don't know by what percentage. I'm especially confused how there were less than a dozen replies from people other than me, yet a decision was made. Not to mention, some replies were ambiguous, but as far as I remember, there were more positive positive replies than negative, so the rejection only confused me even more. How does the voting process work, exactly?
  6. I've always had the same problem, and I've been tulpamancing for over a year now. It's become a lot less painful than it used to, but it pretty much boils down to understanding that the wonderland is completely separate from reality. When I started practicing meditation and hypnosis, it became a lot easier to separate my "mental body" from my physical one. Now, I can feel things with the fingers in my mental body even while moving my real fingers. For me, it was all about practice.
  7. Currently, as far as I know, GAT members type in replies in Submissions threads to show whether they approve the guide or not. It would be a lot easier if all threads in submissions had mandatory polls that only GAT members were allowed to vote on. I'm saying this because I have no idea how many GAT members approved/disapproved a thread I posted a long time ago, so the feedback I got is unclear. It would be nice if the polls were a necessary thing, so as to make the approval/disapproval ratio more visible.
  8. Although, isn't the group method also risky? If he only dissipates some of them, then the rest would get even angrier. If he were to FAIL to dissipate them, then that would be even worse. He's had some of these tulpas since he was six. That means that they'd be super hard to dissipate anyway, even if for a super experienced tulpamancer, which I'm assuming Young_Jedi isn't since he's new to the forum. I still advocate trying to calm them down first to reduce any immediate damage since it'll take time to dissipate them.
  9. Okay, that changes things. Could you describe the exact conditions of their creation, and their first interactions with you? One interpretation of the top of my head is that they're a representation of self-hatred out of your depression. Still, more info is useful.
  10. This is Haru speaking! As far as I know, NaVi isn't all that experienced with the whole kinesthetic imagination thing. There was this one time I managed to hug him vividly enough for him to actually feel it, but he was in a really meditative trance zone at the time to begin with. Although, I have no clue how to do it at will.
  11. I don't remember ever getting a single head pressure, yet development has been a breeze once I got past the initial hiccups. Honestly, I don't know of any reliable measure of a tulpa's development other than their ability to do things that you didn't plan. The fact that Wren feels jealousy and sadness, that you find it strange and that your talking to him helped is a VERY good sign in my books. It means that his emotions are well separated from yours. Especially considering he's young, I'd say you've made progress.
  12. Hmm... First off, I suppose you should try to empathize with them. Imagine you suddenly appeared in a random world, only able to communicate with the few people there and be unable to leave. There's an overlord being who created all of you on a whim from some media he enjoyed at the time and he wanted you to help with HIS problems. But now he's denying your existence and is trying to ignore you. Wouldn't you be upset as well? It's not your fault, though. Most people aren't used to the idea that their brain might one day not be only theirs one day. Once a mental character becomes a tulpa, they are conscious. You need to treat them like real people. You're still the main person in your brain, but now you have a population in there. If you truly want them to leave, you should do it amicably. People don't usually want to feel hated, and I'd wager that tulpas feel the same. People also want to pass away peacefully, not just disappear into the dark. For example, you could use the character you based them on. Deal with their demons for them, and let them pass away knowing that their life wasn't in vain. Or you could create an afterlife for them, allocate a bit of your mind for them to inhabit for the rest of your life. Request that they not interfere with your part of the mind. And don't worry about space, the mind has a HUGE amount of space. You could think of it like alternate dimensions. That's a good way of making it clear that their bit space won't reduce the amount of space you have. They're in an alternate dimension, not in yours.
  13. +Serval Obviously, I'd like to think I'm not a rapist, haha. Consent, receive. That's the rule. Of course, there's the whole debate about how much my wants overlap with the tulpas' desires simply because we operate on the same neural circuitry, but in terms of direct consent, I have been rejected in the past, and I have been not-rejected in the past. +tulpa001 Well, it's more about my lingering guilt about objectifying them. Obviously, I'm hardly concerned about the societal implications. As you said, 21st century. My worries are 100% about my own psyche. The question, I suppose, is about whether it's okay to want that level of sex when I have a history of control-freak syndrome. As for the possession and switching thing, I've done it successfully a few times. Hard to maintain, for some reason. Will look into it.