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  1. Thanks, I'll definitely stick with it. I'm excited to get my first tulpa. From there, I think I'll be pretty much all set in terms of tulpa and will just need to work on building up experience with her and talk about creating someone to keep her company once we are ready. The thought of always having someone to talk to no matter what I'm doing excites me to no end. I used to be interested in lucid dreaming but pretty much directed all my focus on tulpa's because lucid dreaming is pretty much based on adhering to a consistent sleep schedule if you want to get any good with it. I'm a night owl s
  2. I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. These past few days I've been doing lot's of research. I think i'm doing well so far and I'm excited to start creating my first tulpa, but a few things stand out to me that I would like answers for. One is possession/switching. I know that that isn't necessary for having/enjoying a tulpa since lot's of people seem to have trouble with it anyways. The next thing is Wonderlands. Again, these don't seem necessary either but I'll have one because I like the idea of being creative. My visualization isn't the greatest right now, but do I need to work
  3. Thank you, I wasn't sure where exactly this would go. I'm so used to creating brand new introduction threads on other forums instead of posting in one that welcomes new users.
  4. Thank you (: Also, I've never been on the IRC before but I will probably start once I've finished my first tulpa.
  5. New user here. I've been researching the concept of Tulpa's for the last few days now after finding out about them when researching Lucid Dreaming. I must say I started off confused and lost when I first heard about this because it was completely new to me and I had no idea where to start doing research. Overtime though, I've read over a few guides, terms and what not, and have decided to start making my Tulpa today. I'm interested in making a Tulpa for the life long companionship (I'm an introvert by nature) as well as to have someone to always speak with throughout the day. I believe I may a
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