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    I'm from the United States, but i'm currently in Chile
  1. Thank you for your advice! :) I think that's a good idea.. I've already made Nel a male so i've got the opposite gender, but i haven't focused too much on how his voice would sound yet.. I want his voice to be calming and smooth, so at first i considered something similar to Ignis in Final Fantasy XV, but decided against it.. It doesn't quite match up to how i see my tulpa, but i'll find the one. :) Right now my main objective is visualizing him.. I've spent a lot of time trying to see him in my mind's eye and in our wonderland, but I'm having trouble with his nose for some reason and the deta
  2. Hi! I'm new as well, though creepypasta is what led me here. Hhaha It's been about a week since i decided to make Nelio.. The whole idea of a Tulpa facinated me as i've always been pretty open minded and love to spend my time learning about strange, unknown, and psychological things in life.. I have felt head pressures, but no luck with a mindvoice from him yet though i'm not discouraged as i know this is normal and can take time for this to happen. Good luck with your journey and i hope your progression goes well!
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