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  1. Update: No updates, but Cyril has been going "THIS again?" concerning the lack of posts we've written lately, so... hey, here's a post. (It's incredibly late right now, and Cyril is angrily muttering about the quality of this post, but I'm too tired to actually hear him clearly, so I'll just pretend I didn't notice his complaining. A yay for my complete lack of standards!)
  2. Same. Uh, I mean... you do. Nobody but you is posting anymore. Everybody who could post a pony image is gone. The forum is deserted. What happened to all your fellow forum-users? You'll never know. You are alone. I wish sleeping wasn't a physical necessity for me.
  3. Nachtrabe

    Chat Thread

    'S pretty empty around here. More empty than when I left. That's... mildly disconcerting. Also hi, I'm somebody nobody likely remembers, back from a long hiatus.
  4. That is actively happening right now, it'll fuck with our food supply eventually because bees are *incredibly important* as it turns out, and we're all going to die. I didn't even need to break that wish, it broke itself. I wish I could just... opt out of time as a concept for a while and take a nice, long vacation without any time actually passing.
  5. 'M baaaaaack! I'm still fine, and Cyril is still relatively fine, too - he's a bit sulky because I've been mostly popping in when I needed some help falling asleep lately, and I think counting sheep for me is not is idea of a good time. Repetitive stuff in general is not his idea of a good time. Yeah. He's... really not amused. Alas, stuff happened (autumn and winter, that's what happened. My mental health always takes one hell of a nosedive during autumn and winter and takes my motivation to interact with *anything* right down with it. I'm actively trying to get that sorted out, though,
  6. I mean... sure. But you can just save it from one single catastrophic thing once. Something else is going to get it eventually. Congrats on a very temporary fix to a crapton of ongoing problems. I wish I could actually get stuff done efficiently like a normal frickin person.
  7. Fine by me, lol Well, that's a thing you can do now, but you have no idea what you're doing and kind of just... break everything. There's probably an imploding sun involved somewhere. I wish I actually had some decent guitar skills.
  8. Cyril had similar beginnings, actually: When I talked to "myself", I usually talked to nothing in particular but also definitely not myself. I also used to ask myself writing related questions by writing them out as if I was addressing them to somebody else... but again, I wasn't. Not really. Occasionally, the answers would be really out of left field and on one occasion I even wondered who the heck was answering. Was that really just me? Fast-forward a few years and *bam*, vocal tulpa on the second-ish day. He maintains that he was able to speak even earlier, but didn't want to creep me ou
  9. They do. The elusive etch-a-sketch tree, however, was almost completely driven to extinction by the continued destruction of its habitat and now it only grows in some almost inaccessible and obscure part of Peru. I wish university exams stopped being a thing, like, right now.
  10. ... and the entire universe instantly converts into condoms. I wish that the Macarena was completely eradicated from the universe; past, present and future. As if it had never even existed.
  11. "I'm slowly getting the feeling that keeping track of the number of words the sentence of the person before you had is going to be more difficult than coming up with a sentence longer than that." 36 words (I think) Also, I propose that contractions (such as "I'm", or "we'll") count as one word, not as two, for simplicity's sake. May not necessarily be accurate, but I study linguistics and believe me, you DON'T want to start arguing about the definition of "word".
  12. I mean, I can still sell that Lamborghini and be rich, but I can't sell death, so... (it's actually pretty funny because I love cars (though I'm more of a fan of vintage cars) but I don't actually have a driver's license) Uh... what's your favorite video game? (yay for creative questions /sarcasm)
  13. Nachtrabe

    Gif ping pong

    The only accurate response to that. it's Ioan Gruffudd in a snazzy uniform being done with everybody's bullshit except the gif is ages old and from tumblr with its crappy file limitations so it cuts off in a really awkward place.
  14. If you think you are talking to your tulpa, you are almost certainly talking to your tulpa, I guess? If the tulpa is actually listening is another issue entirely. Same. On the downside, that never really changed for me. On the upside... you get used to it, in my experience. Just ignore the mental background noise if you don't feel like doing anything with it... or you can take that music and sing along - maybe try to get your tulpa to join in. In any case, it's more of a minor annoyance that is easier to deal with if you just stop caring about it being there. Easy and efficient are
  15. omg wow, that's a massive influx of new (or old-ish) brain folks. Sounds exciting. Hah, on the topic of "I had conversations with imaginary stuff and now it's a tulpa": I used to talk to my "inner critic" of sorts to discuss plot ideas for my writing stuff, which eventually became a part of Cyril. The circumstances are obviously a bit different, but eh. Still interesting. Also, oh boy, I completely forgot that Inuyasha is a thing that exists. Anyway, Toga sounds cool. Can you draw? Because if you can, I'd be super interested in seeing his design.
  16. Dragons are now real. You are eaten by the first dragon you see. It thought you tasted kinda stale, actually. I wish I could find a lot of excellent content featuring my favorite characters.
  17. Cyril (that jerk) just spent five solid minutes laughing so hard he almost fell off his chair. He wants me to tell you... *sigh*... that if a lack of self-discipline did any permanent damage, he'd have all the mental capacity of a rotten potato. Anyway, we're both of the opinion that a lack of routine and discipline will likely slow you down a bit, but not cause any permanent damage. Relax and don't worry too much. (Cyril: forcing with a constantly worried host isn't much fun. Don't worry, it's okay (though mildly annoying) for the host to lose focus and occasionally just drift off in t
  18. My first question is are there any tips or methods to dealing with this? -> Pretend it isn't there, or mentally sing along. In my experience, ignoring it will make it go away eventually, and singing along is pretty fun because my tulpa likes to join in. My second question is how does one go about personality forming? I already have an idea of a physical form and an outline for personality (I want my tulpa to form most of it by themselves around a basic outline) but i have no idea how to enforce those. Do I just list the traits? Do I tell them "hey I want you to be decisive?" How do I
  19. Again, not much has happened. Some wonderland shenanigans: sitting inside on a rainy day, running around in nature on less rainy days, randomly discovering new places ("Hey, where are we?" "It appears to be a field." "We're down by the sea? Felt like we teleported in the other direction..." "We did. This is a different field." "Wuh... why." "There are many different kinds of field and we need all of them in our wonderland." "... ... I guess.") and... well, you get the idea. Also, Cyril got himself a new armchair and put the beanbag chair on the other side of the room for me to sit on. I'm usua
  20. Kevin MacLeod (of incompetech.com) is one of the unsung heroes of the internet, because he allows people to use his music for youtube videos. It's highly likely that your host heard it as a background music at one point or another - the guy is everywhere. - I have a particularly fun song today. Kiiiiiiiind of the wrong season, but who cares. [video=youtube]
  21. Cyril is still being mostly quiet and pretty much taking a break (which is actually kind of a pain, because hey, I'm bored), but he's doing a damn fine job looking out for me. Registration for university exams have been running for quite a while, and I have been avoiding them like the plague because I am genuinely terrified of university stuff. Like, "the uni websites put me on the edge of a panic attack and I start shaking uncontrollably"-terrified. ADHD with its executive dysfunction bullshit, probably something anxiety-related and a total lack of trust in people I don't know are a really
  22. [video=youtube] Waltzes are 100% my jam.
  23. Thanks you two! Looks like I'll be fine - I was seriously afraid of having to put up with three more weeks of that crap, but it probably won't be quite that bad. My family is back from vacation, too, so I don't have to do as much work around house and garden anymore, which helps a ton. I don't mind gardening (no comment about the household stuff, lol), but doing it one-armed doesn't work so well. - As for the update, Cyril has been fairly quiet lately - seems like he's off doing his own stuff, reflecting on our progress and experiences, and generally taking it easy for now (...and he jus
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