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  1. I'm not certain how far back it was, but there was a user on here who had something like 26 at once and couldn't get beyond that, and from what I remember he seemed relatively sane, so I don't think it's an issue. Your fear of it occurring is more likely to mess things up than anything- try to see where the fear comes from and see how you can overcome it.
  2. In lieu of ethical considerations, if you met yourself from an alternate reality and decided it would be beneficial to harmonize yourselves into one mind so that you may correct one another's flaws, wouldn't you? Just because something is independent does not mean it must remain that way. The fact that you have an independent being in your mind apart from you is proof of that- why not take it a step further? Certainly you've had to play a role in whatever endeavor you take on- school, work, social activities, etc... You always change your mindset for each of those situations. So why not create
  3. Title. For the sake of self-improvement: 1. Would it be possible to make a tulpa of yourself 2. How accurate would it be 3. Potential dangers 4. Usability in terms of switching, for the purpose of accessing alternate states of consciousness while allowing "yourself" to take care of the physical reality, essentially so you do not have to be bothered with it while you're contemplating matters of a more serious nature. 5. Usability in terms of mirroring, for the purpose of accessing character flaws and undesirable traits in yourself which you may be able to see in another light by this pe
  4. How do deaf people think before they are introduced to sign language? How do children think? Voices are introduced, the same as the "self," by outside factors which point to such things existing. These concepts- voices and "self" exist as channels in the mind through which to interpret information so that it may be transferred to others. If there are no others, the "voices" and "language" for thinking are unnecessary, and the concept of "self" need not exist.
  5. "There's been an overhaul with the guides, now they're moderated by a community-led team called the "Guide Approval Team" or GAT. " So is there now one particular guide or set of guides that is officially endorsed? I remember Faq_Man and Irish's guides being the main ones I used, particularly Irish's. Are they still applicable? Or has someone come up with a "better way" to create a tulpa? Also hey flings! :)
  6. "to indicate something lying in the mind beneath consciousness – or qualitatively – to indicate another consciousness, a subterranean one, as it were." The qualitative definition. I believe the act of manipulating the magnetic field/energy surrounding the mind is part of the subconscious, my definition of subconscious in this sense meaning the "subterranean" consciousness. The magnetic field itself is simply showing that there is energy being exchanged, since any electrical current generates a magnetic field. I misspoke, my apologies, I did not mean the magnetic field itself, I meant the manip
  7. So, it would seem I have once again dragged myself back into this whole "tulpa" business. (Is there an official stance on that term? Is it "tulpae" or "tuppers?") I could give a grand explanation as to why it is I've decided to reopen my mouth in regards to this particular topic, however it could get long and feverishly delusional. So to spare you the rant, there is a tl;dr at the bottom. Feel free to skip ahead. In regards to the status of tulpa.info in general: Apparently there was a massive overhaul of the site, as I have not been on in around one, two, maybe even three years... I don'
  8. This is done for offtopic channels because mods ruin everything.
  9. Aarix not gonna lie I've read just about every one of your posts. Just wanted to say congratulations :)
  10. TFW DarkAnima summed up the site.
  11. I never realized the site was this young...
  12. Hmmm... Just joined this month, thinks it's a good idea to give advice to people who already know what they should be doing... gets upset when someone rustles himz jimmies... seems legit. ^_^
  13. Well there was that one incident with albatross and the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, but that's besides the point... I think that the "official" stance should be unbiased, and up to discussion but that'll never happen because certain people can't stand not being right. Personally I think it should be up to the tulpamancer/forcer/whateverthehellyoucallitnow I mean I disposed of one, and it was relatively painless...
  14. I did, but once I realized it was a tulpa (it was "God" but then I realized it was actually a tulpa) i... disposed of it and made a new one. On a side note, why did you make the subject so long? Every time I go to reply it says "Subject too big" >:(
  15. From my experience, no. I have a very active relationship with Amy, and I don't feel any different than before. That being said, it is possible that I am not experiencing an "energy drain" because she is not imposed yet. I have issues with visual hallucinations...
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