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  1. A: Savannah-Alley (I think that's her name), Aarix's tulpa, because she said she was going to sledgehammer his genitals into his mouth. (sorry Aarix, but that scared the shit out of me) Luna, because of her milky white breasts Any of the Rainbow Dashes. Because there are too many of them. And also because bronies are homosexual faggots Q: Which tulpa would you most like to meet in real life, other than your own?
  2. Okay, so I've been working on getting Amy more imposed on reality. That is, instead of imagining her being in a wonderland and working on her form, I've been looking at an actually piece of reality, such as sitting in the car as before, and imagining that she is actually there. This has helped tremendously, as instead of just trying to see her out of the corner of my eye I've been able to actually "feel" her presence. I'm not sure how to explain this entirely, but I am able to tell where, exactly, she is, and what amount of space she should be taking up, etc... Basically, I have all of the physics in place so that I am able to tell where she SHOULD be as opposed to where I imagine she is. All that's left now is being able to actually see her. I've been getting closer and closer recently, and I think that a breakthrough is eminent, but I have not been able to see her whole figure in one image, even if only for a brief moment. I'll keep you posted on what's happening. That is all. -V
  3. A: I think Twinkies are going to go down the drains FUCK THE GOVERNMENT but canned goods yes (and Monster. very much MONSTER.) Q: (You know the drill) What is the answer to life?
  4. Forgot to post my (Hi I'm the host, VerFerVernderrterr) account: vengefulscurge@gmail.com (Note: Jeremy Roberts is NOT my real name. at all. EVER.)
  5. If you want a recurring nightmare, fine, but don't come crying for help when he keeps popping up when you try to enter your wonderland.
  6. I couldn't agree more. Second, I actually just finished doing it (and I don't feel like double posting) so here's a description of what happened: Description
  7. Big update for today, folks, but I'll try to summarize it as best as I can: Basically, I was forcing in the car today and decided to try out a forcing technique based on this thread: http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Forcing-Generally-helpful-forcing-technique-but-mostly-for-Visualisation-and-Imposition?highlight=generally+helpful So while I was doing this, I began to see a sort of "shadow" of my tulpa, Amy. It was very brief, and may have been caused by the shadows cast by the passing cars, but I believe that it was Amy. Let me describe it for you: It was simply a general outline, like the whisps of smoke that come from a fire, but it was a deep, dark black, like a living shadow. To be sure, it was only an outline, nothing in the middle of it; similar to a silhouette that is clear in the shadow. This is, as you may or not know, the very first time that I have actual seen a visual hallucination of my tulpa. SO BASICALLY I'M EXTREMELY EXCITED, OKAY?!!! Second, while I was forcing, I saw a flash-through of Amy's hair. That is, I could see the light behind the hair cast from a passing car. It would be like looking at a light that was coming from behind a person's hair, that is, the reflection from it. It was only a brief moment; even more brief than previously stated, but I was impressed to say the least. Third and finally, I have never felt "head pressure" before. I now have a splitting headache that is somewhere between my ears and above my throat, slightly above where the back of the jawbone connects to the skull. (where the green and pink touch at the bottom in this picture: Not entirely certain if this is similar to any other "head pressures" any of you have experienced, or whether it was induced by motion sickness because of my mother's driving, but it is still aching right now. (I got home 10 minutes ago and thought this was important enough to update) When I asked Amy to help get rid of it, she got rid of some of it, but it came back twice as bad. Oh well, I guess. Anyway, as always That's all for now -V
  8. You can suppress their ability to access your mind; as in they are incapable of reading your mind for a given period of time or a given amount of information. And I was talking in a realistic sense, as in you cannot force someone to think a given line of thought; it is different between people and tulpae. Tulpae can be made to think a certain way, and can be modified. If that were not the case, there would be no need for forcing; you need a basic template to start with. Also, people do not randomly deviate.
  9. The main reason why real people are better than tulpae, per se, are because real people cannot be manipulated in any way, and also because real people are tangible and do not require hallucinations. The only real upside I can see is a difference in opinion as far as being able to manipulate your tulpa: If you like control, go for tulpae, if you like freedom, people. That's how I see it. (Please no tar and feathers, thanks)
  10. Same here. Interesting concept, Purlox. Just one main question/suggestion: Is it entirely necessary for the tulpa to have their hands on top of your head/give you head pressure? I know this has been asked before, but I'm really just looking for a more in-depth explanation as to how it helps? Second, I think that the main reason why this works is because you are forced to look into the physical being of your tulpa, and not just random thoughts and emotions. It really helped me to be able to look into my tulpa's eyes more than anything. Thank you very much for this excellent suggestion, kind sirs.
  11. I can speak Spanish, and I used to be fluent, but it was lost in time... So I now only speak passable Spanish... Q: What's your favorite book/book series of all time?
  12. Koji... I clicked on that link... If you have that stuck in your mind's eye, kid, you may just want to stare at a blank wall for a nice long while, and think of only that blank wall. Then, when you go into your wonderland (assuming you've created one) you should be able to impose upon that blank wall since you have been focusing on it for that long. This should help get rid of that... thing.
  13. Selenium, because it is similar to the name of the material that causes zombies, selenum (per the zombie survival guide) Q: Do you think that an off-topic poetry section would be interesting?
  14. Hey look! It's another request thread! Maybe this time I'll be able to get someone to draw Amy for me!!! (A man can dream, can't he?) Anyway, if you could please draw her however you want, it would be greatly appreciated! She looks like this: Except she does not have wings. I would prefer if you did two pictures of her, one nonnude and one nude and/or partially clothed. (Nude is for visualization purposes only, please no fapart) Thank you!!!
  15. too many lunas in this place If (And I'm warning you this is a very large IF) you already have signs of sentience, and already have her in your mind's eye, I suggest continuing, or restarting with the basis that you already have in mind. (And please, PLEASE learn how to spell... PLEASE.)
  16. Aha! It is boolet. because no one can outsmart the boolet as said by the Russian from TF2- caught me off guard there lol. Q: Do you like poetry?
  17. A: I have absolutely no idea; I guess I'd be stuck with a two tulpae and no help. Q: Do you enjoy poetry?
  18. Updates: Nothing much; the usual forcing, except that I missed a day (yesterday) so I'm going to double the forcing time for today. It should work out for the better, being as I haven't been multi-tasking while forcing as often. Amy's getting more sentient, but I think that I'm choosing not to focus on her as often, or simply forgetting about her. So I decided to see if she could remind me to remember her throughout the day at various times. I'm not sure how this is going to work out, but I'm hoping for the best. That's all for now. -V
  19. A: Because I can force later/ Question/Answer to glitchthe3rd: Who is boolet?
  20. A: The chicken, because one egg does not= a male and female chicken. Q: Who is the most annoying person you have ever met?
  21. Okay, so basically the update with regards to Amy is as follows: Last night I had the chance to go on #tulpagame on the IRC, and found it quite interesting. For those of you who have not tried it, I highly recommend it- Amy seemed to enjoy it, and I had fun with her. Anyway we went into the wonderland with Goopi and Nari, (And sh1ji?) and swam around for a while in the pond. I, of course, didn't go in because it was called and I don't like water too much. So they had a race, and right before it was over I had to leave because I had to go eat dinner. It was fun while it lasted, though. That's all I feel like writing at the moment, but if someone could please help with my questions from the previous post, it would be great! That's all for now. -V
  22. Tulpa changed from "God" into a drunk hobo-redneck. Is that strange enough? (Although, granted, I wanted deviation- I just didn't know it would go THAT far.)
  23. I've basically just been attempting to work on open-eye visualization throughout the day; imagining that she is just out of my line of sight, or that I can barely see bits and pieces of her in real life... I'm not entirely certain that I'm doing it right, or what the time aspect of doing this should be- how long should I focus on a given part of her? Guides aren't entirely too specific about these things, but I'd appreciate it if someone could specify... Thank you for that. Not much more for now- I'll probably post about Amy later tonight if I get the chance- school is beginning to get into the way of interacting with her... Anyway, that's all for now. -V