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  1. So, I basically just created a blog for my tulpa's progress, and my progress with her, and as you will find out, them. I will probably not update very often, but when I do, I will be certain to post it here.


    Tell me what you think!!!

    Comments are always appreciated!


    (The post is WAY too big to fit in a thread, so I'm just gonna give you the link)



  2. Actually, no, people who are given the death sentence in prison- if their heart stops beating, and then restarts again, it's considered having served the death sentence, not brain death. :/ But anyway, I think that if a brain transplant were even possible at all, the person's conscience, consciousness, tulpae, etc... would all be transplanted with their brain, as we well know that the brain is what houses conscious thought (unless someone wants to make the case that it is not the brain.) But that's just my two cents- take it in stride.

  3. Amy.jpg.2f407c491d66a18c88820a0284836a26.jpgHey, being as I've just now figured out what my tulpa wants to look like, I'd like to request a picture of her, preferably in anime style. She looks exactly like the person in the picture- the only difference being that she does not, in fact, have wings. Any clothing would suffice- being as I'm not entirely certain what she likes to wear, or does not, I'm going to let you decide what she should be wearing- creative artistry is always appreciated- do as you please as far as that goes :) Thank you for your time, and if you need/would like to email me on your progress, my email is:




    Thank you in advance!!!

  4. Dude... So I was listening to Fede's white/purple noise Theta track while reading this, and I had this odd feeling while reading Mary's suggestion that my tulpa, Amy, was actually visualizing herself in that room. Mary, thank you very much for your brilliant suggestion!

  5. To be honest, she hasn't really taken shape yet- I hear her in my head and I can hear her talk out loud, but she really hasn't chosen her form yet- Is that maybe because I haven't really gotten to her form yet, or is that because she doesn't want to have a form? I'm not entirely sure, but I do not that she is most definitely human. I'm not sure how I know this, but I feel like she wants to be human.

  6. Actually, I was just curious as to how, exactly, they would do such a thing. As they don't actually have physical bodies, and are only an advanced hallucination, would they, in fact, be able to "have sex" with a human? I mean, all sexual fantasies aside, I'm talking purely scientific here. If it is only a hallucination, I would assume that it would be extremely advanced if the person were able to get their tulpa to be able to do that, first of all, and second of all, it must be very advanced indeed if the person is able to actually feel their tulpa's body against their own. My main questions include:

    Have you been able to feel your Tulpa's genitalia, per say?

    Have you, in fact, had sexual intercourse with your tulpa?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, how long did it take, tulpaforcing-wise?

    How did the tulpa react/feel to it?

    This should probably be moved to another thread, but I'm going to post here until someone else feels like moving it, because I don't.

  7. Okay, first off: I believe it was from FaqMan's guides that I got this information, but I'm pretty sure that Tulpae in general cannot actually have sex, because as it says in the guide, they can be felt, but not hugged or shoved... So, how on Earth would a tulpa be able to have sex with a human unless it was simply a sexual fantasy? I'm simply curious, and I'm not looking to step on any toes here...