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  1. Just because I was curious as to how others do it.. the title says it all :)
  2. Hello, all. I might as well introduce myself while I'm here-- My name is Kat, but just call me Sugar or whatever else you want. I'm looking for someone who can help me through this difficult journey of bringing my tulpa to life. I only want to communicate through email... so, whoever is willing to do that and offer me help and mentoring frequently, please let me know~
  3. tulpa001Bad form to delete the original question. Though, you can add a note concerning your conclusion. I didn't remember what I originally put. sorry. I tried to fix it.
  4. I asked about using an external object for a tulpa forum, but I ended up deciding that it wasn't the best of ideas, but I might still do it.
  5. And would it be bad if I was forcing him to answer..? It's always a little hard for me to tell. If you know of anyone who has had a similar experience to mine, you could always link me to them or maybe one of their progress reports.
  6. Well, I have this feeling that he is already a sentient being... Only because when I am going through something very hard, like anxiety attacks or other things, I feel like I turn to this character. I feel like he's there for me even if we don't talk or even if I don't see him there at all. I don't know... It just feels weird creating a tulpa instead of making him one, it almost feels like replacing someone that is very close to me? I'm also unsure of how I could introduce myself to him even if I already know him. I don't really know what's going on I guess, it's confusing for me.
  7. So, I don't believe that this specific question has been answered--- I have an OC that I keep very close to me. I created him when I was rather young and dealing with mental issues such as self-mutilation (which I got help for eventually). He is a coping OC. But, the thing is, his backstory is very grotesque, extremely angsty, and troubled. I want to make him a tulpa. But--... will these things change about him?
  8. Hello. I am new to Tulpamancy, though I've known what it was for quite awhile now. I've looked through all of the basics etc., but I had a couple of questions: Can I make a tulpa out of an already existing OC? How to start your relationship with your tulpa after creating it? What is it like being in your Wonderland? ((I'll probably have more questions, I will just need to think..))