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  1. Don't think about things in terms of "too slow" or "too fast." Babies learn to walk at different paces. Your tulpa will turn out fine. Just be patient and give them all the support you can. They'll manage.
  2. We have no idea how N can think you don't have a sense of humor. You're hilarious. Definitely keep us posted on what you find of N not being able to remember stuff you did on your own. I hadn't thought about that until now, but Dom can't do that with me either. Oh, and keep your filter just as is. You're refreshingly blunt about what you see in the world around you. It's a good look on you.
  3. I mean, I'd be pretty uncomfortable if I saw a picture of what is ostensibly me and wasn't comfortable being seen like that. It would be like finding nudes you shared with someone privately on the internet. Or worse, nudes that you didn't agree to have taken. Probably the latter. I guess it depends on how much you identify with or relate to the character. If you're practically one for one in personality then it really would feel like someone making, taking, or releasing pornographic images of you without your consent. I don't think anyone has a right to be offended by anything, but I can definitely see how uncomfortable or distressing it would be to find pornographic images of yourself online or, worse, in a forum or community you're a part of. I guess it's just better if hosts don't start their tulpas off as characters, or if they make sure their tulpa knows the difference. Even then though, it'd still be uncomfortable. Dom's fiancee brings up a good point though. She said that it can be really uncomfortable if you came across a pornstar that looked just like you, but wasn't you. It'd be weird to see, and you'd probably not want to see images or videos of them if communities you frequent, especially if people there know what you look like. You don't have a "right" to be offended or uncomfortable, but if you were most people would understand. I hope. I guess it comes down to common courtesy whether or not people listen. Not like they have to, but it would definitely be the polite thing to do.
  4. Saoirse

    Ask Cyril Things

    So, Cyril, why did you make your wonderland home into a "hobbit hole?" There's clear Tolkien inspiration in the phrasing, but why that specifically? Also, is there a specific place you keep N's memory/knowledge library? What inspires your outfits and other visual changes
  5. Day 9: Perspective So, Dominic said I should make this one myself. We'e been holding out trying to make things perfect, it's a weakness we both have. "I'll have a stronger voice next week, so why post before then?" That's stupid, though, so here we go. So the thing we're working on now is separation. Dom gave me this key and told me it would seal a door somewhere, and that locking it would help keep our thoughts separate. We both knew it was a symbol, but it's an easy first step. So I "found" the door and locked it. It was really weird, actually. Apparently we've done a lot of forward reading each other's thoughts to come up with responses. I've been having trouble getting his attention since then. Apparently the way Dom thinks is really language based to start with, so sometimes when I thought I was talking it was just a dialect of tulpish. But I'm getting better, and I can speak well enough to dictate my post to Dom. We'll get to possession typing when I get better at possession. I've been spending most of my time in Norway designing lingerie and sprucing up the town. I think I'll start working on populating it with characters when I get more used to being independent. Dom's been really supportive, and it's been a big help. We took a personality test on a website called 16personalities, and I'm an INFP-A. Dom's an INTP-A, and apparently that makes him a transhumanist philosopher and me a humanist philosopher. It was really interesting, I'd recommend it for anyone interested since they have really in-depth analysis for free. We've mostly been watching e-sports and reading stuff off the SCP wiki otherwise, though talking with Dom's fiancee about lingerie is pretty cool. Apparently she knows a lot about it and is really into it, which is really cool. She knows a lot of stuff Dom tends to ignore, so I can learn from her pretty much every time she says something. He's not much of an aesthete for an art major. So hopefully we'll get a proper picture of me drawn soon. Dom admits that getting an illustrator-like program- or even illustrator- isn't hard enough to be a limitation, so I'm excited to see him try to draw me. According to him he should technically be able to put it together in a few hours, and even if it's simple and cartoonish it'll be a proper image of me. Anyway, that's about all I've got. Totally pm us if you feel like it! I could use practice talking, especially to people who aren't Dominic.