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  1. I made Roxy just today and I cant even change her appearance for some reason, I think that means that she has a little bit of sentience.
  2. Yeah, this place needs a discord server, that way chatting will be faster and easier.
  3. This is getting really fun :D So im thinking of making a place where my tulpa can sleep, play and do all of its own stuff. Will I be able to visit that place and walk around? Plus, I want my tulpa to be really happy so would it be possible to make video games for her.
  4. I use Krita too. If you want to learn how to do art, i suggest your host takes you to websites to learn the techniques, line art and the brushes and colors used. Also i really like your art.
  5. Ive always wondered. What does switching feel like, how does it work and are you able to see whats going on?
  6. Which forum am is supposed to post in. Im new Wait, i didnt see that it said "Forum" questions and answers.
  7. I want my tulpa to wake me up whenever its time for me to go to school. Will that be possible?